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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HAPPINESS

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Healing, 661:and will increasingly color human thinking: happiness and [662] success are not dependent upon theHercules, 178:in the economic world or to satisfy desire for happiness in the world of pleasure. The violentHercules, 189:yourself any more. You find that the only way to happiness is not to be free from suffering but toInitiation, 76:those through whom later he will work. Cultivate happiness, knowing that depression, an over-morbidInitiation, 76:condition wherein a disciple is almost useless. Happiness is based on confidence in the God within,Initiation, 76:to be used to spread joy, and rebel not at happiness and pleasure in service, thinking it anInitiation, 193:lower self, if it is immaterial to him whether happiness comes his way or not, if the sole purposeIntellect, 66:spiritual - which they feel essential to their happiness. They aspire and long for qualities, forIntellect, 71:mystic. To do this with success and with happiness, he will need a clear vision of his goal and aIntellect, 76:as objects of worship, or those ideas about happiness and truth which others have created and afterIntellect, 155:union with it." "It is," she says, "a state of happiness." - Underhill, Evelyn, Mysticism, pageIntellect, 155:the spiritual realm may, ultimately, produce happiness, but that happiness is an after effect andIntellect, 155:may, ultimately, produce happiness, but that happiness is an after effect and not a part of theIntellect, 160:feeling body, we have the registering of joy, of happiness, and the experience of ecstasy. There isMagic, 161:The summation of human desire for material happiness has been reached, and the peak of that desireMagic, 293:that body and vibrating between the two poles of happiness and misery, of satisfaction orMagic, 295:them. If the craving is for comfort and for happiness, we shall have the man with a sensuous,Magic, 297:satisfaction of the animal appetites. Desire for happiness. Desire for liberation. Aspiration. InMagic, 303:Prevision seldom takes the form of forecasting happiness, and the reason is not far to seek. TheMagic, 308:him to the heights of hilarity and of spurious happiness in which the "light deceptive" of theMagic, 309:the other factors listed, such as desire for happiness, for the satisfaction of the animalMagic, 310:the race will enter into its heritage of happiness, of true satisfaction (of which the cravingsMagic, 369:to earth. It is helpful to differentiate between happiness, joy and bliss: First, happiness, whichMagic, 369:between happiness, joy and bliss: First, happiness, which has its seat in the emotions, and is aMagic, 369:of the senses. Does the aspirant refer to his happiness or joy? If he refers to the latter it mustMagic, 369:beings, and may not be interpreted in terms of happiness after all. Happiness comes when theMagic, 369:be interpreted in terms of happiness after all. Happiness comes when the personality is meetingMagic, 370:with one's mental opportunities and contacts. Happiness is the goal of the separated self. WhenMagic, 370:aspirant's circumstance or worldly state. Much happiness is necessarily foregone when ill-healthMagic, 370:race weigh upon the sensitive personality. The happiness of youth or the self-centered contentmentMagic, 371:He wonders why apparently what the world calls happiness and peace have left him, and asks what isMagic, 500:mutually agree on the hour and that nothing but happiness would characterize the passing? That inPatanjali, 30:and desire of the aspirant for rest, peace and happiness. It is based upon the "forms of joy." ItPatanjali, 173:freedom from the wheel of rebirth. Desire for happiness. This is a basic quality of all humanPatanjali, 173:It is this inherent capacity for "bliss" or happiness which produces that restlessness and urge toPatanjali, 174:The longing for knowledge, for freedom, and for happiness has brought the man to a state of utterPatanjali, 174:responsibility to others and begins to seek for happiness in the fulfilment of his obligations toPatanjali, 176:to attract me in the three worlds." Desire for happiness is satisfied. The third modification isProblems, 33:- those relations which are so essential to happiness, to success and to a full experience in anyProblems, 63:human beings a sense of responsibility for human happiness and human welfare. This work should beProblems, 68:its national jurisdiction and the "pursuit of happiness" is a familiar citation of this intent; theProblems, 80:it is recognized that the problem of peace and happiness is primarily related to the world'sProblems, 87:it constitutes the greatest hindrance to happiness in the world, for it sets man against man, groupProblems, 98:Jews for measures of protection and for communal happiness tended to herd together and to seek eachProblems, 113:this time deplore mixed marriages. They mean no happiness for either party. When considering thisProblems, 142:has emphasized immortality but has made eternal happiness dependent upon the acceptance of aProblems, 168:hope of either. It is essential for the future happiness and progress of humanity that there shouldProblems, 174:to establish right human relations. Security, happiness and peaceful relations are desired by all.Psychology1, 116:work, with no thought of self or of spiritual happiness, and with no desire for any self-appointedPsychology1, 340:becomes gradually the world in which he finds happiness, and his selection of his major interestsPsychology2, 25:and the urge to find that nebulous thing called "happiness" begin to play their part. ThisPsychology2, 154:the challenge of existence with the demand for happiness, for heaven, and for the eventualPsychology2, 157:the demand for inner spiritual compliances, happiness and bliss. The "heaven wish" becomesPsychology2, 157:stated, is the story of man as he searches for happiness, for joy and for bliss, or (expressing itPsychology2, 411:of the "wish life" with its objective, personal happiness, leading eventually to consummatedPsychology2, 738:men desire peace and the opportunity to live in happiness at home or abroad, the nations everywhereRays, 110:future, for on them the more distant hope of happiness and of world peace depends. The New Group ofRays, 119:lies for you in understanding the three words - Happiness, Joy, Bliss. Do you, as you speak ofRays, 119:of bliss, understand wherein it differs from happiness and joy? Bliss is associated with completeRays, 234:we shall have a joy which will work out in happiness and lead eventually to bliss. We shall have aRays, 572:plethora of objects men deem needful for their happiness and well-being, so in the seventh rayRays, 729:and circumstances carry in them no grounds for happiness, and when nothing calls to one of such aReappearance, 21:Right Conduct. Right Effort. Right Rapture or Happiness. This message is uniquely needed today in aReappearance, 21:in a world in which most of these right steps to happiness have been consistently ignored. It is onReappearance, 33:equally vague primeval condition of blissful happiness may be restored and all unhappiness and painReappearance, 115:enthusiasm and understanding. This will produce happiness. Happiness is a difficult lesson toReappearance, 115:and understanding. This will produce happiness. Happiness is a difficult lesson to learn; it is forReappearance, 115:and Christ will have to teach men how to handle happiness correctly, to overcome the ancient habitsReappearance, 127:material things are really necessary to life and happiness. The lesson is not yet learnt. It is,Reappearance, 146:has emphasized immortality but has made eternal happiness dependent upon the acceptance of a
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