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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HARD

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Discipleship1, 409:The task of blending with any group is ever a hard one, and has been specially so in your case.Discipleship1, 415:life aright) to read and study. But this is a hard thing for you to do, is it not? But, brother ofDiscipleship1, 423:crisis of the past year. Such was my intention, hard though that may seem. The meditations which IDiscipleship1, 424:side is equally developed. That will not be a hard task for you. I seek to change your meditationDiscipleship1, 436:contact or of rapid and frequent change and of hard work. Guard it well and cherish it with care.Discipleship1, 439:against her limitations - as do all active and hard-working disciples whose equipment is not strongDiscipleship1, 469:they are relatively simple in definition, though hard to solve. Perhaps I could express what I haveDiscipleship1, 471:You have passed and are passing through a hard experience and out of this you are not getting theDiscipleship1, 473:in your work. The task you undertook was a hard one and the effectiveness of sustained effort andDiscipleship1, 487:for the future nor for the past. Life has been hard and your problems great. All that was in youDiscipleship1, 493:I have confidence that no matter how hard the struggle, you will persist unto the triumphant end.Discipleship1, 517:to learn it. What makes your lesson doubly hard is the lack of a major activity and a dynamicDiscipleship1, 554:through a failure to love enough. Be not hard, but learn in tenderness to walk with others. TherebyDiscipleship1, 567:brother, his teacher and his friend. It was a hard saying, and he suffered much in the effort toDiscipleship1, 569:past year, and the lesson of decentralization is hard to learn - particularly for you, after yearsDiscipleship1, 569:had to learn to walk alone. To you, it seems hard but can you not grasp the thought that the lovingDiscipleship1, 569:unwittingly your selfishness and make it hard to free yourself from the enveloping net of sensuousDiscipleship1, 597:in your thoughts to the Tibetan. This will be hard for you to do, but remember that I am only oneDiscipleship1, 599:of old, if you find the upward way stiff and hard to climb. You are in good company and are notDiscipleship1, 615:scenes of which no one will know. Have I been hard, my brother? I assure you of my steadfast loveDiscipleship1, 620:endless disappointment, ceaseless struggle, hard knocks, apparent unaccountable failure - and allDiscipleship1, 631:a more vitally disclosed love. A "mental body as hard as nails" will some day have to be destroyed.Discipleship1, 658:that your wise, loving, intelligent soul has a hard task to make its presence felt. There is almostDiscipleship1, 659:whether they exist or not. Have I given you a "hard saying," brother of mine? If I have, theDiscipleship1, 660:training - the word restfulness. Do not work so hard, strenuously and furiously at the spiritualDiscipleship1, 661:myself. I try to be loving and kind. I work as hard as I think I should. I love the truth and IDiscipleship1, 668:occasions when the Way of Joy has been for you a hard way to go. Yet it is one of the neededDiscipleship1, 670:My blessing rests upon you, my brother. In these hard days remember with joy that the Hierarchy ofDiscipleship1, 693:of the Master. You will be and not struggle so hard to be; you will give and not fight constantlyDiscipleship1, 740:to whom he must look for like aid. This is a hard first lesson. The neophyte is always moreDiscipleship1, 747:engrossing interest and also one of exceeding hard places, you are only in the very early stages ofDiscipleship2as time went on reacted well, others not. It is hard to keep a right balance between the soul andDiscipleship2, 8:it not; several others are well-intentioned and hard-striving disciples but never for a second doDiscipleship2, 13:times are serious and the world disciples are hard pressed. The Hierarchy and its affiliated groupsDiscipleship2, 15:all with tenderness and love. The struggle is so hard and oft you feel alone. There is strength inDiscipleship2, 23:increases. Bear this in mind as you master the hard lesson of impersonality - an impersonalityDiscipleship2, 32:to vanish and the proposition appears extremely hard. Since my last communication to you, certainDiscipleship2, 66:therefore, of the modern disciple is peculiarly hard, and the Masters bear this ever in mind. AlsoDiscipleship2, 69:not at the reaction of the personality. This is hard, if not humiliating, for the disciple toDiscipleship2, 71:and rigid discipline. The focused intent of the hard pressed peoples of the world clamoring forDiscipleship2, 75:along the lines of my enterprises; it will be a hard one, growing out of the Problems, presented byDiscipleship2, 87:are apt to be so absorbed by it [87] that it is hard for them to recognize the new and vitalDiscipleship2, 125:of doing this because the task of each of you is hard enough without being complicated by theDiscipleship2, 142:when assigning the meditation last year. It is hard, I know, for the neophyte at any stage alongDiscipleship2, 189:the recognition that the life of the disciple is hard and its exigencies are inescapable. CuriouslyDiscipleship2, 221:the financial reservoir of the world. This is a hard thing to bring about, for the subtle energiesDiscipleship2, 282:of Sanat Kumara. These differences are not hard and fast, with clear lines of demarcation; life isDiscipleship2, 329:responded and have made sacrifices and worked hard to further the Triangle work, to spread theDiscipleship2, 337:turned to the helping of mankind. This will be a hard saying for some of you who rate an irritableDiscipleship2, 389:in mind, brother of mine, that revelation is hard to take and to hold - a point oft overlooked. ItDiscipleship2, 394:hidden instinct towards right activity. By that hard and persistent performance of duty, under theDiscipleship2, 394:proven, factual, and the intelligent result of hard work; it is also the result of frequentDiscipleship2, 395:transmitting fires of struggle, pain and [395] hard work, the aspirant transforms himself into theDiscipleship2, 395:emotional enthusiasm; it is a peculiarly hard thing for people upon the sixth Ray of Idealism orDiscipleship2, 459:a mixture of glamor and reality. Disciples work hard (as you have ever done) to render theirDiscipleship2, 466:The path of a world Savior is, as you know, a hard one, but of compensations which far outweigh theDiscipleship2, 470:to the Ashram of K.H.; the work there would be hard but not of the same kind, and there would notDiscipleship2, 473:only one discipline for you and that is a hard one. It is the drastic organizing of your time,Discipleship2, 473:knit, and a sensitivity which makes life very hard for you. The great need of the service which youDiscipleship2, 483:bring you into . Break loose - hard though it may be - from the thought-forms which soDiscipleship2, 507:for the first time, and that that ground is very hard, very stony, and at present relativelyDiscipleship2, 522:tested in your physical vehicle, and that is hard, my brother, because it is difficult to preserveDiscipleship2, 530:two have preoccupied you much. You have worked hard to express love and have materially sweetenedDiscipleship2, 542:the nice or loving thing, but learn to say the hard things with unalterable love. This is not easyDiscipleship2, 550:those who know the law of silence, but find it hard. They stand within the central part and utterDiscipleship2, 578:to me that so oft I have to say this year to hard-pressed chelas: The way has been difficult. ButDiscipleship2, 600:through environing circumstance. Is this too hard a lesson and a task, my brother? If so, determineDiscipleship2, 603:lot of disciples in these days is particularly hard owing to the fact that sensitivity and aDiscipleship2, 603:work with which you are all engaged? It is not hard to answer your enquiry because for you the taskDiscipleship2, 611:laid upon discipline, upon purification, upon hard demanding work and upon relinquishing that whichDiscipleship2, 617:the right to undertake advanced work. It is hard for disciples to realize what of beauty andDiscipleship2, 617:temporarily and only for this life. Is this a hard saying for you? Think not about it unduly,Discipleship2, 644:throughout his life experience. It is ever a hard and bitter test, going to the very roots of hisDiscipleship2, 646:ray physical expression might have resulted in a hard, concrete materialistic person. These raysDiscipleship2, 649:that your present life has been for years so hard is the guarantee that you have worked off muchDiscipleship2, 651:which you are subjected for they exist and are hard and difficult. I refer to your own innerDiscipleship2, 651:hold opportunity for you also, if you learn the hard lesson of relinquishment, and when next yearDiscipleship2, 654:of the two hands I possess. I climb the ladder, hard as it may seem, with both my handsDiscipleship2, 656:To D. H. B. January 1940 This has been for you a hard year, my brother, and (as with your brother,Discipleship2, 659:for training that we possess) are apt to be hard and unyielding - both to themselves and others.Discipleship2, 665:walk as yet the darker ways of earth. For that hard task you are in preparation, for some mustDiscipleship2, 673:the love quality. The wisdom attitude makes you hard, and you have not yet balanced it - inDiscipleship2, 674:with love and willing understanding. This is hard for you, but it is essential for the developmentDiscipleship2, 680:for personal ambition, personal criticisms, hard feelings or self-pity. Deepen your spiritual life,Discipleship2, 685:Sixth ray aspirants have a particularly hard task at the close of this Piscean age, due to theDiscipleship2, 693:to one's possible emotional attachments is hard to learn, but a disciple must have mastered much ofDiscipleship2, 701:your inclinations at any cost. It is always hard when two major rays govern both the personalityDiscipleship2, 701:of the soul. Nevertheless, it should not be hard for you to use the will, once contact can be moreDiscipleship2, 704:critical spirit. The lessons of leadership are hard to learn, and with these lessons you will beDiscipleship2, 713:long, precedes the others. The second flower is hard to grow, the third is harder still. The fourthDiscipleship2, 718:and not upon any mental process. This will be hard for you, for it involves being guided by yourDiscipleship2, 752:(these inadequate expressions make the teaching hard to communicate) this is not the case. YourDiscipleship2, 753:less developed than you are. Is [753] this a hard saying? Study it with the detachment you have soDiscipleship2, 763:really are, for fear of a critical spirit - so hard it is to develop the true practice of lovingEducation, One of:are immersed in the problems and pains find it hard to view [45] the future with assurance or toEducation, 127:cultural effects are as rapidly deepening. It is hard for the modern thinker to conceive of thatExternalisation, 38:group (the Trained Observers) is exceedingly hard, harder perhaps than that of any other group -Externalisation, 70:immersed in the problems and the pains, find it hard to view the future with assurance or toExternalisation, 72:force is so new and so unrecognized that it is hard for humanity to know it for what it is - theExternalisation, 79:the place of objective service. If it is so hard, my brothers, to arouse aspirants, such as
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