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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HARD

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Externalisation, 106:the conflict itself does not negate. Is this a hard saying? I seek to indicate to you its basicExternalisation, 171:on our side. The Members of the Hierarchy are hard put to it to turn the tide in favor of that trueExternalisation, 221:preservation of soul love - a thing which it is hard for the disciple to learn and master, butExternalisation, 233:by the false premise that you must stand by your hard-earned convictions, even at the expense ofExternalisation, 243:of dreams, of theories, and of words into the hard arena of daily and public life. He must beExternalisation, 251:dynamic freshness and enthusiasm which it is hard to attain in a time of stress and strain. TheExternalisation, 251:and strain. The present time is peculiarly hard. Perhaps a clearer understanding of the nature andExternalisation, 255:unmake. This is oft forgotten. Karma is not a hard and fast rule. It is changeable, according toExternalisation, 333:and noise of the fight, grow not insensitive and hard, or so preoccupied that the needs of thoseExternalisation, 369:of too prompt a peace settlement. Let us work hard for a prolonged armistice, during which the heatExternalisation, 371:world, and for some time to come her lot must be hard and she will have to pay in sweat and toilExternalisation, 375:national or empire rule over the weak. This is a hard saying, but the nationalistic spiritExternalisation, 432:pain of the personalities involved. Is this a hard saying? A tiny replica of this correct attitudeExternalisation, 444:to the aid of the new group of world servers, hard pressed in this day of battle. Spread goodwill -Externalisation, 474:recognized it and did their utmost; a few worked hard, trusting to the wisdom [475] of those whoExternalisation, 550:to withdraw their interest because the task is hard, or to repudiate the statements anent thatExternalisation, 554:it possible for the Hierarchy to perform its hard task and externalize itself. It is not possibleExternalisation, 571:ready for the first group of Ashram members, is hard indeed. He stands for so much that is deemedExternalisation, 572:service of the first group of isolated and hard-working disciples who are the senior members of theExternalisation, 597:(Matt.XXIV.44) I tell you, first of all, a truth hard for the orthodox thinker of any faith toExternalisation, 609:as I have hinted them to you) that I find it hard to say anything practical or which will arrestExternalisation, 614:and still more of the disciple, is exceedingly hard. You may retort (and truly) that the life ofExternalisation, 614:results of Germany's attack upon the world - is hard beyond endurance, and must therefore be sharedExternalisation, 621:with women. It is [621] an alibi which it is hard not to use, for many feel tired and ailing andExternalisation, 623:The problem is therefore a peculiarly hard one, for the [624] spiritual workers of the world haveExternalisation, 637:the rest of mankind. This is a point which is hard for the illogical thinker to understand, but itExternalisation, 650:with which I am presenting you. It involves hard business sense on the physical plane, a practicalExternalisation, 672:lethargy and the pessimism which conditions, too hard for human endurance, have imposed upon men'sExternalisation, 695:its acclaim, and not to the group. This will be hard for him to realize and he must be given time.Fire, 178:to the ray of the Monad or Spirit. Therefore, no hard or fast rule can be laid down aboutFire, 579:on what we term the power Ray, have so often a hard time, and are so frequently unlovable. TheyFire, 597:about these matters, and the risk of laying down hard and fast rules. Much must remain unexplainedFire, 750:be free from sin, even if his body be pure. That hard-heartedness of his is the enemy of hisFire, 891:all tabulations, for they tend to the forming of hard and fast divisions, whereas unity pervadesFire, 967:warn the student against the error of making any hard or fast rule anent the sequential order ofFire, 1080:present time. A great factor and one that it is hard to explain so that the average thinker canFire, 1148:a sattvic point, or a rajasic entity. No hard and fast rule can be laid down at this time for theFire, 1221:sign, that of Capricorn, can be noted. All hard places can be surmounted, and the summit reached byFire, 1265:cosmic buddhic plane. Gradually and by dint of hard effort, certain Masters have qualifiedGlamour, 2:Should you, therefore, find these articles hard to understand and your reaction slow, you must bearGlamour, 45:and regard their illusions as their prized and hard won possessions. The very recognition, in itsGlamour, 45:faculties developed in the past, and so hard does he find it to preserve a due proportion and aGlamour, 45:in regard to the truths of the mental plane. A hard won truth and a principle of reality can beGlamour, 83:astral and emotional nature to the effect of hard straight thinking, using the mind as theGlamour, 89:to pass upon the Path of Purification. Is this a hard truth, my brothers? Humanity is under rightGlamour, 184:is ended and the plight of humanity is hard indeed. Even the neophyte upon the way of the intuitionGlamour, 211:eradicating desire by stern discipline and hard trained work and this, incidentally, involves theGlamour, 221:glamors which control them. It is exceedingly hard to induce the sixth ray aspirant to admit thatGlamour, 225:and the work to be done will necessarily prove hard as it involves an interesting situation. TheGlamour, 268:and devotion are substituted? This is a hard problem for all disciples to solve, to understand andHealing, 52:intricacy of the ray energies are such that no hard and fast rules can be laid down. The ray forcesHealing, 53:(if I might so call it) constitutes a "hard saying" for the student to understand in relation toHealing, 68:the ways and the techniques of the New Age are hard to grasp. Much of the old ways have to be givenHealing, 70:manner the astral atmosphere, and thus make it hard for people - in the astral sense - to breatheHealing, 70:in its effects - and inflammation is hard to bear - and leads to much difficulty. It is interestingHealing, 103:as a group upon the physical plane, it would be hard to prevent the dissipation of force throughHealing, 137:to the struggle which, in the main, make hard the lot of the disciple. It might be posited that: A.Healing, 212:due, to be gained by affirmation, and forget the hard work necessary to bring about withinHealing, 226:would call forth the scoffing amusement of the hard-boiled scientist. The theories held by mankindHealing, 269:and separate customs are well established and hard to overcome. But the needed changes can be madeHealing, 299:set, and crystal-like, brilliant, brittle and hard. The power to crystallize was His. He broughtHealing, 311:of disease and suffering. But this is a hard saying. Healing, 355:between analysis and criticism. This is a hard and well-nigh impossible thing for many to learn.Healing, 545:participation has usually to be learnt the hard way - such again is the law. In this law we haveHealing, 557:ordinary medical profession calls for years of hard study and work. Many healers in the New AgeHealing, 633:anent the Will that it is particularly hard to explain. Law VIII Disease and death are the resultHealing, 664:there are two modes of achievement; the long hard way of evolution, in which aeons are taken toHealing, 664:decided by them but for humanity that the rapid hard way was to be tried. Since that time threeHealing, 664:life, national life and planetary life so hard these days. No one is exempt and there is noHealing, 668:ignorance in power. Their sin is great and it is hard for them to change, because power and theHealing, 686:discipleship in its embryonic stage. This is a hard saying for those who are caught in theHealing, 686:hopeless toils of duty fulfilment; it is hard for them to realize that this duty which seems toHercules, 87:elusive and sometimes so indefinite, that it is hard to understand him or to pin him down. TheHercules, 118:evil, when it is really our narrow minds, our hard, small hearts, that cause wrong attitudes andHercules, 134:since Venus rules the zodiacal sign. The hard, driving thrust of modern life is too aggressivelyHercules, 163:happening. We are told that inside the hard shell of chrysalis which the caterpillar hasHercules, 193:not look for recognition; you won't get it. The hard task of the pioneer in any field of thought,Hercules, 204:Meditation when rightly carried forward is hard mental work for it means orienting the mind to theInitiation, 84:the same or parallel lines, and therefore no hard or fast rules can be laid down as to the exactInitiation, 85:unison, for the labor to control is slow and hard, but in the interim between the first threeInitiation, 87:but will attain a fair measure of synthesis. Hard and ceaseless must the work be before this can beInitiation, 89:even exoterically it is seen to be strenuous, hard, and painful. He has laid all, even hisInitiation, 103:a battlescarred warrior, the victor in many a hard-won fight; he speaks not of his achievements,Initiation, 190:the cosmic buddhic plane. Gradually, by dint of hard effort, certain Masters have qualifiedInitiation, 197:It must, of course, here be recognized that no hard or fast rules can ever be laid down, except theIntellect, 5:western thinking - particularly its experimental hard-headedness - is felt in the East, a newIntellect, 100:turbulent, impetuous, forceful; I think it is as hard to hold as the wind." "Without doubt... theIntellect, 100:wind." "Without doubt... the wavering mind is hard to hold; but through assiduous practice... itIntellect, 136:same chapter of the breathless attention, the hard-earned and hard-held waiting for the divineIntellect, 136:of the breathless attention, the hard-earned and hard-held waiting for the divine revelation. TheIntellect, 203:is well to remember that all initial steps are hard, for the habits and rhythms of many years haveIntellect, 230:actively intent upon the sense and meaning, much hard and focused thinking will have to be done,Intellect, 233:I feel [233] better. This way involves too much hard work." Why should spirituality be confoundedIntellect, 233:as feeling? Of course, this way does involve hard particularly at first. But it can be done, if theMagic, 139:personally achieved capacity and by his own hard won ability. When there is capacity, ability, andMagic, 165:with his purposes and ideas, no matter how hard he tries. All that he can do is to register suchMagic, 177:from the curious and the blind. This is a hard task to accomplish, for the concrete mind expressesMagic, 259:humanity and planetary Karma are, we are told, hard pressed at this time, and I assure you thatMagic, 319:yet intact in nature. You say that this is a hard teaching and conveys but little to the averageMagic, 348:of the astral body that is, perhaps, even more hard to bear. This must be dealt with by the
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