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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HARDEST

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Atom, 112:meditation, he will find that he has covered the hardest part of the road. The person who isAutobiography, 54:loved every bit of it. The first months were the hardest. It is no easy thing for a shy girl (and IAutobiography, 76:of the words of them, however, which I tried my hardest not to hear so as not to have to interfere.Autobiography, 91:of life, it is because we learnt through the hardest kind of experience not to do these particularDiscipleship1, 55:opportunity to meet the need of the hour. The hardest organized push of the Hierarchy is now takingDiscipleship1, 56:high level. The emotional problem may be the hardest. But only the disciple can handle his ownDiscipleship1, 405:which are not yours. This is one of the hardest lessons an initiate has to learn before he can beDiscipleship1, 545:process of repudiating constitutes one of the hardest aspects of the disciple's career. You haveDiscipleship2, 395:the world of everyday affairs. It is one of the hardest lessons to learn, particularly during theDiscipleship2, 617:mastered by all disciples and perhaps one of the hardest is that trained recognition [618] whichDiscipleship2, 694:varied directions. Emotional abstraction is the hardest lesson which a disciple has to master. 3.Externalisation, 42:the work of this group is perhaps one of the hardest to carry through, although from another angleExternalisation, 208:of unthinking people who will constitute the hardest problem. Appeal must be made to the best thatFire, 825:their basic vibration. For all, sacrifice is the hardest, for it involves ever the two factors ofHealing, 33:This teaching on healing is likewise the hardest I have yet undertaken, and this for two reasons.Intellect, 136:inner [136] transpires, and is perhaps the hardest part of the technique to master. It is so easyMagic, 491:thought. The first three years work will be the hardest. After that the mind will be engrossed byMeditation, 123:physical body, whilst the most enduring and the hardest to cure is that of the mental body.Meditation, 283:fit instruments for service. It is perhaps the hardest way that a man can tread. It leaves noPsychology1, 173:Brotherhood. This work is perhaps one of the hardest of the tasks which the Society of OrganizedPsychology1, 176:in some ways religious differences are the hardest to bridge or heal, yet real progress has beenPsychology2, 127:and will pour through it. This is the first and hardest task, and with this task the aspirants ofPsychology2, 604:common phenomenon of cleavage. It is one of the hardest to handle. The mystic who can see naughtRays, 219:purpose as one individual. This is perhaps the hardest stage, but it has to be mastered prior toRays, 303:I must reveal the truth. How will you do this hardest of all tasks, O triumphing disciple? ByRays, 683:also be remembered that it is by no means the hardest period. The hardest period for the sensitive,Rays, 683:that it is by no means the hardest period. The hardest period for the sensitive, feeling [684]
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