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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HARMLESS

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Autobiography, 152:out for yourselves how difficult it is to be harmless in word and deed and thought. Life inBethlehem, 203:to those activities which are spiritual and harmless and helpful. This sense of evil and thisBethlehem, 206:that the divinity of Christ expressed itself; in harmless living and ceaseless service to ourDiscipleship1, 66:people like yourselves who are (theoretically) harmless but actually full of prejudice and hastyDiscipleship1, 144:loving can do anything and the effects will be harmless and good producing. Persevere with theDiscipleship1, 514:self-pity and this would then produce a harmless handling of the personality. The elimination ofDiscipleship1, 514:The elimination of criticism will render you harmless where others are concerned and the refusal toDiscipleship1, 638:love them and because you are endeavoring to be harmless. What will you receive and why have I putDiscipleship2, 531:or of harmfulness. Much also that many regard as harmless is definitely harmful in its generalGlamour, 77:or to a responsibility. Ponder on this. This harmless desire along some line of idealism whichHealing, 212:and declarative if the inner consciousness is harmless (and the majority of these people are guiltyHercules, 161:liberation. A caution: don't be good, don't be harmless, don't serve merely in order to get awayHercules, 166:we may have power. When we love enough and are harmless enough then the gates of heaven and hellHercules, 168:fault. An ancient scripture says, to him who is harmless all enmity ceases. I know that when IIntellect, 222:devotion. Third, right poise. When a person is harmless in thought and word and deed, [223] when heMagic, 101:words and thoughts so as to make them utterly harmless. Set yourself to think those thoughts aboutMagic, 101:will be constructive and positive, and hence harmless in their effects. Study your emotional effectMagic, 101:purgation brought about by the attempt to be harmless will go far to eliminate wrong [102] statesMagic, 319:them whence they came, neutralized, impotent and harmless, yet intact in nature. You say that thisMagic, 483:it is because he himself is not entirely harmless; there are still in him the seeds of trouble, forMeditation, 126:vibration may be felt. Some of the lower devas, harmless but mischievous who, from sheerPatanjali, 184:subhuman realms. The very first command to be harmless is in reality a summation of the others.Patanjali, 391:back and forth between that which is kindly, harmless, and the result of love, and that which isPsychology1, 111:group service, and when your tongue is rendered harmless, through the inflow of Love. Secondly, letPsychology1, 253:nor to fill any special purpose, such as the harmless yet multitudinous lives found in our forests,Psychology1, 301:in the words: Let a man so live that his life is harmless. Then no evil to the group can grow outPsychology1, 428:nor to fill any special purpose, such as the harmless yet multitudinous lives found in our forests,Psychology2, 489:true lasting divine guidance. They may be quite harmless, sweet, kindly and well-intentioned; they
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