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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HARMONIZING

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Astrology, 67:Mercury and the Moon, are related to Ray 4. Harmonizing the cosmos and the individual throughAstrology, 365:the direction of the soul. There is also the harmonizing of the personality and the achieving ofBethlehem, 212:realize that the "vicarious at-one-ment is the harmonizing of the disharmony of others by the powerBethlehem, 212:of Christ, and the fact of His Presence is the harmonizing medium in life. Men are not saved byDestiny, 52:these four countries. In Germany and Italy the harmonizing of the fourth ray, working throughDestiny, 53:and will be freed from glamor and illusion; this harmonizing light is sorely needed in India itselfDiscipleship1, 179:and your best technique is to produce this harmonizing influence within your environment as theDiscipleship1, 275:it into a renewed, inclusive, loving, harmonizing activity. Be more outgoing (as a part of yourDiscipleship1, 666:to you in producing inner alignment and the harmonizing of your bodies. Then, by an act of theDiscipleship2, 494:resulting (when the victory is gained) in the harmonizing, of soul and its form on earth. I wouldDiscipleship2, 735:physical plane decisions. This ray produces the "harmonizing" strain and stress on any of theFire, 433:fifth Logos is felt at the third Initiation. The harmonizing life of the fourth Logos is felt atHealing, 50:level of consciousness. This will produce a harmonizing of all the centers through an act of theMagic, 21:relation between forms will result in the harmonizing and right adjustment of physical plane life.Magic, 143:discord, but will add their quota to that great harmonizing chord or unifying word which it is theMagic, 203:there should be imposed the steady detached and harmonizing rhythm of the soul, the higher self.Meditation, 215:fruition and harvest. The at-one-ment, or the harmonizing has been made, and the goal has beenPsychology1, 49:that which produces beauty and works towards the harmonizing of all effects emanating from thePsychology1, 71:In less than a hundred years this Lord of harmonizing power will have more influence and willPsychology1, 320:in this major cycle. Our objective is the harmonizing of the higher and the lower aspects, orPsychology1, 385:in Germany and Italy, as we have seen, the harmonizing power of the fourth ray is also seen. HencePsychology1, 385:are and freed from glamor and illusion; this harmonizing light is sorely needed in India itself,Psychology2, 37:victory crown the efforts of the Blessed One by harmonizing all. Peace lies behind the warringPsychology2, 41:This ray is the ray of the intuition and of the harmonizing of all that has been achieved throughPsychology2, 83:forms. 4. Beauty or Art At-one-ing Unification Harmonizing electrified forms. 5. SciencePsychology2, 92:harmony and at-one-ment. The result of this harmonizing activity is beauty, but it is a beauty thatPsychology2, 682:colored with aims that are truly spiritual and harmonizing, when they are true healers ofPsychology2, 746:bridging of the separative cleavages, and the harmonizing of the warring schools of thought. TheRays, 623:can be trusted to swing the tide into a great harmonizing and unifying movement. As we study theRays, 633:and this conflict will prove the agent in harmonizing many factors. Within the comity of nations,Rays, 637:that - as a result of conflict - the complete harmonizing of his entire nature will be broughtRays, 701:the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. The harmonizing of the lower centers with the higher,Rays, 701:of the lower centers with the higher, the harmonizing or establishing of right relations betweenSoul, 29:and introspective psychologies, and of harmonizing the West and the East, and so indicate that inSoul, 59:four as yet undeveloped. Of this, more later. In harmonizing the two schools, the question
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