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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HARMONY

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Healing, 12:to be an exposition of that Law. This lack of harmony, producing what we call disease, runs throughHealing, 50:3rd Reproduction Etheric 7. Base of Spine 4th Harmony Union through conflict Physical Note: In theHealing, 50:applied, with the objective of producing harmony. This point warrants thought. On the astral planeHealing, 51:diseases. Parental love. Group life. Fourth ray. Harmony. Ajna Selfishness. Dogmatism. Insanities.Healing, 113:know little. All disease is caused by lack of harmony between form and life, between soul andHealing, 113:life, between soul and personality; this lack of harmony runs through all the kingdoms in nature.Healing, 132:an understanding of the OM. This ray of harmony through conflict (the conflict of the pairs ofHealing, 132:vibratory activity which will lead to unity, to harmony and to right relations, and to the releaseHealing, 190:of the pairs of opposites and upon the lack of harmony to be found in the three major interlocking,Healing, 192:the average human being for comfort and physical harmony, and gloss the innate selfishness of theirHealing, 192:aggravated disease and disharmony. This dis-harmony and dis-ease lead to much necessary trouble andHealing, 301:midway point where battle is not known. There harmony, ease, rest and peaceful silence will beHealing, 345:conditions and orientations which will produce harmony within, and consequently and equally,Healing, 345:I would remind you, however, that the inner harmony of one brother in a group may not be adequateHealing, 345:in a group may not be adequate to produce harmony in another brother or in the group. BloodHealing, 345:the process by providing those conditions of harmony and peace wherein a brother is faced with asHealing, 417:analogies - love, feeling, emotion, desire, harmony, synthesis and ordered sequence - and back ofHealing, 523:is something which attacks the integrity or the harmony of the form nature which the innerHercules, 134:of dissonance, the Libran cherishes the dream of harmony; in the far country, he remembers hisHercules, 134:the achievement. However, this longing for harmony strengthens in him the desire to be aHercules, 167:the serpent of wisdom. Music in the life of harmony, sacrifices in the personality reactions andHercules, 168:front of us all the time. We are trying to bring harmony into our lives, trying to lead the "altar"Initiation, 4:but in the progression of the aeons an ordered harmony will eventuate, and the day will dawn whenInitiation, 47:of the four minor rays of attribute: The ray of harmony or beauty. The ray of concrete science orInitiation, 124:of him one who works towards synthesis, towards harmony, and towards a basic unity. During theInitiation, 224:or Adaptability. Rays of Attribute: The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, or Unity. The Ray of ConcreteMagic, 289:reveal the One. Let dissonance give place to harmony, and from the center of the hidden Light, letMagic, 317:dislikes trouble because it upsets the settled harmony of life and leads to [318] consequentMagic, 329:in by an outpouring of the love, knowledge and harmony of God Himself. Religions in the past haveMagic, 346:If your intuition and reasoning faculty produce harmony and thus show the way out, then proceed. AsMagic, 435:might be regarded as producing the sattvic, or harmony aspect of his life, for when it plays itsMagic, 435:it plays its part and is utilized, it produces harmony with the will of the soul during anyMagic, 487:the power of a counter thought-form of peace and harmony. Or again, it may be true, some sad orMagic, 533:that light and that liberation, with the ordered harmony of the cosmos are for all the sons of men.Magic, 631:is found to be separative and tends to eliminate harmony, and produces a lack of brotherly love andMeditation, 4:and later with the aid of the Master, harmony of color and tone is produced (a synonymous matter),Meditation, 17:When the egoic ray is the attributive Ray of Harmony, the fourth ray, the method will be along theMeditation, 17:the line of the inner realization of beauty and harmony; it causes the shattering of the causalMeditation, 17:of others. When the egoic note is sounded in harmony with other egos, the result is the shatteringMeditation, 43:in the helping of the world. The minor Rays of Harmony and Science respond quickly to this seventhMeditation, 55:the struggle of humanity to grasp the ideal of harmony and peace, and in the worldwide aspirationMeditation, 58:them and the intuitional plane or the plane of harmony. Therefore, in the sounding of the SacredMeditation, 146:ray is not so colored by love, by devotion or by harmony. It is not so common as the first. TheMeditation, 148:[148] The mystic works through the Rays of Love, Harmony and Devotion, or by the path of theMeditation, 168:be love working through power, it may be love in harmony, or love working through knowledge,Meditation, 175:cohesive, a gradual growing together, harmony out of discord, beauty out of chaos. The lowerMeditation, 213:ray for the deva evolution. Indigo-yellow... The Harmony-Ray. Indigo-orange... The Ray of ConcreteMeditation, 215:life of the spirit. When the fourth plane of harmony or of buddhi is achieved, then isMeditation, 215:and wisdom aspect) dominates when the plane of harmony is reached. It leads then to the third planeMeditation, 216:and its close relationship to the fourth Ray of Harmony. It finds a demonstration in the triangleMeditation, 217:Love and Wisdom Indigo-indigo Fourth subray Harmony Indigo-yellow [218] In the activity system youMeditation, 218:demonstrating through the yellow of the ray of harmony or beauty - love expressing itself perfectlyMeditation, 218:love expressing itself perfectly through unity, harmony or beauty. Note here the fact that I againMeditation, 218:3. Ray of Activity or Adaptability 4. Ray of Harmony 7. Ray of Ceremonial Law 5. Ray of ConcreteMeditation, 220:exists between: The Love-Wisdom Ray and the Harmony Ray, as it does between the monadic plane andMeditation, 230:comes under the influence of the incoming Ray of Harmony, the effect on his trend of thought, andMeditation, 287:is direct connection between the fourth plane of harmony, between the emotional body, or the fourthMeditation, 359:[359] Rays of Attribute: The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, or Unity. The Ray of Concrete KnowledgePatanjali, 155:controlled and that all his activities are in harmony with the great plan. When this is so, he isPatanjali, 195:When they are absent naught but unity and harmony exists. This is the first stage of universalPatanjali, 334:Plane IV. Christ or buddhic Air Union Harmony, At-one-ment Planes of Human Endeavor Plane V. MentalPatanjali, 358:a living in the spiritual consciousness. It is harmony with the spirit and disharmony with matter.Patanjali, 401:remote. The point of fire and stone unite, and harmony and union on the downward path are reached."Patanjali, 402:point of fire; thus fire meets fire and blends. Harmony, union on the upward arc are reached. ThusProblems, 28:which can eventually and in due time bring harmony and the end of these chaotic conditions is rightProblems, 60:him, when grown up, to live with other men in harmony and goodwill. This can be done, if patiencePsychology1, 24:Earth plays only a minor part. 4. The Lord of Harmony, Beauty and Art. The main function of thisPsychology1, 49:of rays embodies in itself the principle of harmony, and this fourth Ray of Harmony gives to allPsychology1, 49:the principle of harmony, and this fourth Ray of Harmony gives to all forms that which producesPsychology1, 49:three major rays. The ray of beauty, of art and harmony is the producer of the quality ofPsychology1, 51:Intelligence - Plane of spirit, atma. Ray IV - Harmony - Plane of the intuition. Ray V - ConcretePsychology1, 69:Lend color to the form. The life is one; the harmony complete. Prove thus the two are one. QualityPsychology1, 70:of Attribute The Fourth Purpose of Deity Ray IV. Harmony, Beauty, Art Color, and yet no color nowPsychology1, 72:of the Heavens. Prove all is one. Quality - the harmony of the spheres. Color the sound. SoundPsychology1, 89:the goal for this system, holding all in close harmony and relation. Ray IV - The expression ofPsychology1, 89:harmony and relation. Ray IV - The expression of Harmony, beauty, music and unity. Ray VI - The rayPsychology1, 89:for the good of all, with the object in view of harmony and beauty, impelled thereto by love. ThesePsychology1, 115:and loving, are found to work together in harmony. Thus they can, as a group entity, form a focalPsychology1, 117:from your own soul, and of learning to work with harmony and impersonality on the physical planePsychology1, 121:or forwards. Vegetable - 2nd Kingdom - 4th Ray - Harmony and Beauty. Mineral - 1st Kingdom - 7thPsychology1, 121:same reason. The influence of the fourth Ray of Harmony and Beauty, and the developing power of thePsychology1, 134:"satisfied." Also the Lord of the fourth Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art will add His share to thePsychology1, 141:They work together in the closest union and harmony, and cooperate intelligently with the Plan ofPsychology1, 162:other of the four kingdoms in nature: Ray IV - Harmony, Conflict - 4th kingdom - Human. ThePsychology1, 162:The relationship is as follows: Ray IV - Harmony through Conflict - the Physical body. Ray V -Psychology1, 190:as the sixth subray of the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, which has been in manifestationPsychology1, 205:Builders, the Seven Rays The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict Special Virtues: StrongPsychology1, 216:II. Love-Wisdom Magnetism. IV. Beauty or Harmony Uniformity of Color. VI. Idealistic DevotionPsychology1, 216:Instinct. VI. Devotion Domesticity. 4. Human IV. Harmony through Conflict Experience. Growth. V.Psychology1, 233:vastly increased sensibility. The fourth Ray of Harmony and Beauty, working out in the generalPsychology1, 242:conflict has as its objective the production of harmony between form and life, and has broughtPsychology1, 242:and has brought about the synthesis and the harmony of color in nature. As we say the words, "colorPsychology1, 242:of the vegetable kingdom and its achievement of harmony in vegetation. Ray VI - Growth towards thePsychology1, 261:Magic. Seventh Ray. Base of Spine - Ray of Harmony. Fourth Ray. These rays and their correspondingPsychology1, 266:plan of the building forces, working in complete harmony, but temporarily under one or another ofPsychology1, 312:sensuously to music, and to enjoy color and harmony. It is this divine something which makes ofPsychology1, 317:3rd and 5th subraces. [317] Ray IV. Harmony. 4th ray souls. In the 4th root-race. Atlantean race.Psychology1, 317:Aryan race, the fifth race. The fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict leads from the period ofPsychology1, 320:These are: [320] The fourth Ray of Harmony, beauty and unity, attained through conflict. The fifthPsychology1, 321:body are governed by the Rays of Purpose, of Harmony or Synthesis, and of Knowledge. The emotional
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