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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HARSH

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Discipleship1, 653:the reflections of the personality. Do I sound harsh, my brother? I am not feeling so. What [654] IDiscipleship2, 594:energy, and any mistakes you may have made in harsh judgments and in its physical expression inDiscipleship2, 674:all else, curb your critical mind and cease all harsh judgments. When in difficulty, go or write toDiscipleship2, 677:personality correction - if I may use so [677] harsh a word for the hints and suggestions I gave -Discipleship2, 681:of prejudice, pain and limitation. If I sound harsh in so speaking, it is simply because I, theDiscipleship2, 764:solitude there is no morbidness, there is no harsh withdrawing, and there is no aspect ofExternalisation, 246:involving as it does sacrifice. This sounds harsh, but is a needed statement of fact. SympathyHercules, 130:the pleasure-seeking existence of the Libran, harsh though the experience may be, is a necessityHercules, 134:not he obliged to have it imposed upon him by harsh, bludgeoning circumstance. The scales of LibraHercules, 148:will to achieve and the will to sacrifice. The harsh, self-centered will is transformed into aHercules, 156:screeching sound; a sound so piercing and so harsh it could affright the dead. To Hercules himselfMeditation, 209:shades as seen by the physical eye is hard and harsh compared to those on the emotional plane, andPatanjali, 391:and the result of love, and that which is harsh, harmful, and the result of hate. Vyasa says: "ThePsychology1, 207:independence, keen intellect. Vices of Ray: Harsh criticism, narrowness, arrogance, unforgiving
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