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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HASTE

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Discipleship1, 28:[28] I would have you realize that there is no haste in the work which a Master carries on inDiscipleship1, 142:and can be materialized if you work without haste and keep the conditioning of it in your own handsDiscipleship1, 263:the rushing forward into experience with undue haste, but the steady, conscious quickening of theDiscipleship1, 313:slow and measured thought, and with no sense of haste and no looking for results. The results areDiscipleship1, 325:of a first ray disciple can be marred by a haste and an outer quickness of speech and attitude. SoDiscipleship2, 24:constantly under a sense of pressure and of haste or he is "strolling along the path of life,"Discipleship2, 514:no real concern. I tell you that you need haste in discarding impediments upon the Way but amExternalisation, 175:to be made are struggling with almost frantic haste to awaken the masses to the uniqueness of thisGlamour, 142:be slowly dispelled. In this work there is no haste. That which is very ancient cannot beHealing, 299:endless extension, abundant growth and undue haste. He knew not what He wanted because He wantedHercules, 57:a year had now been lost; he felt the need for haste. Again a cry broke forth and Hercules, withHercules, 156:the vast cloud of birds fled in frantic haste, never to return. Silence spread across the marsh.Initiation, 198:learn the occult truth of the words: - "Make haste slowly." A process of gradual elimination is
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