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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HASTEN

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Autobiography, 299:as worked out by them in their effort to hasten the reappearance of the Christ. It is only in theseBethlehem, 262:The question, however, arises whether we may hasten the process; whether, by a right understandingBethlehem, 272:in its unified life. However, it is possible to hasten the coming of the kingdom, and the need ofDiscipleship1, 9:a serviceable unit - some disciples will have to hasten their progress in certain directions andDiscipleship1, 18:sent expressly into the field at this time to hasten the work whenever possible and to increase theDiscipleship1, 66:so acute that we who work on the inner side must hasten to impress sensitive, awakening psychicsDiscipleship1, 133:therefore, seek rapid integration in order to hasten the intended accomplishment? To help you doDiscipleship1, 274:your magnetic influence. It will also hasten or quicken your practical output upon the physicalDiscipleship1, 276:hinder these expansions by the moves we make; we hasten or delay our growth by our enactedDiscipleship2, 22:and staying power but, if persisted in, it will hasten your development; this will also entailDiscipleship2, 300:and regeneration. The Masters are seeking to hasten in their disciples this recognition of thatDiscipleship2, 405:ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy, and consequently hasten the redemptive work and carry the energiesDiscipleship2, 463:a clearing exercise. If done properly, it will hasten the results of the group meditation for itDiscipleship2, 524:steps which - if you will take them - may hasten the process. Yet I feel very great difficulty inEducation, 56:to move with greater rapidity; this will hasten the achievement of culture by the masses, and theEducation, 71:necessary steps which should be taken wisely to hasten the child's unfoldment. Modern ordinaryEducation, 117:Hierarchy of Love is, however, endeavoring to hasten the process, thereby taking the risk ofEducation, 131:show you how impossible it has been to date to hasten the teaching of this new science of theEducation, 136:intent of [136] offering the opportunity to hasten the "birth into the light" of those particularExternalisation, 40:will swell the number of those so working and hasten the processes of dissipation. The HierarchyExternalisation, 262:humanity in some far distant future, and thus hasten the day of heightened and deepened spiritualExternalisation, 400:help make possible the Great Approach and so hasten the Great Release. I would have you (from theExternalisation, 518:years of excessive endeavor in an effort to hasten the Coming and to prepare mankind for the greatExternalisation, 675:of spiritual forces will there be organized to hasten and materialize the plans of the Christ forFire, 89:and in a condensed form, a few facts which may hasten the day of recognition, and further theFire, 715:advantage of a peculiar electrical condition to hasten the evolution of the race. It was electricalFire, 752:points" for His force, so that thereby He might hasten and perfect His plans on Earth within theFire, 1131:known to the Masters which enable Them to hasten the process (when necessary) for Their disciples,Glamour, 136:he and the rest of humanity can cooperate and hasten the divine purpose; through the intuition, theGlamour, 213:unaided - achieve the desired results. They can hasten the process by their combined help. TheGlamour, 222:learn to use this formula and they would greatly hasten the process of dissipation if they wouldHealing, 248:of man by major psychological factors which can hasten or prolong the "hour of the end," but onlyHealing, 482:effects of the world war will greatly hasten the recognition of the psychological basis for diseaseHealing, 606:thought and the focus of one's direction, to hasten the patient's death by the sudden abstractionHealing, 632:well how to handle. The healer can help and can hasten the healing process, but the orthodoxHealing, 632:process, but the orthodox physician can also hasten the work of the healer. Both groups need eachIntellect, 127:and a process of unfoldment which can and does hasten the work of development. Dr. Otto in The IdeaIntellect, 223:person to take breathing exercises in order to hasten development, and any teacher who seeks toIntellect, 224:the will are activities that are calculated to hasten the manifestation of this Ideal. When weMagic, 342:effort. It is possible for wise souls to hasten the good work, but the end, nevertheless, is sure.Magic, 417:words, and outline those concepts which will hasten the work of integration, and put the units inMeditation, 295:can hinder or delay. Equally, naught can really hasten, so the pupil need not waste time in dolefulPatanjali, 46:to slake the thirst of the masses, they must hasten their progress for the need is great. Thus theProblems, 35:and methods must be developed gradually and will hasten the process of integrating the whole man.Psychology1, 315:the founding of a power house which will greatly hasten the evolution and elevation of humanity,Psychology2, 93:for the benefit of other souls, in order to hasten their progress towards their goal. Then comes aPsychology2, 181:requirements, for at present some will have to hasten their progress in certain directions, andPsychology2, 236:can consciously adjust itself to them, and thus hasten the time wherein truth, beauty and goodnessPsychology2, 260:Or again, they can be prevailed upon to hasten their entrance into life so as to be available asPsychology2, 261:awaiting incarnation, and thus induce them to hasten their entry into the life of the physicalPsychology2, 546:are being employed to force the process, to hasten and facilitate the processes of elevation. ThenPsychology2, 587:up, not down; within, not out. Live free and hasten towards the higher goal. Depart and seek thePsychology2, 652:Servers is endeavoring to do is intended to hasten that process, and so avert a long period ofRays, 344:I shall seek to convey to your minds and will hasten the day of your own acceptance. No one isRays, 393:that the meeting of such a planned crisis will hasten certain realizations. Forget not thatReappearance, 23:the need of humanity forced Him to decide to hasten His coming. The unhappy state of the world asReappearance, 160:necessarily arises: What should be done to hasten this reappearance of the Christ? and also: IsTelepathy, 138:is simply the Great Illusion. It was in order to hasten the dispelling of this great illusion of
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