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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HASTENED

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Bethlehem, 72:the star of initiation flashing forth and hastened to the initiation chamber. The larger number,Discipleship1, 101:evil, then the evolution of humanity will be hastened beyond all that was believed possible. ItDiscipleship1, 452:will only be possible and the desired ends hastened when people of your generation and opportunityDiscipleship2qualifying into his Ashram there to stay as they hastened their progress or to pass on to otherDiscipleship2, 211:the invocative line was stepped up and greatly hastened by the giving to the world of the threeDiscipleship2, 308:whereby the processes of revelation can be hastened. Hitherto in the past, revelation has comeDiscipleship2, 326:into expression, through the medium of this hastened initiation process. Disciples are todayDiscipleship2, 486:charge the brain. This charging will result in a hastened development of soul quality as it can beDiscipleship2, 646:effects in your present life expression which hastened your affiliation with myself and brought toEducation, 147:to express himself, the process is materially hastened. These three self-created lesser threadsExternalisation, 146:I would state that the use of it has materially hastened world events, even though it hasFire, 18:the vibration and answering, roused herself and hastened to the call. The Second, with wiseFire, 196:became an accomplished fact, and evolution hastened forward with renewed impetus. These three majorFire, 417:such as the finding of its polar opposite, were hastened unduly on the moon chain, and theFire, 651:will have to be delayed whilst others will be hastened. One of the profoundest effects of the warFire, 651:was tremendously stimulated, and its evolution hastened [652] to an extraordinary degree, so thatFire, 824:the Path of Initiation, and in this round it is hastened by the rites of initiation and by theFire, 1085:and the revolution of a cosmic wheel can be hastened, or retarded, by influences emanating fromGlamour, 213:and the war effort in all countries has greatly hastened this realization. The power of unifiedHealing, 167:recovered in any case but that the process was hastened by the applied effort and attention, plusHealing, 224:would solve many problems; war, however, has hastened the process and the soldiers of all theHealing, 470:of the etheric body, would be greatly hastened by the substitution of cremation for burial. Healing, 499:by the destructive power of light itself, but is hastened by means of certain sounds, emanatingHealing, 631:recovered in any case. The healing may have been hastened by the factor of faith, and faith isHealing, 703:the strengthening of one energy and a greatly hastened work of healing or of dissolution. TheHercules, 58:sunny day, he saw the object of his search and hastened then his steps. "Now I shall touch theIntellect, 41:from the human to the spiritual kingdom, is hastened and nurtured by a specialized education,Intellect, 60:of the personality has been tremendously hastened. The mentality of the race is steadily mountingIntellect, 204:meditation work, this coordination is rapidly hastened, and is followed later by the unifying withMagic, 76:scientists and investigators. This time will be hastened if thinking men and women [77] canMagic, 174:advanced in evolution are having that evolution hastened as never before in the history of theMagic, 402:the keynote of our universal order, could be hastened, and what steps could be taken to produceMeditation, 223:to, the law can then work and emancipation be hastened. People ask themselves, how does the lawPatanjali, 168:of forms. This later stage is greatly aided and hastened through the practice of Raja Yoga andProblems, 31:appearance. That appearance can, however, be hastened by right and selfless action. [32] Psychology2, 261:the work already done by the group of souls who hastened their entrance into incarnation, under thePsychology2, 523:of the evolutionary process, or they can be hastened through the forced training given to disciplesPsychology2, 556:This it still remains, but the process can be hastened (and frequently is) as man gains control ofPsychology2, 652:or not, the final aim is assured, but it can be hastened if men will only appreciate fairly theRays, 91:future progress of humanity is also aided and hastened because of the attainment and activity ofRays, 94:Then shall the Coming One appear, His footsteps hastened through the valley of the shadow by theRays, 428:New Age conditions will be amazingly hastened. I would have you consider carefully what I have saidRays, 551:This has had a long cycle and has greatly hastened the evolutionary process; it demonstrates itsRays, 601:dynamic in the extreme and that it has greatly hastened human evolution. I pointed out the closeReappearance, 13:Then shall the Coming One appear, His footsteps hastened through the valley of the shadow by theSoul, 71:life and purpose, will, I believe, be greatly hastened when the Eastern and Western psychologies
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