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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HATE

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Hercules, 148:desire for union. Raised to a higher dimension, hate is transmuted into the repudiation of all thatHercules, 148:into the repudiation of all that is unreal. When hate is divested of all emotional content, it canMagic, 138:beings - refusing compromise and yet refusing hate - has something rare to offer in these days andMagic, 386:Earth! I vision God; I see the forms God took. I hate them both. Naught do they mean to me, for oneMagic, 473:thought, of barring fast the doors of thought to hate and pain, to fear, and jealousy and lowMagic, 474:Sentinel desire. [474] Cast out all fear, all hate, all greed. Look out and up. Because thy life isMagic, 474:large purpose of the will of God. The word of hate, the cruel speech which ruins those who feel itsMagic, 488:hence work havoc in the life of the aspirant. Hate not, for hatred returns ever from whence itPatanjali, 112:(ignorance) the sense of personality, desire, hate and the sense of attachment. 4. AvidyaPatanjali, 112:Desire is attachment to objects of pleasure. 8. Hate is aversion for any object of the senses. 9.Patanjali, 127:and the sense of personality, desire, hate and the sense of attachment. These are the five wrongPatanjali, 128:his astral body or vehicle of feeling, and that hate and a sense of attachment are products of thePatanjali, 136:of Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 8. Hate is aversion for any object of the senses. ThisPatanjali, 136:He is balanced between these pairs of opposites. Hate causes separation, whereas love reveals thePatanjali, 136:love reveals the unity underlying all forms. Hate is the result of concentration upon form and of aPatanjali, 136:every form (in more or less degree) reveals; hate is the feeling of repulsion and leads to aPatanjali, 136:a withdrawal of the man from the object hated; hate is the reverse of brotherhood and therefore isPatanjali, 136:of one of the basic laws of the solar system. Hate negates unity, causes barriers to be built andPatanjali, 136:therefore runs counter to the law of evolution. Hate is really the result of the sense ofPatanjali, 137:This should be carefully considered, [137] for hate in some degree, aversion to some extent, isPatanjali, 391:that which is harsh, harmful, and the result of hate. Vyasa says: "The black-white is brought aboutProblems, 6:are faced is the problem of gradually offsetting hate and initiating the new technique of trained,Problems, 45:are, at the same time, taught the futility of hate and war, there is hope of a better and happierProblems, 113:many Negroes are arrogant, vindictive, full of hate and anxious to assert themselves it is becauseProblems, 137:There could have been no war if greed, hate and separativeness had not been rampant upon the earthProblems, 142:Testament and its presentation of a God full of hate and jealousy. Both concepts are todayProblems, 178:useless to break down the barriers of greed and hate with which they are confronted. They realizePsychology1, 65:thine own forth but learn to know thine own. Hate not attachment but see its plan and purpose.Psychology1, 301:bade us love each other. Yet still we fight and hate and use our powers for selfish ends, ourPsychology2, 162:understood, Prison and liberty, Love and hate, Introversion and extraversion. We do well to ponderPsychology2, 163:neither light nor dark, and neither love nor hate. We cannot with clarity see what it could be, norPsychology2, 410:not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. If then I do what I would not, IPsychology2, 577:in the catastrophe of the Flood. The seeds of hate and of separation have been fostered ever sincePsychology2, 618:impact of their criticism. I refer not here to hate, though that is often present, eitherPsychology2, 619:along the line of love and not of separation and hate. It produces what is esoterically called "thePsychology2, 620:attached to the leader or - when aroused to hate or dislike - they violently disrupted the tie andPsychology2, 642:an incredibly large number of people who hate war because they regard all men as brothers, but whoPsychology2, 670:utterly useless to break down the barriers of hate and separation everywhere to be found. TheyPsychology2, 739:of love and sacrifice - offset the forces of hate and of death. As those who guide and teach uponRays, 145:in nations - aggression, greed, intolerance and hate - was aroused as never before, and two worldRays, 305:obstacles. Violent emotional reaction. Revenge, hate, acquisitiveness and similar faults, based onRays, 606:itself out through its accompanying greeds, hate, separativeness and aggression. During the presentRays, 731:men love unduly that which is material and hate to lose contact with the form aspect of nature doRays, 752:is not good, that which breeds ugliness and hate, and that which distorts the truth and lies aboutRays, 752:has released evil into the world. Thoughts of hate, deeds of cruelty, lying words, sadistic action,Reappearance, 44:aftermath of war, because humanity is sick of hate and controversy. The general staff of the ChristReappearance, 56:for two thousand years, and wherein hate and separativeness have distinguished all men everywhere.Reappearance, 74:commensurate to the experienced disturbance. The hate which is so dominant in the world today willReappearance, 75:of that goodwill is the excessive expression of hate - a hate which has been slowly mounting in theReappearance, 75:goodwill is the excessive expression of hate - a hate which has been slowly mounting in the mindsReappearance, 109:of international relations. Everywhere there is hate, competition, maladjustment, strife betweenReappearance, 111:so great that the distinction between love and hate, between aggression and freedom, and betweenReappearance, 112:tremendous reaction against the potency [112] of hate. To hate, to be separate, and to be exclusiveReappearance, 112:reaction against the potency [112] of hate. To hate, to be separate, and to be exclusive will comeReappearance, 112:and now regarded as wrong - only stem from hate or from its product, the anti-social consciousness.Reappearance, 112:from its product, the anti-social consciousness. Hate and its dependent consequences are the trueReappearance, 139:been unable to arrest the unparalleled growth of hate in the world today? Why are the majority ofReappearance, 146:Testament and its presentation of a God, full of hate and jealousy. Both concepts are todayReappearance, 189:one, and I am one with them. I seek to love, not hate; I seek to serve and not exact due service; ITelepathy, 20:thought is involved; it concerns emotions (fear, hate, disgust, love, desire and many other purely
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