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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAD

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Bethlehem, 24:the plans for humanity. It is the balance of head and heart that is required, and the intellectBethlehem, 59:crescent moon, with twelve stars surrounding her head. In almost every Roman Catholic church on theBethlehem, 59:of Heaven," standing on the crescent moon, her head surrounded with twelve stars. "It would seemBethlehem, 236:the dead, And draw the thunder on Thy guilty head; Then shalt Thou die, but from the dark abodeDestiny, 23:The Ancient of Days, Melchizedek. Planetary head center, spiritual pineal gland. II. THE HIERARCHYDestiny, 42:of mind - emotion and the physical nature. The head and the heart, through the sublimation of theDestiny, 94:and more desirable in its expression than the head. All this indicates an innate recognition byDestiny, 102:by Shamballa and some by the Hierarchy. The head center of the Occident is beginning to react toDestiny, 141:relating the base of the spine to the head center, and the soul to the Monad. The first majorDestiny, 141:soul to the Monad. The first major center - the head. The first truly divine race - the final race.Destiny, 150:mission before; He will appear as the supreme Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, meeting the need ofDiscipleship1, XII:names will not be divulged. The initials at the head of the various instructions and the datesDiscipleship1, 14:also be noted. The seeing of the light in the head comes under this category. Its brilliance shouldDiscipleship1, 41:the following centers in their work: Group 1 The head, heart and throat centers. Group 2 The head,Discipleship1, 41:The head, heart and throat centers. Group 2 The head, heart and solar plexus centers. Group 3 TheDiscipleship1, 41:heart and solar plexus centers. Group 3 The head, heart and ajna centers. Group 4 The head, ajnaDiscipleship1, 41:3 The head, heart and ajna centers. Group 4 The head, ajna and throat centers. Group 5 The head andDiscipleship1, 41:4 The head, ajna and throat centers. Group 5 The head and heart centers and the center at the baseDiscipleship1, 41:the center at the base of the spine. Group 6 The head, heart and solar plexus centers. This isDiscipleship1, 41:necessarily the same as in Group 2. Group 7 The head, throat and sacral centers. Group 8 The head,Discipleship1, 41:The head, throat and sacral centers. Group 8 The head, heart, solar plexus and throat centers. ThisDiscipleship1, 42:are peculiarly a linking group. [42] Group 9 The head, heart, throat and sacral centers. Group 10Discipleship1, 42:heart, throat and sacral centers. Group 10 The head, heart, sacral centers and the center at theDiscipleship1, 87:involves, therefore, the linking up of heart and head, of the mystic and the occult approach, andDiscipleship1, 87:center (between the shoulder blades) to the head center, through the medium of the higherDiscipleship1, 87:to the heart center, found within the head center (the thousand petalled lotus) . This heartDiscipleship1, 89:is intended to focus the aspirant within the head at a point midway between the pituitary body andDiscipleship1, 92:in it, or the "veils of earth" close over his head; the vision fades and he reverts into the lifeDiscipleship1, 107:meditation seek to keep the whole process in the head and remember that for you the problem is toDiscipleship1, 107:of being, as you are, an "introvert of the head type." Therefore, for you the way of release is theDiscipleship1, 109:at the close of 1932), you have begun to link up head and heart. When this is done through theDiscipleship1, 112:by the spiritual man, [112] seated in the head. The ajna center is, in your case, very littleDiscipleship1, 112:you begun to bring it into submission to the head center and this through the cultivation ofDiscipleship1, 112:will try to picture to you in a tabulation: The Head Center 40% awakened The Ajna Center 15%Discipleship1, 139:your meditations forward exclusively in the head, therefore, except for some incidental practice inDiscipleship1, 143:subject. When the heart is full of love and the head is full of wisdom, [144] nothing then is everDiscipleship1, 145:I say to you: Look for those who have blended head and heart and above whose foreheads shines theDiscipleship1, 146:central theme, which would dominate them as the head dominates the activities of the body. It isDiscipleship1, 156:and then learn how to carry all three to the head center and there blend them with the power ofDiscipleship1, 156:you must learn to bring definitely down into the head center by an act of the creative imaginationDiscipleship1, 157:the ancient formula: "Out of the lotus in the head springs the flower of bliss. Its earliest formDiscipleship1, 158:winged its way from the secret place within the head. I am that bird of joy. Therefore, with joy IDiscipleship1, 190:and do. Work from the heart and not from the head and balance your unfoldment. With heart and headDiscipleship1, 190:head and balance your unfoldment. With heart and head aligned, the healing force can flow withDiscipleship1, 193:holding the consciousness as high in the head as possible, and attempting to hold the mind steadyDiscipleship1, 212:the entrance of forces from soul levels, via the head center. You must learn to function also moreDiscipleship1, 212:that you preserve always a point of focus in the head. All your work with me - at any rate for theDiscipleship1, 212:any rate for the present - must be done in the head. There must the consciousness be held steady. IDiscipleship1, 212:center (through an act of inhalation) to the head. Picture it as rising there - up the spinalDiscipleship1, 213:- 6 counts - Gather the forces up to the head. Interlude - 8 counts - Forces blended and fused.Discipleship1, 213:2. Then, holding the consciousness steady in the head, at the close of the final interlude, say theDiscipleship1, 213:3. Then, still holding the consciousness in the head and visualizing a sphere of deep electricDiscipleship1, 216:the higher and the lower centers - to the head and heart. This will be carried forward as you seekDiscipleship1, 226:his group of disciples (the Master M.) is the head of all esoteric schools in the world at thisDiscipleship1, 226:influence (incoming and outgoing) of the head of all esoteric groups, the Master Morya. This youDiscipleship1, 227:polarizing of realization as high in the head and as high on the mental plane as possible. ThenDiscipleship1, 236:which has led to a focusing of energy in the head. This has been intensified also, owing to ourDiscipleship1, 246:to yourself, retaining the entire process in the head and on mental levels: "WithDiscipleship1, 246:the work entirely in the heart instead of in the head. Discipleship1, 252:elucidate: The focusing of attention in the head. [253] Alignment of the bodies through correct andDiscipleship1, 267:Seek for the symbol to be found above the head of each of your co-disciples. This is an interestingDiscipleship1, 294:and in focusing your mind more firmly in the head. I have watched the result with attention. TheDiscipleship1, 302:consciousness, centered and held steady in the head... We will, at this time, refrain from usingDiscipleship1, 302:at this time, refrain from using the highest head center in the breathing exercise, beyondDiscipleship1, 302:Then, focusing the consciousness as high in the head as possible, sound the Sacred Word. [303] ThenDiscipleship1, 308:follows: Focus the consciousness as high in the head as possible. Sound the O. M. three timesDiscipleship1, 334:by you and produce stimulation - the one of the head center and the other of the heart center.Discipleship1, 346:the light, and focusing yourself as high in the head as possible offer yourself to the soul forDiscipleship1, 361:service fed by your occult knowledge and by your head and not just by your heart. It is essentialDiscipleship1, 373:this lies a blind spot. It is a "sticking your head into the sand" type of glamor, and a refusal toDiscipleship1, 382:provided that it is kept in place by a wise head and does not assume the form of a glamor. ThatDiscipleship1, 382:humanity, and whose radiation is love but whose head is equally responsive to the individual as heDiscipleship1, 384:Keep the consciousness centered as high in the head as is possible. See the significance of allDiscipleship1, 406:only to intensify the atoms of your body and head, and to make a violent impact upon all those withDiscipleship1, 410:I will ask you, also, to cease meditating in the head and for a while to meditate in the heart,Discipleship1, 419:environment. Frequently he can scarcely keep his head above the water (a neat, occult phrase, myDiscipleship1, 421:the periphery to the point of silence within the head, to the place where the "gold and the blueDiscipleship1, 425:this will balance and round out your undoubted head development. I shall not change your workDiscipleship1, 439:a triangle of light between your soul, your head center and myself. Fix and hold this triangleDiscipleship1, 440:the lower point or apex touches the top of your head. Then see, pouring down, via the triangle, aDiscipleship1, 443:as well as may be, focusing yourself in the head and raising your consciousness to as high a pointDiscipleship1, 455:steady transference out of the heart into the head and this, I think, you know. Follow theDiscipleship1, 456:stand before the window and visualize your head (the area around it and in it), as a center ofDiscipleship1, 456:Oversoul. This is seen as pouring down into the head center from the soul, via the mind, gatheringDiscipleship1, 456:it in every part; thus it streams into the head. Then, holding this stream there, divide it intoDiscipleship1, 461:between the eyebrows) is over-active whilst the head center should be stimulated into increasedDiscipleship1, 461:through the steady focusing of yourself in the head center, may induce a period wherein it may seemDiscipleship1, 513:whence again it must inevitably raise its head. End its power in your life by doing three things:Discipleship1, 535:after centering your consciousness in the head. See in your mind's eye a lake of blue water,Discipleship1, 536:Then raising the consciousness as high in your head as possible, meditate "in the light" on theDiscipleship1, 539:few months; will you ponder on them, within the head, and, later, brood on them in the heart. TheseDiscipleship1, 540:of facts; this only becomes possible when head and heart vibrate in unison. Your astral body isDiscipleship1, 547:keeping your consciousness steadily in the head, at the center between the eyebrows, the ajnaDiscipleship1, 547:cables intertwined, passes from the heart and head and connects you, as a personality, with theDiscipleship1, 553:therefrom. . . Then, focusing yourself in the head and remembering that you are the soul, do yourDiscipleship1, 555:in my various writings on the relation of the head center and the heart center, and on the relationDiscipleship1, 558:months will you meditate upon them within the head consciousness, and during the last three monthsDiscipleship1, 573:to shift your focus of attention out of the head and into the heart. This, incidentally, may aidDiscipleship1, 573:into the heart. This, incidentally, may aid the head condition of which you complain. Your monadicDiscipleship1, 573:your meditation in the heart and not in the head, watching carefully for any physiological effects
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