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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAD

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Discipleship2, 469:the energies will be centralized in the head center. This will lead to a happening of such esotericDiscipleship2, 469:I cannot answer your question because until the head center is somewhat more awakened myDiscipleship2, 469:by a constant application to the way of the head, and constant group activity, with an increasingDiscipleship2, 476:idea of a more definite and steady use of the head center. You are, of course, a "heart" person.Discipleship2, 476:the heart center into its correspondence in the head and begin to live more in the head than in theDiscipleship2, 476:in the head and begin to live more in the head than in the heart; you should begin also to fuse andDiscipleship2, 477:phrases we have related the heart center to the head center, and likewise the heart center to theDiscipleship2, 478:of relation between: The heart center and the head center. The heart center in the head and theDiscipleship2, 478:and the head center. The heart center in the head and the ajna center. Thus a lesser triangle ofDiscipleship2, 478:living relation" is established: heart, head and ajna centers. The waiting, dedicated, devotedDiscipleship2, 478:Thus a greater triangle is established: soul, head and heart. Visualize these triangles as relatingDiscipleship2, 478:your consciousness as far as may be in the head, midway between the soul and the heart center upDiscipleship2, 478:as that midway point the heart center in the head. Avoid concentrating upon location. Just imagineDiscipleship2, 490:Poise yourself at the "door of exit" in the head. Realize that that point is one from which you canDiscipleship2, 495:keep your consciousness steadily focused in the head at the center between the eyebrows, the ajnaDiscipleship2, 505:M. is due to the fact that he is the inner Head of all esoteric groups, and in the interest of theDiscipleship2, 515:Then carry it along the spine and upward to the head, not to the heart as is usually the case.Discipleship2, 515:be working actively upon the solar plexus, the head, the heart and the throat. It will requireDiscipleship2, 520:planetary life via Shamballa. Shamballa is the head center, speaking symbolically, of our planetaryDiscipleship2, 520:(using the heart center as a balance for the head) you will greatly enrich the proposed book. ThisDiscipleship2, 560:felt; this must inevitably be the case when head and heart are consciously related. Gradually thatDiscipleship2, 573:there and at the same time hold it in the head. This activity corresponds to the dual life of theDiscipleship2, 573:and there focus. To the brain or the highest head center. To the throat center and there focus.Discipleship2, 577:is to bring into increasing activity the two head centers. It is a simple exercise but should onlyDiscipleship2, 591:supply of soul energy and concentrate it in the head and heart, holding it steadily there for useDiscipleship2, 604:doing this, link the pituitary center with the head center, above the pineal gland. Then pause andDiscipleship2, 608:the issues at stake, but call in the balancing head increasingly. The so-called kind immediateDiscipleship2, 641:point, sound the OM, retaining its force in the head by an act of the will but without any strainDiscipleship2, 641:Then, holding the consciousness as high in the head as possible, see how long you can achieve theDiscipleship2, 654:both my hands outstretched - the one above my head to find it clasped with strength, the other downDiscipleship2, 657:quality you much need to cultivate. Humility of head is [658] largely theoretical and imposed;Discipleship2, 660:the straight line of the spinal column, the head center, the sutratma and the antahkarana - thusDiscipleship2, 661:fusion, carried eventually to synthesis when the head center is developed. Compassion, which isDiscipleship2, 687:hold it there steadily, linking the soul and the head center, again by the power of thought. ThenDiscipleship2, 709:with my mind will bring about changes in your head center - probably (at this stage of yourDiscipleship2, 712:see this energy pouring in, literally, to the head center and from thence to the brain. You mustDiscipleship2, 740:for the energy of the Ashram stimulates the head and heart centers and draws up the astral forcesDiscipleship2, 740:to focus the consciousness more firmly in the head. If it were possible at some time in the nearDiscipleship2, 743:from your soul and mind must be focused, via the head center. Speaking in symbols which you easilyDiscipleship2, 743:"the lighted triangle of soul and mind and head will awaken the center between the eyes and bringDiscipleship2, 744:soul with a corresponding concentration in the head at as high a point as possible. Then sound theDiscipleship2, 745:call it) of spiritual energy, entering into your head center, passing from thence to the ajnaDiscipleship2, 748:come within the protecting aura with which the Head of the Hierarchy at all times surrounds certainEducation, 28:entirely pictorial), from the center of the head to the mind, which is in its turn a center ofEducation, 31:of energy emanates from, or is anchored in, the head. A few people are steadily linking the soulEducation, 32:principle of consciousness, is anchored in the head. This you already know, but this I feel theEducation, 32:by man are anchored in the solar plexus, the head and the heart. When the astral body and the mindEducation, 33:the mental body. One terminal is anchored in the head, and the other in the knowledge petals of theEducation, 33:or will petals of the egoic lotus and the head and heart centers, thus producing a synthesisEducation, 92:of soul knowledge, anchored in the center of the head. It controls that response mechanism which weEducation, 94:and to the consciousness thread, will link head, heart and throat into one unified and functioningEducation, 146:directly from the soul. It is anchored in the head. There is the seat of consciousness. The threadEducation, 147:This thread passes from the ajna center to the head center and from thence to the mind body,Externalisation, 9:These higher powers come into play when the head and heart centers, as well as the throat center,Externalisation, 11:through the orifice at the top of his head, and not, as is now the case in the majority ofExternalisation, 11:vibration through the entrance in the head, and the subsequent use of the instrument of the loanedExternalisation, 17:speaking, meditation is the process whereby the head center is awakened, brought under control andExternalisation, 48:light but no central point of light within the head, and no indication of the higher centers. TheseExternalisation, 72:and as constituting the three major centers - Head, Heart, Throat - in the body of the One in WhomExternalisation, 73:racial and human nature also be seen. The head as well as the heart must be used, and this manyExternalisation, 73:- a tension produced by the interrelation of the head and the heart, working out creatively throughExternalisation, 85:New York is the throat center and Washington the head center. The heart center is Los Angeles. TheExternalisation, 85:The heart center of Germany is Munich, and its head center is Nuremberg, whilst Berlin is theExternalisation, 85:Great Britain (and temporarily it is also the head center, though this will not always be the case)Externalisation, 87:represents the twelve-petalled lotus in the head, of which the Christ represents the counterpart,Externalisation, 89:purpose. Expression: Sanat Kumara. Planetary head center. Conditioning the life of nations.Externalisation, 92:[92] 5th Kingdom - Intuition - spiritual soul - head center 4th Kingdom - Intelligence - human soulExternalisation, 92:To this you may add the following: 1. Shamballa Head Lotus. Kingdom of God. Quality of Will. 1stExternalisation, 107:Will or Power. Purpose. Plan. Planetary Head center. Spiritual pineal gland. 2. THE HIERARCHY TheExternalisation, 110:Such true comprehension necessitates head knowledge as well as heart reaction. The disciples of theExternalisation, 145:receiving and distributing center within the head) is incapable of the needed dual activity -Externalisation, 151:follow and seek to invoke the great spiritual head of the Hierarchy, the Master of all Masters, theExternalisation, 158:the first Ray of Will or Power; the Christ, the head of the Hierarchy and the representative of theExternalisation, 163:plane. The mental plane. Focal point - The head center Planetary center - The Hierarchy Let theExternalisation, 168:three phrases of the Invocation relate to the Head, Shamballa; to the Heart, the Hierarchy; and toExternalisation, 170:in its turn, [170] expressed by the light in the head, or by the head center and itsExternalisation, 170:expressed by the light in the head, or by the head center and its externalization, the pinealExternalisation, 273:the soul, producing in due time the light in the head. You have been carefully taught that theExternalisation, 273:of the soul ignites or fosters the light in the head and the man reaches the stage of illumination.Externalisation, 298:of an office - an office that has always had its Head. I do not mention the Christ or the Buddha asExternalisation, 315:affirmative and - if rightly used - should link head and heart, leading thus to intelligent lovingExternalisation, 420:living Christ, the Teacher of all men and the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. He is the ExpressionExternalisation, 433:against evil in high places is the Christ, the Head of the Hierarchy. What is the attitude of theExternalisation, 468:with you anent the Christ, about His work as head of the Hierarchy, and about the rebuilding whichExternalisation, 489:earth. The Hierarchy will eventually, under its Head, the Christ, function openly and visibly onExternalisation, 495:and a growing inability of the evil group at the head of the Axis Powers to surmount the incidentalExternalisation, 505:to touch with the hidden spiritual fire the head centers of all intuitive statesmen. Three greatExternalisation, 534:Forces Direction Transmission Reception Head Heart Throat It will be apparent to you how little youExternalisation, 548:action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head. It does not essentially matter whether thatExternalisation, 558:Christ he is referring to His official name as Head of the Hierarchy. The Christ works for all men,Externalisation, 561:a great interdependence emerges, of which the head, heart and solar plexus centers in theExternalisation, 589:fact of the presence on earth of the Christ as Head of the Hierarchy and the Director of theExternalisation, 597:spiritual Hierarchy of the planet; it impels the Head of the Hierarchy, the Christ, to take action,Externalisation, 609:that great spiritual Server Who will be the new Head of the Hierarchy, the Church Invisible. TheExternalisation, 612:He has been for two thousand years the supreme Head of the Church Invisible, the spiritualExternalisation, 636:work, totalitarianism reared anew its most evil head, and perforce, the Hierarchy took sidesExternalisation, 661:in close with the Christ, the Head of the Hierarchy. Christ is today, with the aid ofExternalisation, 661:of the Hierarchy, and certainly not its Supreme Head, attempts to bring about results which areExternalisation, 665:cooperates with the Master R. - Who is the Head of the third ray Ashram, and Who is also one of theExternalisation, 669:the fifth and the seventh rays. Though He is the Head of the third Ray of Aspect and is in control,
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