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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAD

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Externalisation, 687:and yet as one with Him (as the hierarchical Head), and as one also with all that breathes and thatFire, xvii:The Fire of Spirit or Electric Fire Lift up thy head, O Lanoo; dost thou see one, or countlessFire, 85:in the withdrawing from out of the top of the head of the radiant etheric body and the consequentFire, 86:connection between the spleen and the top of the head in connection with the etheric body. TheFire, 90:in the uppermost part of the etheric body, the head and shoulders, and passed down to the ethericFire, 122:races, and with intelligent energy. He is the head of all the Adepts. Bodhisattva. The exponent ofFire, 123:centers - that of the heart, the throat and the head. This is a long and slow process when left toFire, 124:whirling centers of living fire. The three major head centers (the sequence varying according toFire, 125:of real brilliance issues from the top of the head. This flame surges upwards through the bodiesFire, 125:found guarding the center at the very top of the head, and admitting entrance to the downflow fromFire, 133:palpitating etheric body from the center in the head, as might have been anticipated, yet some ofFire, 135:shoulder blades, Their united ascension into the head, Their blending eventually with the manasicFire, 135:with the manasic fire which energizes the three head centers. I. Kundalini and the three TrianglesFire, 135:The fire energizing the triangle in the head is the higher correspondence to the triangle of prana,Fire, 135:the human unit three important triangles: In the head: The triangle of the three major centers, TheFire, 136:of the three higher centers in the body, the head, the heart, the throat and in the electrificationFire, 136:third fire, that of Spirit. The many-petalled head center at the top of the head becomesFire, 136:The many-petalled head center at the top of the head becomes exceedingly active. It is theFire, 136:becomes exceedingly active. It is the synthetic head center, and the sumtotal of all the otherFire, 136:this rather abstruse subject. The three major head centers (from the physical standpoint) are the:Fire, 165:the buddhic plane. That above the top of the head, which is the crown, and has relation with theFire, 167:Monad - Will, Love and Intelligence: The Head center - The Monad - Will or Power. The Heart centerFire, 167:with the two other centers, the heart and head. Yet, we must not forget that the center at the baseFire, 168:center of the throat. Just above the top of the head. Fire, 168:of a silvery blue, with blue predominating. The head center in its twofold divisions: Between theFire, 168:other half blue and purple. The very top of the head. A center consisting of twelve major petals ofFire, 168:of ten hundred and sixty-eight petals in the two head centers (making the one center) or threeFire, 168:and of the seven principles of man, so is the head center a replica of this, and has within itsFire, 169:heart center and the pituitary body. Between the head center and the pineal gland. It would repayFire, 170:Ego, advanced man. The heart. The throat. The head, i.e., the four lesser centers and theirFire, 170:Initiation. The heart. The throat. The seven head centers. Spiritual man to the fifth Initiation.Fire, 170:to the fifth Initiation. The heart. The seven head centers. The two many-petalled lotuses. Fire, 170:scarcely follow it. Above all, at the top of the head will be seen a fiery display that seems toFire, 181:exoteric Kumaras corresponding to the four minor head centers, and the three esoteric KumarasFire, 181:Kumaras corresponding to the three major head centers. 75, 76. The second hint I seek to give, liesFire, 182:Great Bear are the correspondences to the seven head centers in the body of that Being, greaterFire, 182:which are eventually synthesized into the seven head centers in much the same way as in the humanFire, 183:plexus. The heart. The throat. The sevenfold head center in its turn finds ultimate expression inFire, 183:the gorgeous twofold center above the top of the head and surrounding it. Equally so, beyond theFire, 183:of matter and of mind issue from the top of the head. Each of the three channels within the spinalFire, 203:Above are the three higher: Heart. Throat. Head. In the microcosm we have the lower quaternaryFire, 208:the main direction of the force is to the seven head centers, and finally (at liberation) to theFire, 208:and finally (at liberation) to the radiant head center above, and synthesizing the lesser sevenFire, 208:center above, and synthesizing the lesser seven head centers. The centers at initiation receive aFire, 267:centers at the heart and throat; the head is then the ultimate synthesizer. This tabulation dealsFire, 287:at the same time develops certain centers in the head, and thus transfers the zone of its activityFire, 287:activity from the physical brain to the higher head centers, existing in etheric matter. For theFire, 297:or the Heavenly Men Who correspond to the head, the heart and the throat of the solar Logos, haveFire, 319:concentrated meditation on the light in the head comes the vision of the Masters who haveFire, 319:that there is a certain center of force in the head, perhaps the 'pineal gland', which some of ourFire, 319:looking consciousness in the forward part of the head; that better and wiser consciousness of "theFire, 319:looking consciousness in the forward part of the head. It is the spiritual man seeking to guide theFire, 319:hair turns, extending upward to the crown of the head"; all of which may sound very fantastical,Fire, 323:of our present discussion. Finally, only the head center is left, for it is the positive pole toFire, 323:to all the others, not even excluding the head center, leads to the vast complexity of the subject.Fire, 338:but is allied especially to the throat and head centers; it is the active intelligent factor whichFire, 367:physical planet of the Logos of our scheme, the Head of the Hierarchy, and the One Initiator. ThisFire, 372:become centered in the corresponding logoic head center, the higher triangle or the major threeFire, 372:is succeeded by still another, wherein the three head centers are synthesizing their seven minorFire, 388:that each department forms a center: [388] The Head center - The Ruling Department The Heart centerFire, 537:The three main centers in the Microcosm are the Head, the Heart and the Throat. The Head center -Fire, 537:are the Head, the Heart and the Throat. The Head center - The Monad - Will - Spirit. The HeartFire, follow:Entity Center Personality Kingdom 1. Atma Logos Head (Brain) Grand Heavenly Man Seventh Unity 2-3.Fire, 590:in which the Power aspect is developed, and the head centers will be complete. This achieved, ourFire, 625:Fire Elementals The secret of the note of the head, the heart, and the throat center is found hereFire, 642:in group formation, and on a large scale by the head of the Manu's department through their ownFire, 642:Hierarchy is a great force center, the heart, head, and throat of the Heavenly Man as these threeFire, 673:who is known to us all as the leading head of the adwaitic movement that was set on foot subsequentFire, 673:equally great Sage known as Gautama Buddha, the head of the doctrine of Buddhi or Buddhism. BothFire, 696:on the mental plane flashes out above the head of the initiate. This concerns the first threeFire, 698:highest groups with that portion of the logoic head center which corresponds to the heart, and hereFire, 698:center and the manasic angels from the logoic head center, via the point within that centerFire, 698:group, the highest, is connected with the logoic head center, whether solar or planetary. They workFire, 742:a scheme on a wave of manasic energy from the head center of the Logos, and in the process ofFire, 743:of the fact that They emanate from the logoic head center, or from the will aspect), are the trueFire, 743:return to a cosmic center of which the logoic head center is but a dim reflection; they return theFire, 769:by the center corresponding to the highest head center of the planetary Logos. Each Logos embodiesFire, 790:of the spine and the brain and thence to the head center. Through this latter channel man escapesFire, 790:spheres. It is notably of a fivefold nature: Head. Two Arms. Two Legs. According to the positionFire, 859:concerned are, as we know, four in number: The head, The heart, The throat, The base of the spine.Fire, 859:diffused. When its correspondence in the head center is awakened, this becomes the organ of occultFire, 859:centers, we should note the fact that the major head center is twofold in structure, and consistsFire, 859:and of a twelve-petalled lotus at the top of the head, with ninety-six petals in a subsidiaryFire, 860:centers is found in three of them: The higher head center, The secondary head center, The heartFire, 860:of them: The higher head center, The secondary head center, The heart center. If the studentFire, 860:It is only when the etheric centers - the two head centers and the heart center - are fully activeFire, 864:marks a very important development. The higher head center increases its activity and becomesFire, 864:and properly belongs to the torso and not to the head. It should also be stated here that theFire, 865:transferred into the correspondences within the head center. These seven head centers are theFire, 865:within the head center. These seven head centers are the reflection in the microcosm of thoseFire, 867:of the physical brain consciousness and the head centers to egoic contact. Then the otherwiseFire, 877:he will intelligently focus through the highest head center and thus apply. It is dependent uponFire, 884:centers which corresponds to either the head, heart, or throat center in a human unit. This energyFire, 886:at the second initiation they rise as far as the head, and all the fires of the torso are thenFire, 886:geometrical interplay between the seven head centers, and then to focus them all prior to the finalFire, 893:blue with one eye, in the form of a ruby, in its head. Students who care to carry the symbology aFire, 899:flows through three centers. That particular head center which is linked to the heart center. TheFire, 920:are also corporate parts of the seven primary head centers in the body of a solar Logos orFire, 920:fire is formed. They are the sumtotal of the head, the heart and the throat centers of the solarFire, 921:of the Word on the mental plane forms the head center of this, the third aspect. These three Raja
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