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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAD

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Healing, 454:and self-expression, and of this man's head and brain are the exoteric symbols. Living is energy,Healing, 455:and the other is in the brain at the top of the head. Protecting both is a closely woven web ofHealing, 456:human units, it is the web at the top of the head in the region of the fontanel which is ruptured,Healing, 456:and therefore of the vast majority, and the head center for the mentally polarized and spirituallyHealing, 456:the following situation: The exit in the head, used by the intellectual type, by the disciples andHealing, 457:of recovery. Orange aids the focusing in the head, just as red stimulates the solar [458] plexusHealing, 458:and on certain big nerves in the region of the head and on a particular spot in the medullaHealing, 458:has an occult, scientific basis. The top of the head of the dying [459] man should alsoHealing, 460:of the basic etheric focus in the region of the head, or the heart, or the solar plexus - has beenHealing, 461:inches away from the physical spine. The three head centers are also outside the dense physicalHealing, 467:forces is, up to this point, retained via the head or the heart or the solar plexus, as well as viaHealing, 473:final abstraction are three in number: [473] the head for disciples and initiates and also forHealing, 484:thread of life are completely withdrawn from the head and the heart. At the same time, reverenceHealing, 513:which the personality rays are pouring, and the head center which is responsive to the soul ray,Healing, 513:the man develops into an intense individual. The head center begins to exert an influence upon theHealing, 525:of received and directed force within the head. [526] Power to express magnetic purity and theHealing, 526:to control the activity of the mechanism of the head. The healer must have "linked the centers inHealing, 526:The healer must have "linked the centers in the head." The true healer has established a magneticHealing, 526:has established a magnetic area within his head which presents itself or expresses itself through aHealing, 533:every man when he has linked the centers in the head. When this magnetic field is established, theHealing, 540:is definitely present through the medium of the head and heart centers of the etheric body, thusHealing, 540:principle of consciousness is withdrawn from the head center in the vital body, then the healerHealing, 541:This is indicated by the point of light in the head center and the area which it irradiates. TheHealing, 541:levels of the mental plane and through his head center) to stimulate the point of soul life in theHealing, 541:of the soul energy of the patient into the head center, in order that the life thread may carry aHealing, 542:healer to that of the patient, via both their head centers and the heart of the patient, becauseHealing, 542:and a measure of response is coming from the head center of the patient, evoking greater soulHealing, 542:a resultant inflow of soul energy into the head center and from thence to the heart center, then -Healing, 547:they can then work safely and with power on the head center of the patient. They will necessarilyHealing, 547:healing powers to those who live focused in the head. They will stimulate the soul, there anchored,Healing, 547:understanding of the next. Forget not that the head center is the one through which the will works,Healing, 551:the point of approach will be either through the head center or the heart center if the patient isHealing, 552:process must be through a higher center, the head center, the healer will be wise to gain theHealing, 554:all energies coming from the soul either in the head, or at least above the diaphragm; this doesHealing, 554:a cure. His mental focus and the activity of the head center will be a great help, provided heHealing, 554:he has then to work, focused as a soul in his head center, but directing the needed energy andHealing, 555:uses two centers, normally speaking: his own head center and that center in his own body whichHealing, 555:to work through the heart center as well as the head center, and thus keep a steady flow of theHealing, 556:the heart center within the brahmarandra (the head center) and greatly increase the potency of hisHealing, 556:average spiritual healer will have to link up head and heart centers by a definite act of the will.Healing, 556:himself: Rapid alignment between soul, mind, head center and physical brain. The use of the mind,Healing, 563:to intestinal trouble, to catarrh and head colds in the average person, whilst in the more advancedHealing, 568:that: The good controls the man, via the head Center, and the friction engendered is due to theHealing, 569:divine aspect in a man by its interplay with the head center. This interplay only takes place whenHealing, 571:of the soul"; this is a point within the highest head center. This eye of the soul can and doesHealing, 573:be sent out of the body altogether, via the head center, for in that case the man would die; butHealing, 574:the energy is gathered up and driven into the head center and there retained. It must therefore beHealing, 577:every man when he has linked the centers in the head. When this magnetic field is established theHealing, 577:radiance through linking the centers in the head. [578] Establish a radiatory field through theHealing, 578:within the radius of influence of the three head centers, or within the triangle which is formed byHealing, 578:the sacral center; neither the heart nor the head centers were used. Prana, to define it for yourHealing, 580:still no magnetic area or field of energy in the head. Today, in our Aryan race, magnetic purity isHealing, 580:dependent upon the "lighted magnetic area in the head." This provides a field of activity for theHealing, 580:of activity for the soul, working through the head centers and focusing itself in the magneticHealing, 580:attention of the healer are centered in the head, and when the astral body is quiescent and theHealing, 580:as a transmitter of soul energy to the three head centers, you then have an established radiance,Healing, 580:from the magnetic field in the healer's head) become what is called a "dispelling radiance"; theyHealing, 581:to remember that when the three centers in the head are linked up and the magnetic field isHealing, 581:to note that the two major centers in the head (corresponding to atma-buddhi, or the soul) are theHealing, 581:to atma-buddhi, or the soul) are the head center and the alta major center, and that theseHealing, 581:and the left eyes, as do the two glands in the head: the pineal gland and the pituitary body. YouHealing, 581:the pituitary body. You have, therefore, in the head three triangles, of which two are distributorsHealing, 592:and therefore to those areas conditioned by the head, the throat and the heart centers. A number ofHealing, 593:The centers above the diaphragm, i.e., the head, the throat and the heart, and very occasionallyHealing, 593:From the center at the base of the spine to the head center. The impact of the "energy" (note theHealing, 604:healer to hold his consciousness steady in the head center with the "eye of direction" turned toHealing, 604:center, through the power of direction from the head (the seat of soul energy) and by the potencyHealing, 604:stage wherein the soul radiated energy into the head center. The stage wherein the healer directs aHealing, 604:the healer directs a ray of that energy from the head center into the "needed center"; it is thereHealing, 607:within the healer - soul energy focused in the head center and the energy of the "needed center,"Healing, 620:in the human being are to be found in the head, and the other five are to be found up the spinalHealing, 622:the consciousness thread withdraws from the head center and the life thread withdraws from theHealing, 622:body. The consciousness thread, anchored in the head center, qualifies the petals of the lotusHealing, 622:other major centers within the etheric body; the head center preserves them in qualifying activity,Healing, 622:of conscious response is withdrawn from the head center an immediate effect is felt in all theHealing, 622:energy is withdrawn, leaving the body via the head center. The same general technique is true ofHealing, 622:the consciousness thread) into and through the head center. As long as the life thread is anchoredHealing, 623:the soul and withdrawn from the heart into the head and from thence back into the soul body, itHealing, 624:and their allied glands are as follows: The head center - The pineal gland. The ajna center - TheHealing, 646:the centers above the diaphragm and with the head center, thereby controlling all centers in theHealing, 649:The hands are laid on the center in spine or head which may govern that area - the right hand beingHealing, 649:area and over the part of the abdomen, chest or head in which the patient complains of distress.Healing, 649:located the needed center up the spine or in the head, creates a circulation of energy (through theHealing, 656:the healer should stand at the patient's head. His personal effect is not then so great, but thatHealing, 656:a zone of quiet rhythmic activity around the head center. No physical contact by the hands is nowHealing, 656:to the area of trouble. Approach is made via the head center directly to the point of difficulty,Healing, 658:He [658] then takes his place at the patient's head, and from that point deflects all his ownHealing, 658:thread and the life thread, from the head and heart centers. This is a broad and general outline ofHealing, 690:make possible; when the registration is in the head, identification has produced such completeHealing, 697:for the circulation of energy between: The head center, the center of reception. The ajna center,Healing, 698:his attention in the center of reception, the head center. He will then connect this head center,Healing, 698:the head center. He will then connect this head center, through the power of the creativeHealing, 707:application of first ray energy must move from head center to head center, and from thence to theHealing, 707:first ray energy must move from head center to head center, and from thence to the area of distressHealing, 708:twelve within the vehicle, the twelve within the head and the twelve upon the plane of soulHercules, 34:- Labor I The Sign of the Mind Aries governs the head. It is consequently the sign of the thinkerHercules, 69:of Denderah, this star is called Apes, the head. We are told (in the appendix, p. 1518, of theHercules, 104:in the sphinx we have the lion with a woman's head, Leo with Virgo, the symbol of the lion orHercules, 110:into the mental body and, therefore, into the head. There is in the head a little cave, a smallHercules, 110:and, therefore, into the head. There is in the head a little cave, a small bony structure which
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