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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAD

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Hercules, 120:riding upon a horse or the horse with a man's head and torso, representing the human being, for manHercules, 138:of Lupus, the wolf. Down the ages, the wolfs head has been the symbol of the initiate. But it is aHercules, 140:not that common means will serve; destroy one head, two grow apace." Expectantly Hercules waited.Hercules, 141:dissevered. No sooner had this horrid head fallen into the bog than two grew in its place. AgainHercules, 142:lifeless lay did Hercules perceive the mystic head that was immortal. Then Hercules cut off theHercules, 142:Then Hercules cut off the hydra's one immortal head and buried it, still fiercely hissing, beneathHercules, 142:Tibetan to guide us. The story that the ninth head was the immortal head seems ruled out by theHercules, 142:The story that the ninth head was the immortal head seems ruled out by the Tibetan's plainHercules, 142:were destroyed and then the mystical, immortal head appeared. Further, the statement that thisHercules, 142:appeared. Further, the statement that this great head was "buried under a rock", gives ground forHercules, 143:even though he is also a son of God. Lop off one head, and another grows in its place. Every time aHercules, 144:discover that jewel is ever futile. The immortal head, dissevered from the hydra's body, is buriedHercules, 144:the rock of persistent will, the immortal head becomes a source of power. Hercules, 144:task assigned to Hercules had nine facets. Each head of the hydra represents one of the problemsHercules, 149:to our fellow men is a disease. This ugly head of the hydra must be destroyed once and for allHercules, 176:so dealt with it that you have raised it to the head consciousness and from the head you controlHercules, 176:raised it to the head consciousness and from the head you control your throat, your heart, yourHercules, 178:sought to keep the mind occupied. The central head was grasped by Hercules first because it was theHercules, 178:gain satisfaction in the outer world. The third head is good intentions, not carried out. So youHercules, 178:all impacts, and on the other side the third head of good intentions not thought through, neverHercules, 178:Hercules grasped Cerberus by the central head and conquered him, because all sun gods are occupiedHercules, 181:get you hence ere I cut down your stature by a head." [182] The angry King thus banished Hercules,Hercules, 223:Capricorn is represented as a God with a wolf's head. "Benjamin shall raven as a wolf." Aquarius,Initiation, 16:on the mental plane, flashes out above [16] the head of the initiate. This concerns the firstInitiation, 29:it they embody the forces emanating from the head, heart, and throat centers, and they came in withInitiation, 30:has been achieved. It has been said that in the head of every man are seven centers of force, whichInitiation, 30:position. These central seven are as the seven head centers to the body corporate. They are theInitiation, 30:Planetary Logos on his own plane. This planetary head center works directly through the heart andInitiation, 38:Logos. As has already been stated, at the head of affairs, controlling each unit and directing allInitiation, 43:energy which flows through him emanates from the head center of the Planetary Logos, passing to himInitiation, 43:of a dynamic meditation, conducted within the head center, and produces his results through hisInitiation, 43:two has the World Teacher for its presiding Head. He is that Great Being whom the Christian callsInitiation, 45:the Mahachohan Group three has as its head the Mahachohan. His rule over the group persists for aInitiation, 53:the first great group of which the Manu is the Head, can be found two Masters, the Master Jupiter,Initiation, 61:Christ, adjustments will be made so that at the head of all great organizations will be foundInitiation, 61:who has taken the third initiation. At the head of certain of the great occult groups, of theInitiation, 79:of the physical brain consciousness and the head centers to egoic contact. [80] Then the otherwiseInitiation, 87:are stimulated by the vivification of the head centers. It is not necessary nor advisable toInitiation, 98:is applied to the initiate, and affects his head center. It emanates from that one of the sevenInitiation, 110:who has him under supervision reports to the Head of one of the three departments (this beingInitiation, 113:the infant becomes aware of sound and turns his head; he feels and touches; finally, he consciouslyInitiation, 139:the main direction of the force is to the seven head centers, and finally (at liberation) to theInitiation, 139:and finally (at liberation) to the radiant head center above, synthesizing the lesser seven headInitiation, 139:head center above, synthesizing the lesser seven head centers. The centers, at initiation, receiveInitiation, 148:Hierophant and the corresponding departmental head at the first two initiations, to the initiate,Initiation, 164:one of the five centers in man, [164] The head, The heart, The throat, The solar plexus, The baseInitiation, 178:up his heart center with its connection in the head. As other of his centers are vitalized, andInitiation, 200:must develop somewhat the vibration of the seven head centers, and thus sweep into increasedInitiation, 200:out that as the seven centers within the head become responsive to the Ego the following sevenInitiation, 200:to the Ego the following seven centers, The head, considered as a unit, The heart, The throat, TheInitiation, 201:control by the inner God, who works through the head center and thus dominates all else. TheInitiation, 204:Whilst the higher one is, as pointed out: The head. The throat. The heart. This might beInitiation, 216:as that of World Teacher. The Bodhisattva is the Head of all the religions of the world, and theInitiation, 219:of the systemic order is also seen. At the head of our world evolution stands the first Kumara,Initiation, 220:his body, the solar system. Mahachohan The Head of the third great department of the Hierarchy.Intellect, 55:is the seat of the life-principle; in the head is the seat of the reasoning mind and of theIntellect, 59:- Chapter Three - The Nature of the Soul The head and the heart become united in their endeavor.Intellect, 158:the East and of the West; we have the union of head and heart; of love and the intellect. ThisIntellect, 160:frequently the appearance of a light within the head, which can be seen even when the eyes areIntellect, 169:is a sense or an awareness of a light in the head, and frequently also a stimulation to an activityIntellect, 170:is the recognition [170] of the light in the head. This fact is so well substantiated that it needsIntellect, 171:of the man who knows little. This light in the head takes various forms, and is often sequential inIntellect, 171:light is first seen, sometimes outside the head and, later, within the brain, when in deep thoughtIntellect, 171:until the day be with us." In this light in the head, which seems a universal accompaniment of theIntellect, 172:as a natural process, and the light in the head be regarded as indicating a certain definite stageIntellect, 210:the soul is contacted is that point within the head where soul and body meet, that region weIntellect, 210:within himself, and in this center within the head the great work of at-one-ment is carriedIntellect, 211:mechanism of thought and awareness in the human head - so the eastern knowers tell us, and so theIntellect, 213:focus the attentive consciousness [213] in the head. In the Oriental books this is called by theIntellect, 213:in the great central station in the head from whence energy can be consciously distributed as heIntellect, 213:faculty of the aspirant is synthesized in the head, and turns inward and upward. The psychic natureIntellect, 214:is acquiring the ability so to focus in the head, the result of this process of abstraction is asIntellect, 215:appearance of the phenomenal [215] light in the head. All this is the result of a disciplined life,Intellect, 215:and the focusing of the consciousness in the head. This is, in its turn, brought about through theIntellect, 220:the withdrawal of the blood in the body to the head, or the uncontrolled speeding up of the nervousIntellect, 220:that by this means we produce the light in the head. Therefore, it is wise to close the circuit.Intellect, 254:collapse. Others complain of pains in the head, of headaches immediately after meditating, or of anIntellect, 255:facility in "centering the consciousness" in the head, it is the brain cells which become [256]Intellect, 256:between the eyes or at the very top of the head. Sometimes there is a sense of blinding light, likeIntellect, 257:and so bring about the ability to live in the head and not in the emotional region. FocusedIntellect, 260:at all times to keep the energy contacted in the head and to permit it to work out through creativeIntellect, 260:sex life, has to be raised and carried to the head and throat, particularly the latter, as it is,Intellect, 261:sometimes the heart, curiously enough never the head. Meditating upon a center is based upon theMagic, 41:of soul light which we call the light in the head. This is found within the brain, and is onlyMagic, 42:that living organism we call a human being. The head. The upper torso, or that part which liesMagic, 42:the unified life of the whole, directed from the head by the intelligent will or energy of theMagic, 42:part of the body is that triple division, the head, upper and lower torso. A man can function andMagic, 43:greater value than the other parts. Within the head are: The five ventricles of the brain, or whatMagic, 43:correspondence to the energy of spirit. In the head we have the analogy to the spirit aspect, theMagic, 44:has to express itself. The three glands in the head are closely related to the soul or psychicMagic, 59:India, uttered by the heart, comprehended by the head, and supplemented by an ardent life ofMagic, 74:of the race as well as the racial unit, man. Head Center - Base of the Spine Heart Center - SolarMagic, 87:the spine and the thousand petalled lotus, the head center. In this the four petals of the basicMagic, 87:emotional nature. The relation between the two head centers, or between the center between theMagic, 87:between the eyebrows and the center above the head. This relation is set up and stabilized whenMagic, 96:which has its correspondence in the light in the head of the aspirant. Magic, 98:as the Solar Orb) the mind, and the light in the head form one unit, the creative power of theMagic, 98:of the other and higher centers, reach the head. All the above embodies a teaching and a theory.Magic, 98:This finds its reflection in the light in the head. Thus a rapport is set up, which permits notMagic, 104:man. First Ray - Monadic - Spiritual Energy - Head Center Second Ray - Egoic - Magnetic Force -
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