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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAD

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Magic, 106:center. This only becomes possible when the head, heart, the solar plexus and the center at theMagic, 106:working through the solar plexus center. The head center, the direct agent of the soul and itsMagic, 106:enacted a symbolic happening in the light in the head which is the forerunner of the later stage ofMagic, 106:it produces an irradiation of the ethers of the head, of the vital airs; this produces aMagic, 107:of seeing what appears to be like a sun in the head. This is the contacting of the etheric light,Magic, 107:body. The magnetic power of the light in the head, and the radiant force of the soul produceMagic, 108:possible for the man to center all three in the head at will. Then, by the act of the will and theMagic, 108:and his eye transmits the radiance; His head, with magnetic force, resembles the blazing sun, andMagic, 108:the blazing sun, and from the lotus of the head, the path of light issues. It enters into theMagic, 108:sheaths is fused with the light of the soul. The head, the heart, and the base of the spine areMagic, 109:physical form is synchronized with that of the head. The centers swing into activity. The light ofMagic, 109:understanding; some are motivated through the head and others through the heart; some do things orMagic, 110:appreciation of a unity that is conceived of the head rather than of the heart? Hearts are wellMagic, 110:fundamental postulate is with him a thing of the head rather than of the heart?" I would answerMagic, 110:the mystic. In the rounded-out individual both head and heart must function with equal power. InMagic, 120:of Blessing. The Heart leads in the one, the Head leads in the other. To answer categorically: TheMagic, 120:of love is that of the mystic and the saint. The head or the heart approach is not dependent uponMagic, 120:of the life purpose, and to know whether the head or the heart method is the objective of anyMagic, 121:passeth through his heart and leadeth to the head. It is not on the path of pleasure, nor on theMagic, 150:medium of the breath) been carried upward to the head and concentrated there, prior to the stage ofMagic, 167:But the time has come when the Light in the head is not only present but can be somewhat used. TheMagic, 179:faculties as the focusing point. The use of the head centers is involved and they must both beMagic, 183:motion. The Master looks for the light in the head. He investigates the karma of the aspirant. HeMagic, 183:the Master to waste His time. The light in the head, when present, is indicative of: a. TheMagic, 185:is brightened and lightened until the sun in the head is shining in all its glory. d. Finally, theMagic, 185:in all its glory. d. Finally, the light in the head is indicative of the finding of the Path andMagic, 190:6. Center between the eyebrows 2 petals. 7. Head center 1000 petals. Magic, 191:center, The center between the eyebrows, The head center, must be awakened and brought from a stateMagic, 191:the higher, and secondly by the awakening of the head center by the demonstration of the activityMagic, 192:at the base of the spine, are carried to the head and are brought (via the solar plexus, thatMagic, 192:consummated then an activity transpires in the head center, the ultimate governing factor, and byMagic, 194:strength or power, through the medium of the head center. This is the energy of the spiritual man,Magic, 195:personality, via the mental [195] body to the head center. When this is the case theMagic, 195:lotus, the will petals. The mental body. The head center in the etheric body. The nervous systemMagic, 196:and their direction. The relationship of the head center to the base of the spine, where lies theMagic, 199:be most carefully noted. First, the light in the head makes its appearance. A sparking (if I mightMagic, 199:force petals in the centers (excluding the two head centers) amount in all to forty-eight petals.Magic, 200:(the number of the petals in the lotus of the head center) and you have the number of the saved inMagic, 205:done by students must be done entirely in the head and from the head. There is the seat of theMagic, 205:must be done entirely in the head and from the head. There is the seat of the Will, or SpiritMagic, 205:in the understanding of the relation of the two head centers and their mutual interplay will comeMagic, 206:the eyebrows" and guided by the Light in the head will be awake to the interests of the soul and asMagic, 207:students to hold their meditation steady in the head and so awaken the head center. Let no oneMagic, 207:meditation steady in the head and so awaken the head center. Let no one doubt the effect ofMagic, 213:and when potent enough produce the light in the head. Just as the physical eye came into being inMagic, 214:through the realization of the light in the head, the spiritual light) is [215] but theMagic, 215:the eye of the Master (the one Master in the head) upon it. The gross elements constituting thatMagic, 216:of the soul in contemplation acting through the head center, focused in the region of the third eyeMagic, 216:through the intense focusing of intention in the head and the turning of the attention through theMagic, 230:he who can find a center of peace within his head, where the paths of the bodily forces and theMagic, 236:recognizes the contact, and the light in the head shines forth, sometimes recognized and sometimesMagic, 247:student knows, there are two centers in the head. One center is between the eyebrows and has theMagic, 247:The other is in the region at the top of the head and has the pineal gland as its concrete aspect.Magic, 247:has his consciousness centered in the top of the head, almost entirely in the etheric body. TheMagic, 247:there is a midway spot in the center of the head in the magnetic field which is called the "lightMagic, 247:magnetic field which is called the "light in the head", and it is here that the aspirant takes hisMagic, 249:through the cranial aperture, and pours into the head centers. From them will follow the line ofMagic, 250:place where water, land and air meet is in the head. Land is the symbol of the physical plane life,Magic, 252:and the plan is sensed. The vital airs in the head can be modified and respond to the force of theMagic, 253:of a focusing center, [253] or form, within the head of the magician. The energy which flowsMagic, 261:at that hour with the attention focused in the head: "May the Power of the one Life pour throughMagic, 276:of the planet constitutes symbolically the head center of humanity and their forces constitute theMagic, 276:who are seeking to be responsive to the "head center", some consciously, others unconsciously. TheyMagic, 277:[277] but thrilling to the vibrations of the head center - the occult Hierarchy. Some of the cellsMagic, 284:existence. 5. Self-conscious Upper brain Head center Pineal gland. 6. Self-expression Lower brainMagic, 285:3. Self-conscious life (personality) Upper brain Head center Pineal gland. 4. Self-perpetuation SexMagic, 289:to the Place of Power. Let the forces of the head and heart and all the nether aspects blend. ThenMagic, 296:in the river of energy that mounts to the head. There is the meeting place, and there theMagic, 350:day's labor followed with racked nerves, with head tired and with heart sick, is allowed to passMagic, 360:is therefore brought into line with the esoteric head center of the one Life. In the animalMagic, 362:a corresponding vitalization of the analogous head center, till eventually the seven centers in theMagic, 362:centers in the body and the seven centers in the head rotate in unison. Remember also that just asMagic, 362:center. Thus you will have the three centers - head, heart and throat - carrying the inner fire,Magic, 362:- carrying the inner fire, with the three major head centers vibrating in unison also. I realizeMagic, 364:eventually have that center functioning. The head center opens the way to the central spiritualMagic, 386:hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn my head. That which is visioned, yet visioning couldMagic, 394:units into groups, and organisms. He becomes the head of organizations and of parties, of religiousMagic, 422:of the activity of this center to that of the head center, so that the two vibrate in unison. ThisMagic, 422:of a magnetic field which embraces both the head centers and so definitely affects the pineal glandMagic, 422:dual activity in two ways: as of a light in the head, an interior radiant sun, or as a dynamicMagic, 438:through the seven representative centers in the head. Four of them focus through the throat center,Magic, 438:throat center, the heart center, the ajna and head centers. Three are held latent in the region ofMagic, 438:Three are held latent in the region of the head centers (the thousand petalled lotus) and onlyMagic, 469:and find your own; walk in the dark and on your head carry a lighted lamp." The cave is dark andMagic, 469:stands clear. The word sounds clear within the head and not within the heart. "Enter again theMagic, 496:the withdrawal from the heart and from the head of these two streams of energy, producingMagic, 497:and self-expression and of this man's head and brain are the exoteric symbols. Living is energy,Magic, 500:and the other is in the brain at the top of the head. [501] Protecting both is a closely woven webMagic, 501:human units, it is the web at the top of the head in the region of the fontanel which is ruptured,Magic, 502:and therefore of the vast majority, and the head center for the mentally polarized and spirituallyMagic, 502:the following situation: The exit in the head, used by the intellectual type, by the disciples andMagic, 503:are now doing: Learn to keep focused in the head through visualization and meditation and throughMagic, 504:to sleep, to withdraw the consciousness to the head. This should be practiced as a definiteMagic, 504:a steady drawing upwards to the center in the head should be attempted, for until the aspirant hasMagic, 504:hear an intensely loud snap in the region of the head. This is caused by the vital airs in the headMagic, 504:head. This is caused by the vital airs in the head of which we are not usually aware and is [505]Magic, 505:of recovery. Orange aids the focusing in the head, just as red [506] stimulates the solar plexusMagic, 506:and on certain big nerves in the region of the head and on a particular spot in the medullaMagic, 507:occult, scientific basis. The top of the [507] head of the dying man should also symbolically pointMagic, 528:is to the planetary Life what the light in the head is to the average awakened disciple, only on so
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