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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAD

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Soul, 115:in the spinal column. The two centers in the head have a direct relation to the faculties of mindSoul, 115:of mind and motion. The sahasrara center (head center) called usually the thousand-petalled lotus,Soul, 115:by the force pouring into and issuing from the head centers. In The Serpent Power it is statedSoul, 119:others the throat. In very few as yet, is the head center active. Speaking largely, in savageSoul, 119:center is beginning to make itself felt with the head and heart centers still asleep. In the highlySoul, 119:the scientist, and in the great saints, both the head and heart centers are making their vibrationsSoul, 119:making their vibrations felt, priority between head and heart being determined by type, and theSoul, 120:this identity of location. CENTERS - GLANDS Head center - Pineal gland Center between eyebrows -Soul, 121:heart center, throat center, center in the head, and at the base of the spine. Is this anSoul, 124:the inclusiveness of the life-soul. Finally the head centers awaken and another range ofSoul, 124:center at the base of the spine, the heart and head centers, must come into full functioningSoul, 124:and of the energy of the spirit, centered in the head, bring the human being to the highest pointSoul, 134:there is added the intellectual, then the head center is awakened, the pineal gland is no longer inSoul, 135:the power to center one's consciousness in the head and there [136] to function as a soul, or toSoul, 139:consciously through his three major centers, (head, heart and throat) leaving the three lowerSoul, 140:at the base of the spine is carried to the head via the spinal canal, passing through each centerSoul, 140:(as the scientific Oriental books put it) in the head, it attracts upward to itself, through theSoul, 141:This center is negative to the center in the head which is responsive to the energy of the Soul.Soul, 141:the soul assumes control, energizes the head center and brings the pineal gland from an atrophiedSoul, 142:fusion between the two centers of energy in the head, which are, in their turn, figurative of theSoul, 142:within a man's own nature, centered in the head and the relation is between the soul and the body,Soul, 142:claimed for this relationship between the two head centers and their corresponding glands is thatSoul, 143:per cent testified to seeing a light in the head. Were they hallucinated? Were they the victims ofSoul, 143:at the most important center in the body, the head center. Professor Bazzoni says: "We have seenSoul, 148:as to the fact and nature of the light in the head to which so many testify. The recent spectacularSoul, 150:of Christ He is shown with a halo about His head. Once this halo was regarded as the product of HisTelepathy, 10:of Discipleship are endeavoring to live in the head center, and - through meditation - to bring inTelepathy, 18:center (between the shoulder blades) to the head center, through the medium of the higherTelepathy, 18:to the heart center, found within the head center (the thousand petalled lotus). This heart center,Telepathy, 19:of true meditation. The area involved is the head and throat, and the three centers which will beTelepathy, 19:will be rendered active in the process are the head center, which is receptive to impression fromTelepathy, 23:and group life-activity. Unless, however, the head center is also awakened and active, the soul isTelepathy, 24:you can see the necessity of awakening the head center and bringing in the control of the soulTelepathy, 28:of the etheric ajna center, and sometimes of the head center, when receiving, and of the throatTelepathy, 50:Impression is concerned with the activity of the head center as an anchoring center for theTelepathy, 50:connected with the Science of Impression - the head center, the ajna center and the throat center.Telepathy, 52:emanation - Humanity itself. Connected with the head center. You will see how all these pairs ofTelepathy, 53:soul and the lower mind. The lower mind and the head center. Each of them acts as an invocativeTelepathy, 105:upon the polarization of the thinking man in the head center, and the freedom of the brain cellsTelepathy, 117:center is involved. The magnetic aura around the head is that which is truly sensitive to theTelepathy, 117:impressions and is the point of entry to the head center. Upon this I need not enlarge; all that ITelepathy, 125:three major centers of the planetary Logos: The Head Center, the dynamic Agent of theTelepathy, 129:lives, working under impression from the head, the heart and the throat centers of the planetaryTelepathy, 132:Angels. Statement Four. Alignment between the head center and the heart center upon theTelepathy, 133:a much higher contact and alignment with the head center of the planetary Logos; it is, therefore,Telepathy, 134:heart center invokes Shamballa, the planetary head center, and the Plan - as an expression of theTelepathy, 134:alignment is attained, Shamballa - the planetary head center - invokes energies outside theTelepathy, 135:is a general acceptance of the fact that the head center is the agent of the first Ray of Will orTelepathy, 135:ray energy arrives at the throat center via the head and the heart centers. I [136] am pointingTelepathy, 137:under the impression of Shamballa, the planetary head center, and becomes a participant in theTelepathy, 146:active within the physical vehicle. The three head centers exist, one just above the top of theTelepathy, 146:centers exist, one just above the top of the head, another just in front of the eyes and forehead,Telepathy, 146:and forehead, and the third at the back of the head, just above where the spinal column ends. ThisTelepathy, 146:reality seven, as the center at the back of the head is not counted in the initiation process, anyTelepathy, 149:three major centers: Shamballa, the planetary head center; the Hierarchy, the planetary heartTelepathy, 151:with which it is associated. When, however, the head center is awakened and functioning, then theTelepathy, 155:of the body which contains the heart, throat and head, plus the lungs, from all the rest of theTelepathy, 155:of LIFE, and that which is determined in the head, impulsed from the heart, sustained by the breathTelepathy, 157:the directly related Monad and Personality - the head center, the thousand-petalled lotus, theTelepathy, 157:With the threefold soul no longer needed. Head center - Center at base of spine. With theTelepathy, 159:through his own individual major centers (the head, the heart and the throat) [160] the disciple isTelepathy, 167:the throat center, the ajna center and the head center, are controlled by the four cosmic ethers,Telepathy, 170:by the light of the "jewel in the lotus" in the head, the thousand petalled lotus. Each center isTelepathy, 190:the planetary center, Shamballa, utilizes the head center, the thousand petalled lotus, when theTelepathy, 191:mediating or middle factor between the planetary head and throat centers, between Shamballa andTelepathy, 191:energy which pours into and works through the head center, whilst the will-to-live demonstrates asTelepathy, 192:which are to be found above the diaphragm (the head, the heart and the throat centers) are theTelepathy, 193:distribution of the energies received via the head, the heart and the throat centers is the ajna
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