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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAL

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Autobiography, 290:to serve and not exact due service; I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring due reward of lightBethlehem, 167:and personally His chosen few. His power to heal still continued, but His work shifted into a fieldBethlehem, 236:Hail, mighty Infant who in years to come Shall heal the nations and defraud the tomb. Swift be ThyDiscipleship1, 22:unfoldment of the intuition, or of the power to heal, or of telepathic efficiency which is ofDiscipleship1, 28:no matter what their ray. This is the power to heal. This work is as yet in embryo and the groupDiscipleship1, 28:reconstruct, which will eliminate the evil and heal the sick. Hitherto the attempts of men in theDiscipleship1, 170:- in a wide circle - many kinds of men. They heal and cleanse the physical body and help you doDiscipleship1, 189:the art of healing, yet you can - if you will - heal with potency those emotional ills which areDiscipleship1, 189:developed and brought to usefulness. Some people heal those afflicted with physical ills. Some workDiscipleship1, 299:victory, he went forth to love, to teach and to heal. In these days of world pain, let love and joyDiscipleship1, 344:indicates a predominant capacity in the group to heal and to teach, and these are, in the lastDiscipleship1, 455:brother, but detached from personalities. Souls heal and aid each other's personalities.Discipleship1, 522:life is lived, let there go forth that which can heal and [523] bless. Nothing can stop thisDiscipleship1, 536:day dedicate my prime endeavor. 4th month - I heal not with my hands. I heal through speech. ThusDiscipleship1, 536:4th month - I heal not with my hands. I heal through speech. Thus must I learn to speak and speakDiscipleship1, 641:you will note that you are eminently equipped to heal, for you have two streams of second rayDiscipleship1, 771:and one's fellow workers. It is not easy to heal the subjective rift thus made. Clear thinking isDiscipleship1, 790:to serve and not exact due service; I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring due reward of lightDiscipleship2, 117:to serve and not exact due service; I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring due reward of lightDiscipleship2, 146:I seek to serve not exact due service; I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring due reward of lightDiscipleship2, 577:be built. Go out among the sons of men and heal and lift, but balance keep and breadth of view. AllDiscipleship2, 707:in judgment or in speech, should need arise to heal a breach and in the interests of the work? ThatExternalisation, 44:of that true magnetic link and love which must heal and lift and stimulate all that it may contact.Externalisation, 46:They share in common and that is the power to heal. Their ability to act as magnetic healers worksExternalisation, 49:Hierarchy itself is cognizant, and which they "heal by their own inclusiveness." Forget not, thatExternalisation, 142:to serve and not exact due service. I seek to heal, not hurt. "Let pain bring due reward of lightExternalisation, 207:immediate response. Their acceptance will "heal" international sores. I call on all the men andExternalisation, 289:an Avatar. He gives the message which will heal, which will indicate the next step to be taken byExternalisation, 366:be strong enough to break down 'racial barriers, heal the wounds of war, and build a new worldExternalisation, 442:Must I plead with you to do what you can to heal divisions, and thus render effective that basicExternalisation, 507:the Master D.K. works much with [507] those who heal with pure altruism; He occupies Himself withExternalisation, 511:interpreted, and the power of the church to heal must be demonstrated. The three main channelsExternalisation, 516:to the world that the ancient power to heal still lies in the hands of those who consistentlyExternalisation, 516:personal reward, can manifest the ancient way to heal which has small resemblance to the modernExternalisation, 517:direct guidance of the Masters; Teachers Who can heal will come forth, and others will appear whoFire, 197:comprehends, and realizes the manner in which to heal and correct the inadequacies of the not-selfFire, 427:force in the air to vitalize, rebuild, and heal the physical body; then the phenomena of the Rays,Fire, 1123:upon the nature of those they contact. They heal, stimulate and increase the vibration of theirGlamour, 188:at hand when science will bend every effort to heal humanity's sores and build a better and happierHealingminds, who, through the ages, have sought to heal and to help. The why and the wherefore of diseaseHealing, 2:are necessarily healers, though all may not heal the physical body. The reason for this is that allHealing, 4:yourselves and as regards those you seek to heal. I will briefly outline the teaching I shallHealing, 96:asks whether an individual or a group can heal by thought power. Most certainly the generalizationHealing, 96:can be made that an individual and a group can heal and that thought can play its potent part inHealing, 103:we make as a group and to the one we seek to heal." [104] As you do this, visualize the linkingHealing, 104:a brief moment and think of the one you seek to heal, linking up with him, and focusing yourHealing, 166:have none of these powers. That they frequently heal (though not as often as they think they do) isHealing, 168:or the healing group [168] will know whether to heal, to aid the effort of the patient - a muchHealing, 204:to the patient whose ills he is endeavoring to heal. He must remember, consequently, three factors:Healing, 205:the two and the one, under right direction, heal. It will be obvious to you, therefore, thatHealing, 257:science. This will be a science which will heal the whole man and bring into play all the resourcesHealing, 284:will be produced. Students who attempt to heal will therefore need to realize two things: theHealing, 302:the midway point, and naught He did sufficed to heal the breach. He widened all cleavages, erectedHealing, 329:be abated, but never cured. The power to heal mentally is on the increase and produces relativelyHealing, 351:will give of his best to the one he seeks to heal. Having no clairvoyant power in the majority ofHealing, 353:to work with people, in order to help them, to heal them, and to aid them in making neededHealing, 370:for interested aspirants and for those who can heal on some level below that of the soul, but whoHealing, 390:other, and particularly with those they seek to heal. It will not be easy and it must not be doneHealing, 529:of radiated energy to stimulate the patient to heal himself - through the medium of his own innerHealing, 534:the two and the one, under right direction, heal. Law VI When the building energies of the soul areHealing, 536:with facility and promptness when attempting to heal. I likewise defined for you the nature of Law.Healing, 547:are studied deeply by those who seek to learn to heal spiritually, and if the healer endeavors toHealing, 552:and will be forced to desist from his efforts to heal. When the patient is a strictly mental type,Healing, 556:The healer who responds to the inner urge to heal will face, as you can see, a very severe courseHealing, 602:the two and the one, under right direction, heal. This rule presupposes a knowledge of the centers,Healing, 603:It should, however, mean (if he is to heal at all) that he is not confined to the sole use of theHealing, 647:mistakes. They do not, for instance, attempt to heal patients for whom there is no healingHealing, 676:rapport is thus broken. Only a Christ can heal by the use of the will, and He seldom in realityHealing, 677:of the healer, and his determined effort to heal the patient, create a tension in the healer whichHealing, 677:of love, and with the determination to heal the patient that the three requirements are neglected.Healing, 696:line of basic energy, he will not be able to heal. This is seldom realized. It is rare, however, toHealing, 701:available, he should refrain from the attempt to heal. When unable - from lack of this knowledge -Healing, 701:two reasons for this: The fact that he seeks to heal and help indicates a fair measure ofHealing, 703:ever bear in mind that his task is either to heal - under the karmic law - or to aid in theHealing, 705:you here that the Black Lodge initiates likewise heal or produce death and disease, and employ veryHealing, 707:dynamic first ray energy will destroy and not heal. Initiation, 57:ranks of the Masters. He works with those who heal, and cooperates unknown and unseen with theMagic, 290:of the etheric centers of those they seek to heal and of the nature of the forces they wish toMagic, 578:man should know his status before he can rightly heal. This does not apply to those healers who areMeditation, 106:arrangement, to build in tissue [106] and to heal. The time for this is not yet, though it lies notMeditation, 162:the pupil has to do - will come the power to heal the corresponding physical center. As the centersMeditation, 250:be achieved. Color can destroy just as it can heal; sound can disrupt just as it can bring aboutMeditation, 334:desire to use those of you who live now to heal the wounds of the present suffering generation.Problems, 40:is sorely needed to restore broken bodies, to heal psychological wounds and to produce the warmthProblems, 180:groups who have a world program which tends to heal world differences and national quarrels and toPsychology1, 176:differences are the hardest to bridge or heal, yet real progress has been made in this phase of thePsychology1, 364:all the forms in the various subhuman kingdoms. Heal through a scientific method of bringingPsychology2, 426:either to understand them or, apparently, to heal them without aid from the soul, the Observer, thePsychology2, 643:in both [643] hemispheres, who is working to heal the breaches between people, to evoke the sensePsychology2, 668:on to a higher turn of the spiral; they will heal the breaches, break down the barriers, and endPsychology2, 682:to have an international program which tends to heal world differences and national quarrels, toPsychology2, 743:Servers. The power to be released can and will heal humanity's wounds and will bind all menPsychology2, 744:of love and of group consciousness. To heal those divisions and bridge these cleavages through theRays, 750:by efforts along all possible lines to bridge or heal the cleavage. This is testified to by theRays, 750:importance than the fact that the attempts to heal, to help and to establish right human relationsRays, 754:did more temporarily to unify the world and heal the cleavages among nations than any other thing.Reappearance, 10:a Christ. He gives the message which will heal, which will indicate the next step to be taken byReappearance, 131:He went forth to love, to teach and to heal. Christ is the great dispeller of world glamor whenReappearance, 189:to serve and not exact due service; I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring due reward of lightSoul, 128:properly, man, the soul, must repair or heal them. It is only because man is essentially [129] a
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