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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEALER

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Healing, 207:the corresponding center in the equipment of the healer, and the direction (by an act of the willHealing, 207:and the direction (by an act of the will of the healer or of the healing group) of the unitedHealing, 256:healing and is dependent upon the work of some healer who works with no knowledge [257] of theHealing, 259:his ray and also the state of mind of the healer; all these points are of prime importance when oneHealing, 270:permissible under the Law of Karma and where the healer is willing to work in an occult manner. IHealing, 271:It is here that the fanatical cultist or healer of today so often goes astray. The old approach toHealing, 284:two basic and different techniques before a healer dare work. Otherwise he might greatly increaseHealing, 284:work of the orthodox physician and of the occult healer or healing group, that the soundest resultsHealing, 285:seem too great; the knowledge of the healer seems too small to permit experiment, and the karma ofHealing, 285:of the patient is necessarily (for the average healer) not yet ascertainable. To this I would replyHealing, 286:and medical care during the time that the occult healer is endeavoring to be of vital helpfulness.Healing, 286:to be of vital helpfulness. The work of the healer and of the healing groups will therefore beHealing, 286:the thought-directed energy of the group. The healer or the healing group should have a generalHealing, 287:the patient's body where the trouble lies. The healer or the healing group must remember that it isHealing, 287:which the vital body of the planet is made. The healer or the healing group appropriates as much ofHealing, 297:The assistance of a healing group or a healer for aid in inner spiritual healing. Clear vision asHealing, 308:of Congestion There are three ways whereby the healer can ascertain the presence and the locationHealing, 308:is, first of all, clairvoyance which enables the healer to see visually where the difficulty lies.Healing, 308:can be "colored" by conditions present in the healer himself. There is a form of direct perception,Healing, 308:or an intuition, if you like, which enables the healer unerringly to put his finger on the place ofHealing, 309:in the lower nature, which enables the healer to register in his own body the same difficulty ofHealing, 309:to absorb and to dissipate. In this case, the healer can also feel the cause of the disease throughHealing, 328:be a synthesis of the energies with which the healer normally works, with that type of energyHealing, 328:energy of his life. The average unintelligent healer is usually simply a transmitter of pranaHealing, 328:energies of the patient, passing through the healer's body. These stimulate the patientHealing, 329:The potency of the astral nature of the healer and also of the patient, and its usually unregulatedHealing, 349:which have been earned and are operating, the healer can always count. This is my first point.Healing, 349:it. Karma is a determining factor, but unless a healer is an advanced initiate and so able to workHealing, 349:to healing treatment or not. Therefore, the healer or practicing disciple assumes in his mind theHealing, 351:that I have said above, let me repeat that the healer will give of his best to the one he seeks toHealing, 352:that you grasp that the objective before any healer at this time and at this given point in theHealing, 357:personality is ever conscious of itself as the healer, and is the dramatic center of the stage uponHealing, 357:of the stage upon which are two players, the healer and the one to be healed. Soul energy functionsHealing, 358:is equally so in relation to the patient and the healer. The case cited is a case in point. TheHealing, 359:is largely psychological and hallucinatory. The healer is then in the position to enable theHealing, 359:off illusion and so stand free. The will of the healer when added to that of the patient, aids inHealing, 359:at this particular time, his destiny. Then the healer can begin to bear upon the situation, if heHealing, 360:understand that whereof I speak? He is the world Healer and Savior. He works because He is theHealing, 363:of Futility In connection with the work of the healer with patients at the gate of death, he mayHealing, 363:and only serves to comfort the serving healer personally, but suffices not to reveal to him whatHealing, 369:and relaxation. The question arises whether the healer's radiation has the effect of ionizing theHealing, 370:be helped when the positive radiation of the healer overcomes the negative condition of theHealing, 370:condition of the patient. The radiation of the healer has to permeate and overcome the resistanceHealing, 370:may be mentally and emotionally negative to the healer, and therefore in a position to be helped.Healing, 370:done through the more powerful radiation of the healer. The magnetism of the healer is then broughtHealing, 370:radiation of the healer. The magnetism of the healer is then brought into play and, consciously andHealing, 370:energy in all forms. In the future the true healer must work through the radiation of the entireHealing, 370:be able to respond to the magnetism of a mental healer? Can he be helped by the radiation of such aHealing, 370:Can he be helped by the radiation of such a healer if he is himself a fully integrated human being?Healing, 373:into being. When, as is the case today, some healer or school lays the entire emphasis upon someHealing, 385:when that capacity is developed by the initiate healer. A belief in the law of immediate Karma. ByHealing, 385:an ability on the part of the patient or of the healer to know whether it is the destiny of theHealing, 385:are sometimes healed by the potency of the healer when it is not their destiny to resume activeHealing, 385:physical plane living. The active cooperation of healer and patient - a cooperation based uponHealing, 386:[386] An effort upon the part of both healer and patient to express complete harmlessness. TheHealing, 386:of the patient to his soul. The capacity of both healer and patient to integrate into the soulHealing, 386:is to set up an unbroken rapport between the healer [387] or the healing group and the patient whoHealing, 388:of the work to be done, and that the relation of healer and patient is basically an educationalHealing, 521:attitudes which must be established between the healer and the patient, and finally I took up theHealing, 523:in mind. It is with these laws that the true healer must ever work. [524] The six rules deal onlyHealing, 524:to the conditions and situation with which the healer is confronted. Integrity involves focus,Healing, 524:Laws of Healing Qualities Required of the Healer In the laws and rules which I have given, certainHealing, 524:given, certain necessary characteristics of the healer are mentioned and certain neededHealing, 524:full understanding, has only occurred when the healer was an initiate of high degree, patterningHealing, 524:to contact and work as a soul. "The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul." Think for aHealing, 524:Think for a moment what this power involves. The healer is not only in immediate and consciousHealing, 525:The power to establish telepathic rapport. The healer must "know the inner stage of thought and ofHealing, 525:"exalt" the consciousness of the patient. The healer has to "lift the downward focused eyes untoHealing, 525:he can contact his own soul, the work of the healer is rendered inevitably futile. The sphere ofHealing, 525:sphere of action, therefore, of the spiritual healer is strictly limited to those who have faith.Healing, 525:This presupposes a scientific technique on the healer's part and the right functioning of theHealing, 526:magnetic purity and the needed radiance. "The healer must achieve magnetic purity...and attainHealing, 526:the activity of the mechanism of the head. The healer must have "linked the centers in the head."Healing, 526:have "linked the centers in the head." The true healer has established a magnetic area within hisHealing, 526:radiation. Power over his own centers. The healer has to "concentrate the needed energy within theHealing, 526:into it by the corresponding center in the healer's body. It will be obvious to you, therefore, howHealing, 526:and energy-control is required by the true healer. Power to utilize both exoteric and esotericHealing, 526:exoteric and esoteric methods of healing. The healer will employ "methods of occult healing thoughHealing, 526:healing. There is no need to call in a spiritual healer for broken bones or for those difficultiesHealing, 526:applied. This the usual so-called metaphysical healer is apt to ignore. Healers will be dividedHealing, 527:usually work under the guidance of the spiritual healer. Power to work magnetically. "Thus he canHealing, 527:vital healing force upon the patient." This the healer does through a scientific coordination ofHealing, 527:to the point of death. The responsibility of the healer is therefore great. Power to work withHealing, 527:to control the will and work through love. "The healer...must keep the will in leash." This is oneHealing, 527:qualities to be developed, for the will of the healer is frequently so potent in its determinationHealing, 529:right time comes because of the ability of the healer in the New Age to express in himself and inHealing, 529:the medium of his own inner mechanism. The healer in the New Age will possess the ability to makeHealing, 529:much technical knowledge. Added to this, the healer must also possess that spiritual perceptionHealing, 529:impossible. This is a form of knowledge which no healer in the world at this time possesses, noHealing, 531:medical attainments. But the so-called spiritual healer recognizes at present no limitations, andHealing, 532:of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul so that its lifeHealing, 533:spiritual will of man. [533] Rule One Let the healer train himself to know the inner stage ofHealing, 533:and this leads to disease. The art of the healer is concerned with the lifting of the downwardHealing, 533:downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true Healer within the form. The spiritual or third eyeHealing, 533:the healing force and all is well. Rule Two The healer must achieve magnetic purity, through purityHealing, 534:within the world of form. Rule Three Let the healer concentrate the needed energy within the neededHealing, 535:cyclic law, do all forms act. Rule Five The healer must seek to link his soul, his heart, his brainHealing, 535:evil state, according to the knowledge of the healer. The healer must seek to link his soul, hisHealing, 535:according to the knowledge of the healer. The healer must seek to link his soul, his brain, hisHealing, 535:the response of his aura to the radiation of the healer's aura, flooded with soul energy. Law IX
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