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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEALER

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Healing, 644:and expected cure, only the vague faith of the healer and of the patient and a blind autosuggestionHealing, 645:basic principles, affirmed and believed by the healer who is greatly aided if the patient acceptsHealing, 645:continuous; of this etheric body, those of the healer and the patient are integral, intrinsicHealing, 645:probably unrealized) relationship between the healer's etheric body and that of the patient, whichHealing, 645:different types of energy, transmitted by the healer to the patient. In this fact lies both hopeHealing, 645:the understanding and the perceptiveness of the healer. The danger in both radiatory healing andHealing, 646:in the fact that [646] where there is no trained healer, the amount of prana brought in or of soulHealing, 646:may produce death, as well as life. A healer may charge his etheric body with so much prana andHealing, 646:harm than good. Only long practice can teach the healer the right amount of energy to emit, and toHealing, 646:are many exceptions to all rules, the magnetic healer will work with less developed people thanHealing, 646:less developed people than will the spiritual healer using soul radiation, and he will dealHealing, 646:subtle and involves far greater risks. The true healer who is an initiate employs both methods withHealing, 647:brought about only by the deva, and not by the healer. If the healer is very advanced, his MasterHealing, 647:only by the deva, and not by the healer. If the healer is very advanced, his Master may instructHealing, 648:Rule starts with an important injunction to the healer: The healer must seek to link his soul, hisHealing, 648:with an important injunction to the healer: The healer must seek to link his soul, his heart, hisHealing, 648:technique of the lowest type of true spiritual healer, and for this reason two of the aspects ofHealing, 648:body are included: the brain and the hands. The healer works, therefore, through a triangle and twoHealing, 648:by an act of the will to the soul. When the healer (through practiced alignment) has linked up withHealing, 649:They are held in this position as long as the healer can hold the triangle of soul, heart and brainHealing, 649:The use of the hands in action. Here the healer, having ascertained the difficulty and then locatedHealing, 649:being used positively. No part or aspect of the healer's body or bodies is ever permitted to beHealing, 649:to be discarded. If one hand was negative, the healer would be liable to absorb into himself thoseHealing, 650:the trouble without penetrating the body of the healer. In the second case, the forces areHealing, 650:as it is sometimes called. The sixth ray healer is rare and is successful only when highlyHealing, 651:of magnetic healing have been mastered, the healer may employ both alternately in the act ofHealing, 651:During the entire period of healing the healer says nothing. He is making no affirmation and usesHealing, 651:is a point to be emphasized. The task of the healer is to preserve an attitude of intenseHealing, 651:would see a brilliant triangle in the healer's aura; the highest point of the triangle (that of theHealing, 651:polarized if there is any sound made by the healer. This presupposes an advanced stage of alignmentHealing, 652:to you some of the lines along which the healer's training should go. This mode of healing "curesHealing, 652:evil state, according to the knowledge of the healer." In some respects (though this is a stage ofHealing, 652:the patient is working in cooperation with the healer and it is the soul then which has the majorHealing, 652:major responsibility. In magnetic healing, the healer needs to cooperate closely with the patient'sHealing, 652:the technical knowledge, and thus prevent the healer from making mistakes. Where death isHealing, 652:of death" are noted by both the doctor and the healer, the healer has not need to stop his work. ByHealing, 652:are noted by both the doctor and the healer, the healer has not need to stop his work. ByHealing, 652:simply is a question of time, and the spiritual healer can learn to recognize the same signs. Then,Healing, 652:of the present silence on the part of both healer and doctor, where the patient is concerned, thisHealing, 653:or unconsciously) is working with the healer and is cooperating with him. The basic premise inHealing, 653:his soul. This having been brought about, the healer knows that a channel of contact can be countedHealing, 653:the work is greatly helped; according to the healer's capacity to avail himself of alignment andHealing, 653:that provides no real hindrance, provided the healer can bring his soul and the patient's soul intoHealing, 654:the work - quiet, silent and controlled - by the healer. Once, however, the rapport is established,Healing, 654:the rapport is established, the work of the healer simply consists in holding the relationshipHealing, 654:patient's soul, set in motion by the aid of the healer. The Master Jesus on the Cross could notHealing, 654:In radiatory healing, we are told that "the healer must seek to link his soul, his brain, his heartHealing, 655:a direct line of contact with the brain, and the healer starts with a closed triangle and not withHealing, 655:outlet as in magnetic healing: The brain of the healer is involved, but there is no physicalHealing, 655:energizing of the threefold personality of the healer, and therefore of his auric emanation. HisHealing, 655:patient. By this means the healing force of the healer stimulates all the three personalityHealing, 655:soul is aided in the work it has to do. The healer will consequently find it necessary to stand atHealing, 656:strong, he [656] should lie on the side, and the healer should stand behind the patient so that theHealing, 656:so that the energy pouring through, which the healer may be using and which is potently energizingHealing, 656:the entry of the healing radiation, which the healer is contributing, to the center or centersHealing, 656:Where the patient is very highly developed, the healer should stand at the patient's head. HisHealing, 656:task. All that is needed is that the aura of the healer, blending with that of the patient, createsHealing, 656:contact by the hands is now required, and the healer must on no account touch the patient. TheHealing, 656:and towards this point the aura of the healer is also directed. The mental attitude of the patientHealing, 656:and clarified by the mental emanation of the healer's aura; his emotional reaction, often veryHealing, 657:becomes exceedingly energized. The work of the healer during this process is one of intenseHealing, 657:the response of his aura to the radiation of the healer's aura, flooded with soul energy." It isHealing, 657:to the entering radiations from the healer's aura. This flooding with soul energy through theHealing, 657:patient's destiny to die, the technique of the healer alters somewhat. He [658] then takes hisHealing, 658:consciousness has been started, the work of the healer ends. He "shuts off" his soul contact andHealing, 658:healing; unless he is himself a spiritual healer and ready to read between the lines and toHealing, 660:I would remind you here that the [660] only true healer is the initiate, and therefore the last twoHealing, 660:free. It can also be interpreted in terms of healer and patient. Oft the effect of the activity andHealing, 660:effect of the activity and knowledge of the true healer is to bring to the surface (in an acuteHealing, 660:die. It is therefore fortunate that the average healer is so futile that such a dire possibility isHealing, 663:than with the individual relation between the healer and a patient. I do so for the simple reasonHealing, 672:and that which must not. It says: Rule Six The healer or the healing group must keep the will inHealing, 674:essential in the development of the initiate-healer; he must work at their unfoldment as part ofHealing, 675:the [675] patient should have no effect upon the healer and should fail to deviate him from theHealing, 675:indications of inherited tendencies, to give the healer his clue and to enable him to get aHealing, 675:of the trouble will only be possible if the healer loves enough; because he loves, he has achievedHealing, 675:or of those which may exist between patient and healer. To these requirements I would like to addHealing, 675:for the patient. In the coming new era, the healer will work always with the scientific aid of theHealing, 675:bewilderment, at present, to the average modern healer belonging to some cult or expressing someHealing, 676:destroy not only the thought-form created by the healer, but it can also build a barrier betweenHealing, 676:healer, but it can also build a barrier between healer and patient; the initial rapport is thusHealing, 677:(no matter of how high a quality) of the healer, and his determined effort to heal the patient,Healing, 677:to heal the patient, create a tension in the healer which can seriously deflect the healing currentHealing, 677:as it frequently is in the inexperienced healer or the non-initiated healer, the healer is apt toHealing, 677:in the inexperienced healer or the non-initiated healer, the healer is apt to absorb the patient'sHealing, 677:healer or the non-initiated healer, the healer is apt to absorb the patient's difficulty and willHealing, 677:and here a major difficulty emerges. How can the healer use love, freed from its emotional or lowerHealing, 677:for the healing of the patient? Only as the healer has cultivated the three requirements, and hasHealing, 693:to you, it would be rare indeed to find a healer who was competent to use them in this interimHealing, 694:patient to suggestion and his confidence in the healer. None of these healings can be tracedHealing, 694:spiritual will, and (where the ordinary man and healer is concerned) even the lowest aspect of theHealing, 694:Intentions" of the correctly trained occult healer. I seek to generate in you also a wise andHealing, 695:which must still be [695] covered before the healer arrives at correct and sustained healing. ThisHealing, 695:statements which will provide a textbook for the healer, a reference book for guidance to which heHealing, 695:The Seven Ray Energies. The Rays of the Healer and the Patient. The Seven Healing Techniques. TheseHealing, 695:elementary rules are given. Needless to add, the healer has to perfect himself in this initialHealing, 696:cosmic ray. [696] No matter upon which ray the healer may be found, he must always work through theHealing, 696:all rays are themselves dual in expression. The healer must learn to work through the love aspectHealing, 696:are on the line of 2-4-6 must be used by the healer when practicing the healing art. If he has noHealing, 696:the healing problem immediately confronting the healer; this energy is transmuted into healing
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