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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEALS

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Astrology, 663:souls. One with the Sun." (Vol. II, 31) "Mercury heals the blind and restores sight, mental andAutobiography, 268:love, for the nature of the soul is love. He heals and carries inspiration into the world. That ofDiscipleship1, 156:wheel of living fire which burns not but ever heals." This method is occult and safe andDiscipleship1, 559:pour through the form, my own and others. It heals and soothes. Thus is the task performed. Thus isHealing, 353:releases, love adjusts and interprets, and love heals, on all three planes. Healing, 579:little, if any, spiritual [579] orientation). He heals but does not know how or why; prana simplyHealing, 601:and forces, energies and their direction. He heals automatically, as was the case with theHealing, 709:because the fourth ray is not in incarnation) heals primarily through the use of the appropriateMagic, 81:aught that approaches it. Love soothes and heals by the similarity of its heat to the heat in thatMagic, 81:and destroys whilst love produces coherence and heals. [82] Magic, 99:Garden of Eden. When man functions as a soul, he heals; he stimulates and vitalizes; he transmitsMeditation, 212:consummation in system 1. Green stimulates and heals. I seek to call your attention here to thePsychology1, 66:produce the perfect flower. Let the word that heals the form go forth. That secret word that thenRays, 762:The draught now taken soothes the burns; it heals the scars and permeates the whole. The Four bend
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