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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEALTH

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Healing, 483:cycle in human affairs wherein disease and ill health will be exceptions and not the rule, as isHealing, 483:and cremation will be enforced, and this as a health and sanitation measure. Those unhealthy,Healing, 533:those determining conditions which produce ill health. These therefore work out as disease or asHealing, 534:the soul are active in the body, then there is health, clean interplay and right activity. When theHealing, 534:lower personal self, then you have disease, ill health and death. Law VII When life or energy flowsHealing, 534:related gland), then the form responds and ill health disappears. Rule Four A careful diagnosis ofHealing, 539:seven vitalizing centers, you have the perfect health which the initiate of the fourth degreeHealing, 544:or to the success of the steps taken to induce health. In the case of the healer, it will lead to aHealing, 545:that he is not alone. A right handling of ill health is a major factor in breaking downHealing, 545:and isolation; that is why the effects of bad health, when rightly handled, lead to a sweetening ofHealing, 545:being the sense of responsibility), then ill health will persistently, even if only gradually,Healing, 548:energy and preserving the body in good health or - through undevelopment and inhibited activity -Healing, 549:with studious care. The keynote to good health, esoterically speaking, is sharing or distribution,Healing, 558:those determining conditions which produce ill health. These, therefore, work out as disease or asHealing, 562:with a consequent and unavoidable ill health which attends that type of person - the so-calledHealing, 565:the second initiation; their problem of ill health is otherwise developed. Healing, 588:are brought into relation with forces, and good health, strong and adequate forms and vitalHealing, 597:bring about a cure. One reason why the general health of all very advanced people is usually goodHealing, 597:perfect body, depends upon to keep it in good health. This is a somewhat new piece of informationHealing, 597:to is the revelation of the manner in which good health may be preserved. It is not the secretHealing, 598:ills" are present. But there is a secret of good health which is known to all initiates above theHealing, 599:phase of mankind's relation to the subject of health so as to show you how subtle and esoteric areHealing, 607:the soul are active in the body, then there is health, clean interplay and right activity. When theHealing, 607:personal self, then you have disease and ill health and death. This is a most interesting law,Healing, 608:the soul controls the form involved, there is health. The soul is the builder of the form, theHealing, 608:the controlling factors, there will be ill health. The builders of the form are the "lunar lords,"Healing, 608:because it is paying the price of error. Good health is not necessarily dependent upon consciousHealing, 609:contact. [609] That can and does produce good health, but it is also dependent, in the majority ofHealing, 611:to kill out disease, restore unhealthy areas to health and eliminate points of friction? Is notHealing, 614:related gland), then the form responds and ill health disappears. One of the interesting factorsHealing, 625:glands which basically determine the state of health - good, indifferent or bad - and theHealing, 626:or a clear passage must be formed along which health-giving life may flow from the "needed center"Healing, 627:This clearance is not brought about by thinking health or by affirming divinity or by eliminatingHealing, 629:of streams of energy, bringing new life and health to the entire body of humanity via the planetaryHealing, 635:of the etheric body is seen, creating thus the health aura in plants, trees, sea life, animals andHealing, 641:it is responsible for the universal ill health which distinguishes the mass of human beings; thisHealing, 651:has been called) within his own fourfold aura - health aura, etheric body, astral body and mentalHealing, 656:attain dispassion and quiet, and the etheric and health auras have a definite effect upon theHealing, 660:elimination of the disease and the securing of health, or the form will succumb to the increase ofHealing, 711:problem of materialization of either physical health or money. Ponder on this and realize thatHercules, 123:with details of work, with technique, with health and hygiene, with analytical vivisection ofIntellect, 67:except to ask for a good state of mind, for health (wholeness) of soul." Intellect, 222:exercises, with the idea of improving his health, from a teacher who had come to his city. TheMagic, 262:that constant turmoil and frequent ill-health of the beginner in the occult life. He senses theMagic, 297:today of loss of friends and loved ones, of health, of money, of popularity [298] and on to theMagic, 350:you, our struggling brethren, [350] to have good health; the karma of the world prohibits it. TheMagic, 370:Much happiness is necessarily foregone when ill-health makes its pressure felt, as the environmentMagic, 568:and render pure the blood, so will be the health or wholeness of the dense physical body." (Pp.Magic, 570:and so concerns primarily the spleen and the health of the physical body. From the astral world viaMeditation, 154:can accomplish much, and the importance of good health before the disciple can go forward on theMeditation, 154:in good shape, and unless the handicap of ill health and disease is practically negligible, and theMeditation, 185:proper comprehension lies the secret of perfect health. We will touch upon this later. TheMeditation, 186:control of the pranic fluids for the purpose of health, for vitalization, and for affecting theMeditation, 244:- The Use of Color and Sound Higher Vision and Health This, as you can see, necessarily involvesPatanjali, 68:the human eye which ultimately will reveal the health aura of all forms in the four kingdoms ofPatanjali, 199:the human family at this time in the low health average, in the full hospitals, and the diseased,Patanjali, 219:and render pure the blood, so will be the health or wholeness of the dense physical body. It shouldPatanjali, 219:of the blood currents and consequent physical health. 2. The bringing of the physical body into aPatanjali, 220:and so concerns primarily the spleen and the health of the physical body. From the astral world viaProblems, 9:complexes. Each nation must aim at sound mental health and endeavor to implement sound,Problems, 74:were abominable, unsanitary and dangerous to health, owing to the growth of urban areas aroundProblems, 156:of the indwelling divinity to provide perfect health, plenty of money, serene business success andPsychology1, 113:the personality life; the specific problems of health, finance and family concerns are not dealtPsychology1, 202:method for the first ray man would be to draw health and strength from the great fount of universalPsychology1, 269:which have so seriously undermined the health and the serenity of hundreds and thousands of men.Psychology1, 275:but unhappiness, legalized prostitution, ill-health, the seeking of illicit relations outside thePsychology1, 275:frequently a secret and hidden sex life, ill-health as a result of the frustration of the naturalPsychology1, 275:and those conditions which would impair their health or lay on them the burden of straitenedPsychology2, 15:is often resilient, though never robust, bodily health, and great charm and personal outer gifts. Psychology2, 545:emphasis laid upon the idea that sickness, ill-health, and disease are indicative of individualPsychology2, 545:of disorders. The widespread disease and ill-health found everywhere at this time is caused by aPsychology2, 549:and causes the preliminary stages of ill-health, disease and disruption, because death is nothingPsychology2, 570:affairs, his business or are built up around his health. The sensitive tunes in on these, connectsPsychology2, 593:part of the body. This will mean not only good health and the full and free use of all thePsychology2, 611:is one of the fundamental things upon which the health of the entire body and its right functioningRays, 762:The draught of love, of sacred fire, of cool, health-giving stream he lifts not towards himself butRays, 765:attain the significance of violet, the laws of health and magnetic alleviation will be no longerReappearance, 91:of war will have disappeared, the physical health of men and animals will be bettered, and citiesReappearance, 167:life. Perhaps he hides behind the alibi of poor health and frequently behind that of imaginarySoul, 133:reference to preventive medicine and the general health of the endocrine system. An intellectualSoul, 136:such a condition that we should have perfect health and therefore a perfect apparatus for soulTelepathy, 97:prana which composes the etheric vehicles): The health aura. This is essentially physical. TheTelepathy, 154:composed is planetary prana, the life-giving, health-giving energy of the planet itself. ThroughTelepathy, 162:is a very real one, affecting primarily the health of the physical body, and falls into fiveTelepathy, 173:though that aura is frequently confused with the health aura. Instead of the word "frequently" I
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