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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEALTHY

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Autobiography, 154:a balanced diet, they were not a particularly healthy lot, and I found, also, that the more rigidAutobiography, 286:of the Ancient Wisdom. We regard it as a healthy sign when a student tries to work this way, forBethlehem, 251:which does not find much response from the healthy-minded. The value of all these doctrinesDiscipleship2, 448:to human appeal? Are you nurturing a small and healthy seed or are you endeavoring to transplant aExternalisation, 319:which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants - everywhere in theFire, 57:the spleen is freed from congestion and in a healthy condition, there will be little trouble in theFire, 57:two fires, which is complete in a normal and healthy person, should engross the attention of theFire, 99:or devitalization, according to the condition, healthy or not, of that organ. If the man is in aFire, 99:or not, of that organ. If the man is in a healthy state the emanation received will be augmented byFire, 473:results of this pranic transmission will be more healthy physical bodies among the sons of men.Glamour, 109:the etheric body constituted a unity, and in the healthy person still do so. The sense of dualityHealing, 90:used, tend to bring the body into a sound and healthy condition; by so doing, he has laid theHealing, 102:used to drive out diseased tissue and provide a healthy substitute in place of the diseasedHealing, 219:order. Sound sanitation and the providing of healthy conditions will be regarded as essential. TheHealing, 252:whether there are one hundred thousand perfectly healthy [253] people to be found out of theHealing, 314:the area surrounding the cancer (that is, the healthy tissue) that the absorption of the weakened,Healing, 315:into two parts: [315] The stimulating of the healthy tissue. The building in of new tissue toHealing, 326:can be complied with in order to build a strong healthy vital body? Is it possible for a personHealing, 326:it? May not a so-called weak vital body be a healthy one at the same time, the weakness manifestingHealing, 326:right in your belief that one can be perfectly healthy but have little resistance to fatigue. TheHealing, 608:and nature of the physical body. It can be healthy because it has not been misused in theMeditation, 73:inner counterparts, will progress and be in a healthy condition. We will therefore thus dispose ofMeditation, 161:service, when he aims only at the acquirement of healthy vehicles for the better carrying out ofMeditation, 299:paralleled by emotional stability and a strong healthy body is the aim for all. But now you havePatanjali, 283:of today lay down the rule that if there is a healthy eye in line with the rays of light reflectedPsychology1, 297:will be the desire to provide good and fair and healthy bodies for incoming egos. This is notPsychology2, 589:to work. The effort must be made to build a healthy body. Higher goals must be emphasized and theRays, 139:just as the physical plane life of the normal, healthy human being is entirely automatic and thusRays, 142:men rate the light of the sun as essential to healthy living; some idea of the human urge to light
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