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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAR

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Astrology, 50:in the words of the Old Commentary: "The devas hear the word go forth. They sacrifice themselvesAtom, 138:and clairvoyant, which means the capacity to hear and see as clearly and accurately upon theAtom, 138:the physical. It will involve the ability to hear and see all that concerns the group - that is, toAtom, 138:see all that concerns the group - that is, to hear and see in the fourth and fifth dimensions. I amAutobiography, 29:Anyway, he always stood up for me, and I can hear him now telling me (as he frequently did), "IAutobiography, 41:to listen to the silence all around me and to hear the Voice - after the many voices of nature andAutobiography, 50:action. If, however, they are only wanting to hear their own voices and know everything, then I amAutobiography, 57:men like that came Sunday after Sunday to hear me. I really let myself go. At the close of theAutobiography, 76:them, however, which I tried my hardest not to hear so as not to have to interfere. I played hymnsAutobiography, 109:and his wife became my true friends. I still hear from her. My youngest daughter is named after herAutobiography, 128:have some kind of a vision, or that I would hear a voice as I had at times heard a voice, tellingAutobiography, 131:and talking in a loud, clear voice and I could hear every word she said. What she didn't say aboutAutobiography, 134:were not of the highest. I did not go to hear something new or interesting, or to get help. I wentAutobiography, 148:lock all the doors into my bedroom. I could then hear him going through the rest of the rooms.Autobiography, 148:I awoke around two o'clock in the morning to hear a noise in the sitting-room and to see the handleAutobiography, 148:could not be one of the managers and I could not hear or see the watchman, so I guessed it was someAutobiography, 162:We are told that great musicians hear their symphonies and chorales with an inner ear and thenAutobiography, 163:into anything like that." I was startled to hear myself speaking out loud. The voice went on to sayAutobiography, 164:I simply listen and take down the words that I hear and register the thoughts which are dropped oneAutobiography, 192:and I frequently give a little chuckle when I hear myself described by some antagonisticAutobiography, 206:Those who came did so because they wanted to hear and learn and it was worth while talking to them.Autobiography, 209:day a member of the club asked me to go down and hear the Grand Duke Alexander speak. He was a sonAutobiography, 232:happenings the story is very different. People hear the statement made that we are now transitingBethlehem, 37:its next step. The Christ enabled man to hear this in the past; He will enable man to do so againBethlehem, 38:in every human heart. Each individual soul must hear it for itself alone. Each of us has to passBethlehem, 52:Testament we are told that "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear," (St. Matt., XI, 15.) and aBethlehem, 52:told that "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear," (St. Matt., XI, 15.) and a study of the wordsBethlehem, 52:cultivate the ability (through meditation) to hear the Voice which can tune out all other voices,Bethlehem, 56:events, and all the time God Himself speaks, "Hear ye Him." Another point which is frequentlyBethlehem, 80:who have the vision to see truth as it is and to hear the Gospel message in terms which each newBethlehem, 83:The hour is upon us. The human soul must hear the challenge of the Christ soul, and realize thatBethlehem, 138:are distraught because of this cleavage. We hear of multiple personalities, and the necessity forBethlehem, 150:is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him. And when the disciples heard it, theyBethlehem, 160:whom I am well pleased," but added this time, "Hear ye him." At the first great episode, God theBethlehem, 160:is strengthened, by the command to the world to hear the words of the Savior, or perhaps from theBethlehem, 160:from the esoteric and spiritual standpoint, to hear that Word which was God made Flesh. Bethlehem, 164:Recognition had gone forth, and the command to hear the Christ had been given. Jesus havingBethlehem, 176:has said, have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Inevitably we are moving forward towardsBethlehem, 223:to which He calls us, and the demand which we hear as He hears it. This aspect of the Cross and itsBethlehem, 224:[224] no more that He could then do, and so we hear the triumphant cry, "It is finished." Bethlehem, 240:the Old Testament the promise 'Thine eyes shall hear a word behind thee, saying This is the way,Discipleship1, 9:it is the sound they collectively emit which I hear. May I reiterate that in one sense yourDiscipleship1, 202:must be carefully followed by you until you next hear from me. Do this meditation rapidly, at aDiscipleship1, 232:1938 BROTHER OF MINE: Little as you may like to hear it or to recognize it, I wish to tell you thatDiscipleship1, 284:attitude of psychic attentiveness, and when you hear the unheard and sense the intangible, endeavorDiscipleship1, 287:- for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear - the mystic truth ever lurks in its fullness,Discipleship1, 392:voicing your answers aloud so that you can hear your voice, and thus pay adequate attention to yourDiscipleship1, 435:sun. I sing in my soul so that all I meet can hear. 2nd month - Strength - Like an ox that is yokedDiscipleship1, 475:brother from every harmful word. 4th month - I hear my brother's note and with it blend my own. 5thDiscipleship1, 544:in the vale of illusion, they may be led to see, hear and relate that which is not the case, andDiscipleship1, 579:- I am a bird of song. Those in the high air can hear my song. My fellow pilgrims feel my joy. 2ndDiscipleship1, 589:questions either by word of mouth (and I shall hear) or in writing. If you do not feel able to doDiscipleship1, 622:and, therefore, that I really need not speak. I hear you laugh at times and say: I know it all.Discipleship1, 637:tension and interest. I would beg you to try to hear and see what I say. I have worded this withDiscipleship1, 660:self and let only Christ be seen and heard"? You hear so much coming to you all the time from theDiscipleship1, 676:AND PAIN "The sons of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know) suffer the painDiscipleship1, 679:from high Heaven speaks. There is a change. I hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn myDiscipleship1, 742:hold yourselves in guarded readiness to see and hear on all levels of service, and to know what youDiscipleship1, 742:levels of service, and to know what you see and hear, interpreting it correctly, unblended byDiscipleship2, 73:the "open window" and prior to the attempt to hear me speak the words which I may have for you,Discipleship2, 73:your hearing. Note whether you can both see and hear. My blessing rests upon you and together we goDiscipleship2, 521:reflection and meditation until you again hear from me. You will find all these to be intenselyDiscipleship2, 549:by the disciple, though annoying to those who hear. As he proceeds in the spiritual life andDiscipleship2, 552:the door, the outer door, and pass inside and hear a voice which says, "You stand within the circleDiscipleship2, 552:circle of those who talk and, talking, cannot hear the Master's voice." Stand there. Listen.Discipleship2, 552:that complete silence which will enable you to hear a voice which says, "Move forward into theDiscipleship2, 552:those who know the Law of Silence. You now can hear my voice." Then imagine yourself obeying theDiscipleship2, 626:of Descent. We learn to use it consciously. We hear its note as we descend; we see it as we ascend.Discipleship2, 654:the world of gloom and mist and, as I turn, I hear a voice crying aloud: "Well done. Pass throughDiscipleship2, 673:in the physical sense) you may, at intervals, hear from me. Subjectively, you are ever in touch, asDiscipleship2, 674:experience, and she understands. You will again hear from me, either through A.A.B. or through theEducation, 8:must be emphasized. The child must be taught to hear and see, to make contacts and to use judgment;Education, 11:the infant's sense awakened. He begins to hear and see. Response to possession and toExternalisation, 11:are souls aided and given opportunity to hear or serve. But these, too, would profit by a moreExternalisation, 13:high and pure position let them see clearly, hear truly and report accurately, and so serve theirExternalisation, 15:mediating between those who cannot see and hear on the astral plane because they are the prisonersExternalisation, 238:warning the Germans to take cover when they hear the British planes over Germany. I would call yourExternalisation, 503:ground. All must be given the chance to see and hear, and be offered the opportunity to weigh andExternalisation, 611:[611] every eye will see Him, every ear will hear Him, and every mind will pass judgment upon Him. Fire, 191:called clairaudience, and means the ability to hear the sounds of the astral plane. It is a facultyFire, 195:of the Thinker is thus slowly enlarged. He can hear and feel, but as yet knows not enough toFire, 337:has been hinted at for those who have ears to hear. Many more explanatory words might be spoken butFire, 667:are evolving the inner hearing and must learn to hear. Both are as yet imperfect, and an imperfectFire, 699:the sumtotal of the power of the Ego to see, to hear and to speak (or sound) in the strictly occultFire, 783:The Pitris who touch but see not. The Pitris who hear but neither see nor touch. As they all haveFire, 837:and that which is seen. If we could see all, hear all, touch all, and so forth, there would be noFire, 838:the Eye can take cognizance of.' Science will Hear sounds from certain planets before she SeesFire, 847:for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. When man has penetrated to those secrets which lieFire, 1207:in the words of the old Commentary: "The devas hear the word go forth. They sacrifice themselvesFire, 1272:form of sleep. They sleep, but yet they see and hear; their eyes are closed, yet naught that passesFire, 1272:by them. They see, and yet they vision not; they hear and yet their ears are deaf. Three times theFire, 1273:those who later seek to tread it. They see; They hear; They dream, and dreaming build; Their eyesFire, 1274:away. The Words are lost, for there is none to hear. The colors fade, and every point grows dim.Fire, 1276:forth. The scales descend. He who hath ears to hear it, mounteth the scales and addeth to that WordFire, 1277:the order for inversion, and only those can hear that Word whose ears have been closed for elevenFire, 1277:heard within the realms of pain. Few therefore hear it, and those few elude the scales, escape theFire, 1281:its beam upon the midnight blue; That which we hear in every cosmic note and sense beneath theGlamour, 49:occult obedience, my brothers, about which we hear so much? Not what many occult groups make it outGlamour, 217:imagination the worker endeavors to see and hear the soul - the source of light and power in theHealing, 67:These are very common amongst disciples. We hear much today about auto-intoxication, and many
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