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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAR

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Healing, 260:(to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to interpret) the theme of liberation - andHealing, 377:the thousands of those who can see phenomena and hear sounds which lie outside the range of theHealing, 688:and beginners interpret calls and messages they hear or receive as coming to them from some highHercules, 74:to verify in any way that which they see and hear. The serpent may take the form of the more commonHercules, 74:negative, because he is all the time trying to hear or see that which is not physical. Because weHercules, 74:clairaudient, in due time we shall surely see or hear, if not in truth, yet through the power ofHercules, 96:its toll of men." "Is that the savage sound I hear?" asked Hercules. "Is it the roaring of a lion IHercules, 96:asked Hercules. "Is it the roaring of a lion I hear, upon the evening air?" The Teacher said: "Go,Hercules, 138:life of Jesus. Between the ages of 12 and 30, we hear naught of him. These were years of silence,Hercules, 197:were delivered Hercules' work was over. We hear no more about him but he may have gone on toHercules, 199:did what, to a greater extent, Christ did. We hear about the failure of Christianity. I do not seeInitiation, 4:cosmic plane. The seven Rays of which [4] we hear so much, and which hold so much of interest andInitiation, 13:of creation; it is a growing capacity to see and hear on all the planes. It is an increasedInitiation, 14:Primarily it involves the capacity to see, hear, and comprehend, and to synthesize and correlateInitiation, 88:with prepared bodies can the ability to see and hear on all the planes be granted and achieved, andInitiation, 166:has to recognize them by sight as well as to hear them, and by an effort of the will to imprintIntellect, 167:I feel no shadow of the winds that brood, I hear no whisper of a tide that veers, I weave noIntellect, 170:in such a vision stays long in my memory. I see, hear, and know at the same time, and learn what IIntellect, 222:me, "As I write to you upon my typewriter I can hear all sorts of voices and words and sounds whichMagic, 94:directed attentiveness which will enable him to hear the Voice of the Silence. That voice expressesMagic, 127:as the attentive aspirant accustoms himself to hear within his brain the soundless sound of OM. IMagic, 132:fair promise of average success. These both hear the sound, and vision the Plan. The second groupMagic, 136:begging all of you who earnestly desire to hear these words to study the Introduction to the book,Magic, 150:and experience, then the man can see and hear and know in a realm other than the phenomenal world.Magic, 180:and service, with his capacity to receive and hear, he will soon correct the errors himself and hisMagic, 188:as the center of a group, the longing to hear oneself speaking, teaching, lecturing, or writing areMagic, 386:from high Heaven speaks. There is a change. I hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn myMagic, 428:and more than that lies ahead of all of you who hear the call and respond to the need andMagic, 504:an orifice which is partially closed. Others may hear an intensely loud snap in the region of theMagic, 532:terms: "The Sons of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain ofMeditation, 129:organ of inner vision temporarily opens and they hear and see on the astral or the mental plane.Meditation, 190:hand to those following behind. To say: "I hear" may prove helpful and encouraging; to add to thatMeditation, 295:minute) suddenly he may see, suddenly he may hear, suddenly he may sense a vibration, and thenPatanjali, 21:tastes or hears; he says, "I see, I taste, I hear," and it is the activity of the vrittis (or thosePatanjali, 92:contact that comes between two men who can see, hear and touch each other. A superficialPatanjali, 275:AUM. [275] When this is the case he will then hear the word in other units of the human family, andPatanjali, 337:use it, The Voice of the Silence, so as to hear it. This is the voice of his own inner God, thePatanjali, 338:of the great illusion and gives a man power to hear on the astral plane. This in its right placePatanjali, 338:more complete mastery of it, he grows able to hear and clearly distinguish the speech of the greatPatanjali, 352:the average man there is only that which he can hear, touch, see, taste and smell, only five waysPatanjali, 354:of the sense of hearing and its utilization to hear the Voice of the Silence, or the music of thePatanjali, 357:'Thou art now a disciple, able to stand, able to hear, able to see, able to speak, thou hastPatanjali, 405:they are apart from the mind. Again, we often hear more than one person saying that he has seen thePsychology1, 53:will then be recovered and uttered for all to hear, and the Master will arise and walk among HisPsychology1, 66:and speak the radiant love of God. Make all men hear. Quality - love divine. Let the glory of thePsychology1, 78:out of form. God and His Angels now arise and hear. Let a deep murmur rise and let the cry ofPsychology1, 98:a condition wherein it will be ready to "see and hear" that which has been up to the presentPsychology1, 98:light which are not of this physical world; they hear sounds and voices which emanate from thosePsychology2, 98:ever a risk, for men interpret all they read and hear and experience in terms of themselves. Psychology2, 98:his head. He seemed not e'en to listen nor to hear. But from the lower sphere of darkness and ofPsychology2, 168:of the world. Color I know and sound I know. I hear the music of the spheres, and note on note andPsychology2, 168:speak their thought to me. The voices which I hear intrigue and draw me, and with the sources ofPsychology2, 199:sees this sign. Only the heart at peace can hear the thunder of the Voice which issues from thePsychology2, 484:day the aspirant is led to believe that he will hear his Master's voice, giving him guidance,Psychology2, 566:step the information down into form whereby they hear it. In these two latter cases, the true manPsychology2, 567:who have brought over the capacity to see and hear on astral levels or to "work magic" from anotherPsychology2, 569:aware of the things which the sitter wishes to hear, which will be in line with the usualPsychology2, 571:or of the entire Hierarchy of adepts; he may hear words spoken and thus feel assured, past allRays, 10:the lives which compose it, and in an ability to hear the voice of the "formless One" above theRays, 22:let them know the meaning of the OM and let them hear that OM as it is sounded forth by Him WhoRays, 56:and within the head; then, having done so, to hear it reverberate there and to recognize that thisRays, 182:[182] know the meaning of the OM and let them hear that OM as it is sounded forth by Him Who standsRays, 202:Group Initiation This can only be when he can. Hear the OM as it is sounded forth by Him Who standsRays, 328:be said. Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear will read between the lines and correctlyRays, 344:Door, O Chela in the light? I see the door and hear a calling voice. What should I do, O Master ofRays, 599:before them. At this climaxing point they hear that which is called "the voice of the Father"Rays, 622:fitted to decide for themselves what they should hear, think or [623] decide; they must thereforeRays, 763:throne of the Logos. Only the pure in heart can hear, only the gentle can respond. The stormyRays, 763:the threefold spheres, is he who will shortly hear. From out the environing ether will strike aReappearance, 58:this time every eye will see Him, every ear will hear Him and every mind will pass judgment uponSoul, 138:low-grade human beings can frequently see and hear that which the normal and more intelligentSoul, 138:victim. The saint and seer likewise see and hear, but their powers are utilized at will and areTelepathy, 65:product of the multiplicity in unity of which we hear so much - demonstrating as activity, quality,Telepathy, 158:to the three, responding to the One, no longer hear the triple call which determined all that was.
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