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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEARD

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Fire, 865:he begins to sound forth his note so as to be heard not only in human but in deva ranks as well.Fire, 923:center. These transmitters likewise can be heard sounding forth the Word with particular force andFire, 1000:by the man on the physical plane ascends and is heard upon the mental plane. Hence, in allFire, 1268:is seen ajar, and from its other side a voice is heard to say: "Son of Compassion, Master of LoveFire, 1273:mysterious triple group whose name must not be heard as yet within those planetary spheres whoseFire, 1276:are spoken by the Adjuster, and each Word is heard by those whose ears have been deaf for sevenFire, 1276:and addeth to that Word another sound. None have heard it save he who hath stood before the PrinceFire, 1277:have been closed for eleven aeons. It is never heard within the realms of pain. Few therefore hearFire, 1279:Whose essence is the fire - the sacred Name is heard. The cosmic Second approaches to the denserFire, 1281:step by step the Path of Gold; That which is heard by every deva lord who hears the Word go forthGlamour, 25:As to any other phenomena sensed, or seen or heard. That we may all go forward into greater lightGlamour, 138:the world need and so let their voice be clearly heard. These people are resolving the sense ofGlamour, 183:then is seen: only the voice of the Presence is heard and union with the past, the present and theGlamour, 259:the musical quality of the Hierarchy can be heard. Forget not [260] that sound permeates all forms;Healing, 426:of deception and of theft, a voice will then be heard. Obey that voice. It is the voice of thatHealing, 469:point of light ascends, responsive to the dimly heard recalling note, attracted to its emanatingHealing, 471:is enforced; later, the Word is no longer heard as the Sound obliterates or absorbs it, and thereHealing, 471:supervenes and the Sound itself is no longer heard; complete peace follows the act of finalHealing, 681:the other, you are dealing with those who have heard and who are developing the spiritualHealing, 709:the power of sound and the sound which must be heard. Knowing the note to which the fourth greatHercules, 2:works within the Council Chamber of the Lord and heard a word go forth: "Obey the Teacher on theHercules, 58:a day when, worn with fear and travelling, he heard a rumor from a passing pilgrim on the way that,Hercules, 77:God, both watched and listened and, listening, heard a voice. The voice [78] came out from thatHercules, 78:between the pillars of the Gate, listened and heard the quarrel, and wondered much as the twoHercules, 80:within the outer court of that most holy place heard his loud cry of victory and said: "Not so. TheHercules, 80:mine. I saw its form, reflected in the water; I heard its feet upon the ways of earth; I know theHercules, 90:has the work been consummated. All that is to be heard is the note of possible achievement. AllHercules, 96:the inner ear knows well the need, for it hath heard a voice, aye, many voices, telling you of needHercules, 96:all who cross his path. His shocking roar is heard throughout the night and all are tremblingHercules, 97:a voice of fear. "Not so", replied a third, "I heard its roar about the mountain wild this week."Hercules, 98:the lion disappeared and was no more seen or heard. Hercules paused upon the Way and silent stood.Hercules, 98:led into the light of day. And as he stood, he heard the lion behind him, not before. "What shall IHercules, 110:overcome in the cave; the voice of the Lord is heard in the cave, the Christ consciousness isHercules, From n:shores of the great sea. They listened and they heard. Upon those shores dwelt the great queen, whoHercules, 113:queen, aghast at that which he had done, he heard his Teacher speak: "My son, why slay that whichHercules, 126:made much noise. This noise the other centaurs heard from distant points. In wrath they came, and aHercules, 140:calm, said but a single word. The Teacher heard the golden command, and summoned Hercules, the sonHercules, 156:Such ear-assaulting dissonance had not been heard in Stymphalus before. Bewildered and disturbed byHercules, 170:planes release him from his suffering." Having heard and understood, the son of man who was also aHercules, 170:he wandered on, for when he sought within he heard the silvery voice of the wisdom-goddess, Athena,Hercules, 171:Soon he saw the triple-headed dog, and heard its piercing bark. Snarling, it sprang upon him.Hercules, 181:serve the world without a recompense, I have not heard. At this point, though, I'd welcome any foolInitiationyou not to believe merely because you have heard, but when you believed of your consciousness, thenInitiation, 78:he begins to sound forth his note so as to be heard in deva and human ranks. This he does - at thisInitiation, 113:He now responds not only to that which is heard, but also to that which he sees. It is known thatInitiation, 152:being produces a great united sound which can be heard in the high places and which, in its turn,Initiation, 154:forth in power, and is practically the only note heard. By the sounding of this note, - that ofInitiation, 162:stands revealed, and its significance is heard and seen. This brings into the consciousness of theInitiation, 165:again come into play, and the secret is both heard and appears symbolically to the inner eye. ItInitiation, 194:to himself, will the voice of the disciple be heard, demanding the opening of the door. When theIntellect, 29:of all religions and all nations... We have heard of the three R's long enough. This fourth R, ofIntellect, 107:attention to that which is said, read or heard, and this would necessarily involve concentrationIntellect, 245:and they disappeared, and nothing has since been heard of them. The world still awaits them. OfIntellect, 253:It is useful to record what is seen and heard and then to forget about it until such time as weIntellect, 254:of which it is said "eye hath not seen or ear heard, the things which God hath revealed to themMagic, 132:disciple must grasp. In solitude the sound is heard. The Great Ones have to work through humanMagic, 142:quantity will it be possible for the Sound to be heard, and so to accomplish its purpose. Only asMagic, 142:will the clear note of the God of the waters be heard. People seldom realize the potency of a word,Magic, 144:third word, vibration, appears. His message is heard, for it is sounded forth; it carriesMagic, 223:the glamor of the astral plane, and who has heard, even if only once, the clarion call of his ownMagic, 251:can begin to make itself felt. The brain has "heard" occultly the injunctions and instructions ofMagic, 324:no record of that which may be inwardly seen and heard. If fatigue is present and the physical bodyMagic, 477:creators who are endeavoring to make their sound heard, to speak those mystical words which willMagic, 480:for the word of the soul to sound forth and be heard exoterically. I realize that that which I haveMagic, 617:atmosphere. "Thus forms are seen and sounds are heard, though dim as yet, for loud the thunderMeditation, 274:in the three worlds (which sound is to be heard through the life of service), some one particularPatanjali, 50:and takes the position of a knower, "One who has heard the tradition, experienced the dissolutionPatanjali, 97:it and expresses its power is no longer heard. Only the idea of which the other two are expressionsPatanjali, 101:sight of, and the sound or word will alone be heard. The "eye of Shiva" will be left and with thatPatanjali, 152:who is not that which is seen and touched and heard" then he can free himself from allPatanjali, 193:[193] becomes apparent, "only Christ is seen and heard," only the real or spiritual man can be seenPatanjali, 245:of Hari on which one should ponder, let that be heard by thee, 0 Ruler of Men. Fixed attention isPatanjali, 273:or Word (the Voice of the Silence) can then be heard. Once heard and the work carried steadilyPatanjali, 273:Voice of the Silence) can then be heard. Once heard and the work carried steadily forward, thePatanjali, 337:second aspect. [337] There are many sounds to be heard on all the planes but on the physical is thePatanjali, 337:are divine in time and space. But all have to be heard correctly and all lead eventually to andPatanjali, 338:expressed through the Son, which will, when heard, put him in touch with the Word of God, incarnatePatanjali, 338:be stilled, then the Voice of the Silence can be heard. It might be noted here that clairaudiencePatanjali, 341:how that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for aPatanjali, 357:thy soul in its bloom and recognized it, and heard the voice of the silence.' " The wonderfulPatanjali, 419:life is ended. The One is seen. The Voice is heard. The Real is known, the Vision glimpsed. TheProblems, 13:cry of "This is mine" will some day no longer be heard. In the meantime, this aggressive, immatureProblems, 16:the demand of the reactionary elements can be heard in every country, plus the demands of certainProblems, 31:might in every nation and make their voices heard? Will they have the strength, the persistence andProblems, 41:be certain traces left of what they have seen, heard and suffered. There will be exceptions,Problems, 179:world events. Their united voice will be heard on behalf of right human relations. This movement isPsychology1, 63:center where dwells the one whose name cannot be heard within the confines of our solar sphere. HisPsychology1, 78:Quality - power to make the Voice of the Silence heard. God and His Angels now arise and touch.Psychology1, 84:shut. As time went on, the sounds of life were heard. The door was opened, and the door was shut.Psychology1, 167:far-reaching religion as its outcome. We have heard that Brahmanism is the last great religionPsychology2, 36:seen, - only his floating ark. His voice was heard: 'I have built and strongly built, but am aPsychology2, 47:The Voice that speaks within the silence can be heard: 'The power that reaches from the highestPsychology2, 166:the bees and insects on their winged flight is heard on every side. The air is rich with perfume.Psychology2, 168:the Sound and only the great chord of God was heard. [169] A flood of light poured in. His colorsPsychology2, 170:From deep within the temple of his heart, he heard a Word. It spoke with clarity and power: 'Look,Psychology2, 246:of appearance is intended to express. Much is heard today of the New Age, of the coming revelation,Psychology2, 352:life though uttered not, yet still is clearly heard: 'I move to power. I am the One. We are a UnityPsychology2, 477:placed there because they "saw things" or heard voices, or dreamed dreams, and because [478] theyPsychology2, 517:will then be stabilized and its note clearly heard. Psychology2, 568:and Mystics What then, is to be seen and heard by the medium when in trance or when giving an
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