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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEARS

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Atom, 107:and the relation between. The self, occultly, hears and responds to vibration, thus realizingBethlehem, 47:it will listen, but inevitably, whether it now hears or no. Our theme therefore gradually emergesBethlehem, 52:the enunciation of a Word of Power. The initiate hears it, though the rest of the world may not.Bethlehem, 105:all-enfolding; he not only sees the vision and hears the word of recognition, but knows that theBethlehem, 223:He calls us, and the demand which we hear as He hears it. This aspect of the Cross and its lessonDiscipleship1, 715:the light, reflects the whirling force and hears the voice. Then from the silent point of power, aEducation, 8:impulses to make and produce what he sees and hears. Thus are laid the elements of the arts andFire, 191:throughout the entire astral body, and a man hears all over his vehicle and not only through theFire, 191:of the astral body. Man on the physical plane hears at the same time a certain range of sounds, andFire, 198:the solar system. Under the Law of Economy man hears. Sound permeates matter and is the basis ofFire, 200:by that Self who is now consciously aware. He hears the note of nature and that of his monad; heFire, 351:was added to the other two, and the Self which hears, and the Not-self which is touched, orFire, 351:all this evolutionary development the ONE Who hears, touches, and sees, persists and interpretsFire, 666:Man reverses the process and sees colors and hears sounds. A hint lies here as to the necessity forFire, 1001:taking up the note of the Ego as he believes he hears it, and sending it forth to swell the egoicFire, 1271:and enters blind. He sees no step ahead. He hears no voice. He feels no guiding hand. Only theFire, 1281:Gold; That which is heard by every deva lord who hears the Word go forth as the aeons pass away;Glamour, 182:given to the race. He then sees a vision, hears a voice, registers a message, or - highest form ofHealing, 424:directed unity as the world soul of which one hears so much. This interplay of the principle ofHealing, 426:It is the voice of that within thyself which hears My voice, a voice unheard by those who love toHercules, 117:obtain money, security or position. One seldom hears a sermon on the woman taken in adultery, ofInitiation, 158:various sounds pass in front of him, so that he hears and sees that which is committed to him. TheIntellect, 111:outward senses; what the eye sees, what the ear hears, they offer forthwith to desire. This offersIntellect, 154:of Reality, he knows nothing, sees nothing, hears nothing except the phenomena which areIntellect, 154:in which he is living. But in that world, he hears, and sees, and knows; he becomes aware of Truth,Intellect, 232:him to begin to use his mind. How often one hears the complaint: "I do not like this technique; itIntellect, 244:and he sees what he wants to see, and he hears the magnificent words of recognition for which heMagic, 60:the consciousness of that which the self sees, hears, knows and contacts is stabilized, the MasterMagic, 165:respects to that employed by man. He sees, and hears and functions organically along similar linesMagic, 616:break through the clouds of mist and fog, He hears his voice; its note is clearer and more true.Meditation, 285:help, and those that need not its attention. It hears with precision, and sees the thought of theMeditation, 294:to be revealed. When, in meditation, a student hears this inner musical note, he should endeavor toPatanjali, 21:them. The man is aware that he sees, tastes or hears; he says, "I see, I taste, I hear," and it isPatanjali, 60:The subsequent act of the man in meditation. He hears the sound (called sometimes the "still smallPatanjali, 107:or tangibility becomes known to him and he hears, sees, touches, tastes and smells the things ofPatanjali, 419:it intelligently upon the physical plane; he hears the Voice of the Silence and obeys itsPsychology2, 570:and accurately relating just what he sees and hears and therefore is sincere and truthful, butPsychology2, 579:nor interpret correctly what he sees and hears. In the earlier animal or savage stage, thesePsychology2, 583:his powers. He simply knows that he sees and hears that which cannot be seen and heard by theRays, 54:upon our planet - via our Planetary Logos Who hears it with clarity and with understanding - theRays, 58:is fused and blended with the Hierarchy and hears the extension of the Word, spoken originally byRays, 81:the World, and "sees His star shine forth" and hears the sound which - to quote the Old Commentary.Rays, 81:of blending and of being thus created. "Man only hears the distant sound and knows it not for whatRays, 81:and knows it not for what it is. The disciple hears the sound and sees its form. The one who standsRays, 81:stands for the third time upon the mountain top hears a clear note and [82] knows it as his own, asRays, 82:Superficially it can mean that when the initiate hears the Sound, he leaves behind the desert lifeRays, 83:third initiation, the initiate sees the star and hears the sound. At the first two initiations, heRays, 83:the first two initiations, he sees the light and hears the Word; but this is something differentRays, 291:writing as follows: "Dimly the one who seeks hears the faint whisper of the life of God; he seesSoul, 30:discovered, and that even in common parlance one hears of the thyroid gland and of the
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