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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEART

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Invocation:on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts ofAstrology, 24:the diaphragm. They, therefore, condition: The heart center. The throat center. The ajna center.Astrology, 25:body. The four centers above the diaphragm - the heart, throat, ajna and head centers - areAstrology, 38:The first great Hierarchy is emanated from the Heart of the central Spiritual Sun. It is the Son ofAstrology, 39:through the second ventricle within the Sacred Heart, and are (as we are told in The SecretAstrology, 46:these lives are peculiarly close to the great Heart of Love of the solar Logos. These greatAstrology, 47:twelve-petalled lotus. The planetary logoic heart, also a twelve-petalled lotus. TheAstrology, 47:lotus on the mental plane. The twelve-petalled heart center in a human being Or, to word itAstrology, 47:cosmic centers: The central spiritual Sun. The heart of the Sun. The physical Sun. The heart centerAstrology, 47:Sun. The heart of the Sun. The physical Sun. The heart center of the planetary Logos, situated onAstrology, 47:which is literally a correspondence to the "heart of the Sun." The monadic point is a reflection inAstrology, 47:human system of the "central spiritual Sun." The heart center of a man on the etheric plane of theAstrology, 50:Hierarchy is the life or energy found at the heart of every atom, its positive aspect, and theAstrology, 61:with Sagittarius gradually "piercing the heart with his arrows, and then upon the flight of theAstrology, 70:and Jupiter. The three centers - solar plexus, heart and throat - are actively involved. At theAstrology, 76:center and evoking a faint response from the heart and the ajna centers. People upon one or otherAstrology, 76:are beginning to work through the throat and the heart centers, with the goal of completelyAstrology, 76:who are using all these centers, but in whom the heart center is fully awakened and the triangle ofAstrology, 77:Center. Solar Plexus Center. Throat Center. Heart Center. Ajna Center. Ajna Center. Head Center.Astrology, 78:the vagus nerve, prior to the awakening of the heart center. Two of the other non-sacred planets -Astrology, 80:and Uranus (the Moon). to The head, ajna and heart centers. to The throat, the solar plexus and theAstrology, 88:plane. The base of spine. The solar plexus. The heart. Man controlled from the mental plane. TheAstrology, 88:from the mental plane. The base of spine. The heart. The throat. Man partially controlled by theAstrology, 88:controlled by the Ego, advanced man The heart. The throat. The head, i.e., the four lesser centersAstrology, 88:Spiritual man to the third Initiation. The heart. The throat. The seven head centers. Spiritual manAstrology, 88:Spiritual man to the fifth Initiation. The heart. The seven head centers. The two many-petalledAstrology, 106:when he substituted Venus for Jupiter. Mind and heart must be coordinated and brought into playAstrology, 111:[111] and to which response will be made is the Heart of the Sun. When that is controlling, theAstrology, 111:conditioned by energies coming to him from the "Heart of the Sun." I would here recall to yourAstrology, 111:Form - Personality - Influencing Mutable Cross. Heart of the Sun - Soul Consciousness - InfluencingAstrology, 126:found in every human being, that of head and heart, of mind and love, and of will and wisdom, theAstrology, 139:manifestation. Jupiter - Ray Two - The fusion of heart and mind, which is the subjective purpose ofAstrology, 139:- The will to be and to know plus the fusion of heart and mind is the result of the work carriedAstrology, 149:the third decanate, Venus, which is the union of heart and mind, will usher in the long hoped forAstrology, 155:and killed by the piercing of his eye and heart by the long horn of the unicorn. The symbol of thisAstrology, 157:the three higher centers in man: the head, the heart and the throat. Aries opens the door intoAstrology, 169:ambitious and egoistic. The head rules the heart in such cases, whereas in the perfect example ofAstrology, 169:example of the influences of Capricorn, head and heart are perfectly balanced. Capricorn rules theAstrology, 169:knees upon the rocky mountain top to offer his heart and life to the soul and to human service, canAstrology, 173:love, whilst the Sun - the physical Sun and the heart of the Sun together - reveals the synthesisAstrology, 193:injunction to the disciple carry meaning to the heart and mind. Astrology, 229:time it veils and hides the hidden "man of the heart," which is the Christ, within each human form.Astrology, 251:to confuse the issue. They speak straight to the heart and without obscurity. To the average manAstrology, 279:into manifestation thereby the hidden man of the heart, the Christ within, the soul, the groupAstrology, 296:anima mundi; the animal soul. Multiplicity. The heart of the Sun - the human soul and the divineAstrology, 296:(like a lens) are Neptune and Uranus. The "heart of the Sun" employs Neptune as its agent, whilstAstrology, 297:the diaphragm. Upon the Fixed Cross, it is the "heart of the Sun" which is called into activity andAstrology, 297:Neptune upon man. These stimulate and affect the heart, the throat and the ajna centers. Upon theAstrology, 298:is responsive to energies coming from "the heart of the Sun," and when this is the case, itAstrology, 300:magnitude and which is frequently called "the heart of the Lion." There is more real occultismAstrology, 301:three major centers in the body are The Head The Heart The base of the Spine Central spiritual SunAstrology, 301:The base of the Spine Central spiritual Sun The heart of the Sun The physical Sun Sirius MercuryAstrology, 306:the influence of the physical Sun and the "heart of the Sun" - produces awareness of the relationAstrology, 307:Sun, motivated by the energies pouring from "the heart of the Sun" (via [308] Neptune) and bringingAstrology, 308:connection: Leo and Aquarius The physical Sun - Heart of the Sun - Central spiritual Sun. TheAstrology, 351:effects. This sign controls esoterically the heart of our solar system and thus controls theAstrology, 351:is. Gemini is, therefore, connected with the heart of the Sun, just as Cancer is related to theAstrology, 351:- intelligent activity of the Whole. Gemini - heart of the Sun - 2nd aspect - love of the Whole.Astrology, 367:in my books: the life aspect seated in the heart and using the blood stream as its mode ofAstrology, 367:in the adult person, owing to the fact that the heart center is unawakened in the majority. ItAstrology, 367:with the light and life of God." Then the heart center, with its correlating activity ofAstrology, 372:the hidden mystery which is to be found at the heart of all forms. It is going forward also throughAstrology, 393:brings it up into the light. Esoterically - the heart of the Sun. The Sun - The great Illuminator.Astrology, 421:head center Planetary ajna center Planetary heart From thence to: Disciple's head center Disciple'sAstrology, 421:head center Disciple's ajna center Disciple's heart center and eventually control: The base of theAstrology, 427:Planetary head center Hierarchy Earth Planetary heart center Humanity Earth Planetary ajna centerAstrology, 427:center 5. Head center Initiate Egoic purpose Heart center Disciple Egoic love Ajna center AspirantAstrology, 427:- Head center - Base of spine. Hierarchy - Heart center - Solar plexus. Humanity - Ajna center -Astrology, 431:base mounted in time and space. Leo within the heart and head shouted aloud and stood whilst SaturnAstrology, 432:unison. Changes are wrought. The cosmic heart, the heart systemic and the little heart of man beginAstrology, 432:Changes are wrought. The cosmic heart, the heart systemic and the little heart of man begin to beatAstrology, 432:cosmic heart, the heart systemic and the little heart of man begin to beat as one and as this beatAstrology, 434:be found illuminating and their relation to the heart and throat will prove evocative of knowledge.Astrology, 451:personality nature. It is the stimulation of the heart center with a consequent control of theAstrology, 451:center which should be the planned result. The heart must dominate the solar plexus by theAstrology, 451:plexus by the withdrawing of its energies to the heart. The time has not yet come when it is safeAstrology, 452:Will Hierarchy - Love. Wisdom - Planetary heart center - Directed Love Humanity - Intelligence -Astrology, 453:sphere, the head center, the ajna center, the heart and solar plexus centers and the throat centerAstrology, 454:the focus of its receptivity to the planetary heart center; when this takes place, the HierarchyAstrology, 455:head center (the relating point between the heart center and the soul on its own plane) is theAstrology, 455:vibrating. In seventh root-race fully awakened. Heart center - Hierarchy - 2nd ray - 6th root-raceAstrology, 456:Power to build. Two centers functioning; heart and sacral centers. Focal point of vibratoryAstrology, 477:for they draw upon the resources of the heart. They release the light of wisdom within the field ofAstrology, 478:underlying truth whose two head centers and his heart center form a triangle of flowing energies.Astrology, 481:will of Deity and the unalterable energy at the heart of the manifested zodiac, they produce theAstrology, 490:activity of the Christ principle in the heart of humanity. Ray III - Cancer: The mass movementAstrology, 504:Pleiades and Sirius. They are to Him what the heart, the head and the throat centers are to theAstrology, 509:and of death. "The arrow of God pierces the heart and death takes place." But in this connection itAstrology, 512:planets control, with the head and the heart centers under the rule of two sacred planets, whichAstrology, 515:into its higher point of transference, the heart center. In another, it may be seen to be focusedAstrology, 517:ray - Venus Throat Center - third ray - Earth Heart Center - second ray - Sun Solar plexus Center -Astrology, 517:ray - Venus Throat Center - third ray - Saturn Heart Center - second ray - Jupiter Solar plexusAstrology, 520:of the planetary solar plexus to the planetary heart center. The forces of cupidity, aggression,Astrology, 520:pain and fiery agony and will be raised into the heart center. There they will be changed into theAstrology, 556:Pilgrims the Endless Path which reaches to the Heart of the Universe. Man, then no longer man, willAstrology, 556:is the Cross of the "widespread arms, the open heart and the higher mind," for those who lie uponAstrology, 592:as registered by a human being who finds his heart's desire. Long processes of evolution precedeAstrology, 597:connected with the brain and not with the heart, strange as that may seem to you. It is in a veryAstrology, 606:there lies behind all the energies of the Heart of God and all the forces which have produced theAstrology, 616:I turn again unto Myself, carrying within my heart of love that which I, the One, have served and
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