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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEART

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Astrology, 620:the personality upon the physical plane and the Heart of the Sun revealing the nature of the soul.Astrology, 625:other self, the self I dimly sense.[625] Unto My heart I drew that other One and drawing thus IAstrology, 658:and, just as our sun is the embodiment of the heart or love aspect of the Logos (Who is Himself theAstrology, 658:or love aspect of the Logos (Who is Himself the heart of the One about Whom Naught may be Said) soAstrology, 670:The central spiritual sun-God the Father. The heart of the sun-God the son. The physical sun-GodAstrology, 689:such as the: Base of the spine, Solar plexus, Heart; or again, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat; [690]Astrology, 689:Solar plexus, Heart; or again, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat; [690] so, in the case of a HeavenlyAstrology, 690:it will be felt at its height." (C. F. 699) "The heart of the Sun, and its relation to the lowerAstrology, 690:remembered that the force which flows from the heart of the Sun, works through a triangle formed byAtom, 22:that world itself, that lies hidden at the heart of the atom of chemistry, within the heart of manAtom, 22:the heart of the atom of chemistry, within the heart of man himself, within the planet, and withinAtom, 43:the atom of the solar system. There, at the heart of the solar system, the sun, you have theAutobiographyThe physical vehicle was given no respite. The heart and blood condition grew steadily worse.Autobiography, X:magnetic potency of her own great long-suffering heart. Some have asked why she should have had toAutobiography, 8:The mystic and the occult way, the way of the heart and the head, must fuse and blend and thenAutobiography, 21:they must seek unity. They are governed by the heart and by feeling. At that time I did not likeAutobiography, 22:- perhaps both) and the development of the heart response and the power to feel (and to feelAutobiography, 24:it was who introduced tulips into England. His heart - enclosed in a silver casket - was buriedAutobiography, 51:broader than the measure of man's mind and the Heart of the Eternal is most wonderfully kind." ButAutobiography, 51:and knew nothing of the vicissitudes and the heart searching pains to which all honest translatorsAutobiography, 61:Him. I know that the Christ life in the human heart can lead all men from death to immortality. IAutobiography, 76:for hours and these I could almost play by heart. I had a very good mezzo soprano voice in thoseAutobiography, 88:I was utterly frantic. I felt a traitor. My heart was pulling me in one direction and my head wasAutobiography, 95:so fed up, so discouraged, so utterly sick at heart that the next thing I remember was being pickedAutobiography, 108:She said it as if she had learnt it off by heart and she was as good as her word. Today there isAutobiography, 115:colloquially called "a blue baby" with a leaking heart valve, and for years it was never believedAutobiography, 138:to satisfy my questioning mind and my disturbed heart? I had been [139] left adrift on a pinnacleAutobiography, 143:climb a hill, or walk up stairs I conquered the heart trouble until today she is the strongestAutobiography, 149:kill a white woman. It would mean a knife in my heart. For forty-five minutes I sat on my bedAutobiography, 155:brief occasional letters to indicate a change of heart and I began again to consider the necessityAutobiography, 170:have the interest of the [170] society truly at heart. The cleavage in the society was steadilyAutobiography, 179:Prayer is of the emotional nature and of the heart and is universally used for the satisfaction ofAutobiography, 196:bewildered me. Nobody can exist without their heart or their head and the true occult student is aAutobiography, 198:the school and its functioning. It is the very heart of all we do. We now have a British section, aAutobiography, 213:forces is dangerous and even the pure in heart need protection. Esotericism is in reality theAutobiography, 250:Emphasis is laid upon the one Master in the heart, the soul, the true spiritual man within eachAutobiography, 256:influence, requires a mental polarization, a heart development and a sense of real values. TheAutobiography, 264:Path of Probation. They are concerned with the heart approach to God and with the deep humanAutobiography, 269:mental equipment. The head and the heart are regarded as of equal importance and as equally divine.Autobiography, 282:for all concerned. Discipleship entails a loving heart and a keen, alert mind. The loving heart hasAutobiography, 282:loving heart and a keen, alert mind. The loving heart has always been emphasized, plus devotion, byAutobiography, 285:achieving mastery, so that the One Master in the heart can assume control. It is our aim to helpAutobiography, 303:motion. At that time out of the kindness of his heart and for my encouragement the Tibetan gave meBethlehem, viii:evocation of the Christ Life in the human heart and our rapid integration into the kingdom of GodBethlehem, 24:for humanity. It is the balance of head and heart that is required, and the intellect must find itsBethlehem, 24:broader than the measure of man's mind, and the heart of the Eternal is most wonderfully kind" - soBethlehem, 24:all causes and all races, into one flaming heart of love, knowing no separateness, no division andBethlehem, 24:into activity not only the deepest love of one's heart, but the keenest decisions of the mind. [25]Bethlehem, 26:of the revelation of Christ in the human heart. There is first of all the phrase "Christ in you,Bethlehem, 30:Pilgrims the Endless Path, which reaches to the heart of the universe. Man, then no longer man,Bethlehem, 38:surface that which is hidden within the human heart, and to unveil to our eyes the new vision. ThenBethlehem, 38:in the Heavens, and the center in every human heart. Each individual soul must hear it for itselfBethlehem, 44:Within ourselves we find God. In the cave of the heart the divine life can be felt throbbing. ManBethlehem, 49:revelation of the Presence of God in the human heart, of Christ born in man, and of each humanBethlehem, 57:when grasped by the mind and understood by the heart, will enable each aspirant to the ChristianBethlehem, 69:in the night. In the thick darkness, at its very heart, Christ meets, transfigured, souls He callsBethlehem, 71:the individual Christ, hidden in every human heart, Who must be brought to birth. None of theBethlehem, 73:gift of a mind made wise through pain, and a heart made kind through distress and throughBethlehem, 83:the doctrine of Divine Immanence in the human heart never became quite the central truth ofBethlehem, 88:feeling nature enables us to say, "I lift up my heart unto the Lord." Most people live in theirBethlehem, 88:heart unto the Lord." Most people live in their heart nature and in the feeling body, and it isBethlehem, 88:and in the feeling body, and it is through the heart that we find our way to the Heart of God. OnlyBethlehem, 88:is through the heart that we find our way to the Heart of God. Only through love can Love beBethlehem, 97:all men when He said, "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." (St. Matt., V, 8.)Bethlehem, 99:and - among its most advanced types - in the heart life. John the Baptist therefore gave theBethlehem, 102:an intriguing hypothetical possibility and his heart's desire. He knows himself to be a son of God,Bethlehem, 121:a lost sense of values and enrich the heart with compassion. Money and perfect health may beBethlehem, 125:p. 88.) for there is no question that "at the heart of all religion and all religions there is anBethlehem, 125:is real. If the Presence of God in the human heart has at any moment, for an instant, been aBethlehem, 129:values and smaller issues cannot hold the ardent heart. Where the whole as a possibility isBethlehem, 162:in the natural world. It is deep within the heart of every man. The Christ life brings himBethlehem, 164:my former shape once more, thy fear gone, thy heart at rest!" and then he goes on to tell him:Bethlehem, 171:beholding what was never seen before, and my heart trembles with fear; show me, Lord, the formerBethlehem, 177:of mankind has always been close to the heart of the Father. To quote one writer who seeks to proveBethlehem, 181:evolved those figures as idealizations of its "heart's desire" and placed a halo round their heads.Bethlehem, 181:- the history of the evolution of the human heart, and of human consciousness." - Pagan andBethlehem, 185:All pathways by His feet are worn, His strong heart stirs the ever-beating sea, His crown of thornsBethlehem, 190:to forget God, and the necessity for a change of heart or of intention have been the contributionBethlehem, 202:in the relation between the "hidden man of the heart" (I St. Peter, III, 4.) and the outer,Bethlehem, 203:the inner spiritual man, the "hidden man of the heart." "Iniquity" is a word with a seeminglyBethlehem, 210:and their failure to see the vision, broke the heart of the Savior of the world - a Savior becauseBethlehem, 212:of the fact of the presence of God in the human heart which is the basis of the mystical vision,Bethlehem, 215:Christ. It is the inner hidden man of the heart, the unrealized Christ who can approach the Father.Bethlehem, 215:an attitude to the Christ dwelling in the human heart. We learn through pain and suffering (thatBethlehem, 220:that Christ blazed the trail to the very heart of God Himself. Only when the soul has learnt toBethlehem, 226:than we have been led to believe, and that the heart of God the Father is far kinder [227] thanBethlehem, 233:and at the same time wiser. It penetrates to the heart of reality and has a faculty of discoveringBethlehem, 237:man. He was then touched with the thyrsus on the heart - the 'spear' of the crucifixion - and,Bethlehem, 237:first the strange obscure regions called 'the heart of the earth,' and thereafter the heavenlyBethlehem, 239:follow; and Christ, alive today in every human heart, the guarantee of, and the urge towardsBethlehem, 250:Pilgrims the Endless Path, which reaches to the Heart of the Universe. Man, then no longer man,Bethlehem, 252:to the glory of the Lord within his own heart and immanent in every form, finds place: "TheBethlehem, 260:mythic Christ, and the mystical Christ in the heart of every man. He revealed the nature of GodBethlehem, 269:are characteristic of the Christ in the human heart, the soul, the son of God in incarnation,Bethlehem, 271:in all the time; love is latent in every human heart. Only obedience is required at the first step,Bethlehem, 278:Full expression of the "Hidden [278] Man of the Heart" is the need today. The revelation of theDestiny, 15:group deeply enshrined in his consciousness and heart; he will think in terms of the whole and notDestiny, 23:Ruler: The Christ, The World Savior. Planetary heart center. III. HUMANITY The city, standingDestiny, 42:and the physical nature. The head and the heart, through the sublimation of the sacral and theDestiny, 81:and Taurus have dowered the race. London, the heart center of the empire is ruled spiritually by
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