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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEART

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Destiny, 94:human being, the same analogy holds good and the heart, for some reason, is regarded as holier andDestiny, 107:aspect, and in this group the doctrine of the heart and the law of love control. In thisDestiny, 136:which are like the beat or pulsation of the heart and these periods last approximately threeDestiny, 139:upon the coming into activity of an awakened heart center in the race. This is the second majorDestiny, 139:which relates the solar plexus to the heart, humanity to the Hierarchy and the personality and theDestiny, 139:in manifestation. The second ray center - heart center. The second race (the Atlantean) as itDestiny, 139:sustaining Life, the second or subjective Sun - heart of sun. [140] To all these is related theDestiny, 148:Christmas Day which would have pleased the heart of Christ has degenerated into an orgy ofDiscipleship1, XII:of mankind. This belief necessarily involves a heart full of love, a mind open and illumined byDiscipleship1, 5:have the opened, inner ear and true humility of heart. If it is not recognized, time will pursueDiscipleship1, 20:so it is among the nations. Yet at the heart of every nation lies latent the mystical soul andDiscipleship1, 23:often to be found, for the beauty of the human heart has manifested itself down the ages. To findDiscipleship1, 30:always - silently and interiorly - lift up your heart and eyes to the Eternal. But at some hourDiscipleship1, 30:Go to your work with clear vision, a loving heart and an understanding love. Much can then beDiscipleship1, 41:centers in their work: Group 1 The head, heart and throat centers. Group 2 The head, heart andDiscipleship1, 41:heart and throat centers. Group 2 The head, heart and solar plexus centers. Group 3 The head, heartDiscipleship1, 41:and solar plexus centers. Group 3 The head, heart and ajna centers. Group 4 The head, ajna andDiscipleship1, 41:ajna and throat centers. Group 5 The head and heart centers and the center at the base of theDiscipleship1, 41:at the base of the spine. Group 6 The head, heart and solar plexus centers. This is necessarily theDiscipleship1, 41:throat and sacral centers. Group 8 The head, heart, solar plexus and throat centers. This group ofDiscipleship1, 42:a linking group. [42] Group 9 The head, heart, throat and sacral centers. Group 10 The head, heart,Discipleship1, 42:throat and sacral centers. Group 10 The head, heart, sacral centers and the center at the base ofDiscipleship1, 44:of these people emerged along the way of the heart, the mystical way; such were Shri Krishna, St.Discipleship1, 48:in the average person) , turning it into heart activity and the service of your fellow men.Discipleship1, 49:refer not here to a solar plexus reaction but to heart knowledge. Ponder on this distinction. RightDiscipleship1, 58:disciple and the consequent fusion in the heart-mind-brain [59] of the disciple, simultaneously, ofDiscipleship1, 62:the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be always acceptable in thy sight, Oh Soul, myDiscipleship1, 87:parts) involves, therefore, the linking up of heart and head, of the mystic and the occultDiscipleship1, 87:I - Talks to Disciples - Part VIII Only from the heart center can stream, in reality, those linesDiscipleship1, 87:certain meditations which stimulated the heart into action, linking the heart center (between theDiscipleship1, 87:stimulated the heart into action, linking the heart center (between the shoulder blades) to theDiscipleship1, 87:the medium of the higher correspondence to the heart center, found within the head center (theDiscipleship1, 87:head center (the thousand petalled lotus) . This heart center, when adequately radiatory andDiscipleship1, 87:this will indicate the awakening of the heart center. In the past and up until the last few years,Discipleship1, 88:a technique which [88] automatically brought the heart center into activity. It is love of humanityDiscipleship1, 102:your undertakings is the desire (deep within my heart) for each and all of you. Your Master, FriendDiscipleship1, 107:the problem is to become an "extrovert of the heart type" instead of being, as you are, anDiscipleship1, 108:changes can be made. The [108] progress towards heart development has proceeded well and the heartDiscipleship1, 108:heart development has proceeded well and the heart center is more alive than heretofore. You areDiscipleship1, 109:and sensitive contact and for an increased heart activity. This you are now acquiring and as aDiscipleship1, 109:of 1932), you have begun to link up head and heart. When this is done through the activity of theDiscipleship1, 110:emanating from the Master's group may flood your heart and energize your life is the thought whichDiscipleship1, 110:your life is the thought which lies in my heart for you. Discipleship1, 111:about by right control of the ajna, throat, heart and solar plexus centers by the spiritual man,Discipleship1, 112:could be easily aroused into activity and the heart center is rapidly awakening. Therefore, brotherDiscipleship1, 112:15% awakened The Throat Center 60% awakened The Heart Center 50% awakened The Solar Plexus CenterDiscipleship1, 113:in service may be yours is the desire of my heart for you. [114] Discipleship1, 114:main result has been an intensification of the heart center's activity, but this will eventuallyDiscipleship1, 114:the same time have no large organ (such as the heart or stomach) connected with them develop moreDiscipleship1, 114:instance, the thymus gland is connected with the heart center and the pancreas with the solarDiscipleship1, 114:certain large physical organisms - such as the heart and the stomach. These centers, therefore,Discipleship1, 114:- B.S.D. June 1936 There are two thoughts in my heart in connection with you, my brother, and twoDiscipleship1, 115:foundation. The two thoughts which come into my heart to tell you can be summarized as follows.Discipleship1, 115:follows. Note that these thoughts come from my heart and the suggestion from my mind. Herein lies aDiscipleship1, 116:The second thought which comes to you from my heart is to urge you to remember that chelashipDiscipleship1, 119:whose will is firm, whose eyes are clear, whose heart is slowly opening to a distant sound - aDiscipleship1, 122:greater usefulness through the awakening of the heart center and a renewed interest in the Way ofDiscipleship1, 122:center and a renewed interest in the Way of the Heart. To this end, I will give you a meditation inDiscipleship1, 123:I referred to in the words "the slowly opening heart." For two reasons, this response of the heartDiscipleship1, 123:heart." For two reasons, this response of the heart has not been an easy thing for you to do. OneDiscipleship1, 138:of a devitalized etheric body and also of a heart attached to many and hence unduly strained andDiscipleship1, 139:with a view to etheric vitalization. Your heart center is sufficiently awakened for this life andDiscipleship1, 141:demands upon your time, your strength and your heart which will surely come.... For you this yearDiscipleship1, 143:before definitely closing this subject. When the heart is full of love and the head is full ofDiscipleship1, 144:there is a subjective freedom from fear, a heart full of love and that loving understanding whichDiscipleship1, 145:to you: Look for those who have blended head and heart and above whose foreheads shines the mysticDiscipleship1, 155:can carry through their blended energies to the heart center. The increasing use of this line ofDiscipleship1, 156:personality, add to them the energy of the [156] heart center and then learn how to carry all threeDiscipleship1, 157:body and the vitalization, above all, of the heart and the throat centers. This should be carriedDiscipleship1, 158:form is Joy. [158] Out of the lotus in the heart springs the flower of love. Its earliestDiscipleship1, 158:be of service: "Joy settles as a bird within the heart but has winged its way from the secret placeDiscipleship1, 174:goal; but your rhythm, or rather, you spiritual heart beat, is slow and this should be speeded up.Discipleship1, 176:month - The Love of the Soul wells up within my heart; and understanding, pity, love andDiscipleship1, 190:the focus of your attention must be upon the heart center. To this end a meditation which you willDiscipleship1, 190:appear, but learn to love and do. Work from the heart and not from the head and balance yourDiscipleship1, 190:from the head and balance your unfoldment. With heart and head aligned, the healing force can flowDiscipleship1, 192:ago and may the clarity of light guide your heart, your thoughts, and aspiration. Discipleship1, 195:you to meditate are as follows: 1st month - The heart as a radiating center of love. 2nd month -Discipleship1, 195:4th month - Speech as an expression of a heart at rest. 5th month - The power to dwell, unmoved, atDiscipleship1, 211:Path must be held in the secret chamber of the heart where none may see them but those who shareDiscipleship1, 212:between the eyebrows, the ajna center. The heart center and the solar plexus center are the twoDiscipleship1, 212:blended with the active force of the awakening heart center. Then exhale for six counts and as youDiscipleship1, 213:and as that love streams through and from the heart, I magnetize the ones I seek to aid." 4. PonderDiscipleship1, 214:in the light, by constantly lifting up your heart unto the Lord of your life, and by constitutingDiscipleship1, 216:higher and the lower centers - to the head and heart. This will be carried forward as you seek toDiscipleship1, 219:you wield from the solar plexus center to the heart center. In terms of living expression, thisDiscipleship1, 224:through the solar plexus and not through the heart." Another is the glamor of the Burning GroundDiscipleship1, 231:nightingale - the bird who sings close to the heart of God. Fifth month - A gate of brass, a goldenDiscipleship1, 234:thus handicapping the full awakening of the heart center. Much have you done in the past five yearsDiscipleship1, 234:years anent the increased sensitivity of the heart. Yet the rationalizing intellect can stillDiscipleship1, 234:can still impede the receptivity of the heart to life and circumstance and, above all, to theDiscipleship1, 234:sorrow, world distress and world awakening? The heart of humanity is now coming to life and that inDiscipleship1, 234:combination of a trained mind and an awakened heart is the objective of the disciple who at yourDiscipleship1, 234:the whole man. As I told you some years ago, the heart afire with love (not with sentiment or withDiscipleship1, 234:perception of the significance of the loving heart, plus an active understanding of theDiscipleship1, 234:relation of the trained mind and the awakened heart that constitutes the true burning ground and aDiscipleship1, 237:your personality and when you can live in your heart and not in your solar plexus. Discipleship1, 237:comes when again I can communicate with you? My heart is with you and I have an understanding ofDiscipleship1, 242:Tibetan; you must cultivate that understanding heart which will make you more aware of others thanDiscipleship1, 246:only this time carry on the work entirely in the heart instead of in the head.
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