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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEART

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Discipleship2, 466:and also to blaze a trail straight from your heart into the heart of others... I stand by you, myDiscipleship2, 466:blaze a trail straight from your heart into the heart of others... I stand by you, my brother,Discipleship2, 467:to bring about a better adjustment between the heart center and its counterpart in the head), youDiscipleship2, 467:much has been given out in connection with the heart center, little has been communicated inDiscipleship2, 467:center. The reason that more is known about the heart center is due to its being the centerDiscipleship2, 467:was achieved in the Atlantean race when the heart center was alive and its twelve petals unfolded.Discipleship2, 467:realization, the unfoldment of the lotus of the heart and the deep conviction of the pairs ofDiscipleship2, 468:of the counterparts in the head to the heart center, for instance, involves one of the greatDiscipleship2, 468:The carrying of all this mobilized energy to the heart center at the fifth initiation for groupDiscipleship2, 469:plexus (the [469] great clearing house) and the heart and throat will be carried - at the thirdDiscipleship2, 469:of light as to that vibrant reality of which the heart is the reflection. One thing I can add. As IDiscipleship2, 469:add. As I told you before, the activity of the heart center never demonstrates in connection withDiscipleship2, 469:to identify itself with individuals. The heart center cannot react, except under group impetus,Discipleship2, 475:of the eye is yours. Let the radiation of your heart follow the eye's direction. Live not upon theDiscipleship2, 476:use of the head center. You are, of course, a "heart" person. The task ahead of you in yourDiscipleship2, 476:meditation work is to lift the energy of the heart center into its correspondence in the head andDiscipleship2, 476:and begin to live more in the head than in the heart; you should begin also to fuse and blend theDiscipleship2, 476:also to fuse and blend the energy of this higher heart center with that of the ajna center, thusDiscipleship2, 477:these two symbolic phrases we have related the heart center to the head center, and likewise theDiscipleship2, 477:center to the head center, and likewise the heart center to the astral body. The Sandals on theDiscipleship2, 478:and not simply of symbolism; the concept of heart radiation, attractive power, and theDiscipleship2, 478:The establishing of relation between: The heart center and the head center. The heart center in theDiscipleship2, 478:The heart center and the head center. The heart center in the head and the ajna center. Thus aDiscipleship2, 478:or of "lighted, living relation" is established: heart, head and ajna centers. The waiting,Discipleship2, 478:greater triangle is established: soul, head and heart. Visualize these triangles as relating andDiscipleship2, 478:be in the head, midway between the soul and the heart center up the spine - and therefore using asDiscipleship2, 478:- and therefore using as that midway point the heart center in the head. Avoid concentrating uponDiscipleship2, 484:in the aphorism that "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." The first word which I wouldDiscipleship2, 489:it to be a simple brain [489] activity. The heart is in no way to be involved. Your objective is toDiscipleship2, 489:therefore the life thread anchored in the heart is not involved. The aim is, for a few hours andDiscipleship2, 492:to know it too. The wishes, coming from my heart for you, surround you. Discipleship2, 496:cables intertwined - passes [496] from the heart and connects you, the personality, with the soul.Discipleship2, 501:in the "circle of the Ashram" which guards the heart of the hierarchical life. With courage andDiscipleship2, 506:in you. Think - if I may so express it - in your heart, and also in your mind, and endeavor toDiscipleship2, 515:the spine and upward to the head, not to the heart as is usually the case. Focus the dedicatedDiscipleship2, 515:actively upon the solar plexus, the head, the heart and the throat. It will require carefulDiscipleship2, 516:in. Be not so troubled, brother. Close to my heart you stand and close to that of Morya. Talk toDiscipleship2, 520:will accomplish thus in meditation (using the heart center as a balance for the head) you willDiscipleship2, 521:on your Way, closer to my Ashram, nearer to my heart (and here I am speaking both lovingly andDiscipleship2, 527:to be faced clear-eyed, free from glamor, with a heart full of love and a mind released from allDiscipleship2, 532:a shimmering thread of gold. It passes from your heart to mine and strengthens day by day, eachDiscipleship2, 533:old. Expand again. My brother, the need of your heart is the need of my heart and the need of yourDiscipleship2, 533:the need of your heart is the need of my heart and the need of your brothers. This fusing of needDiscipleship2, 534:For years I have emphasized to you the need for heart-love, and consistently and steadily you haveDiscipleship2, 535:emotion or sentiment or feeling, but of soul or heart love. [536] Make three of these definitionsDiscipleship2, 536:The thread of gold which "passes from your heart to mine" is now an unshatterable chain of goldenDiscipleship2, 541:radiation which invokes and evokes not only the heart of God but the heart of humanity also. LoveDiscipleship2, 541:and evokes not only the heart of God but the heart of humanity also. Love is the cause of allDiscipleship2, 541:- L.F.U. August 1946 MY BROTHER OF THE STEADFAST HEART: I do not find as I approach you today thatDiscipleship2, 542:But the Arcane School must continue as the heart of all the other activities. The staff is soundDiscipleship2, 555:then discovers that "as a man thinketh in his heart so is he," because the heart is the custodianDiscipleship2, 555:man thinketh in his heart so is he," because the heart is the custodian of the power of theDiscipleship2, 556:as the injunction "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." That injunction, if rightly followed,Discipleship2, 559:to something that is close, very close, to my heart. I would ask you to take the new book,Discipleship2, 560:this must inevitably be the case when head and heart are consciously related. Gradually thatDiscipleship2, 561:tiny beam of light focused within the chela's heart, directed by his eye, penetrates in turn theDiscipleship2, 564:the experience of the Master at its center or heart. The more advanced the Master, the more of theDiscipleship2, 567:of dedication, The astral body, "lifting up the heart unto the Lord" thereby, in reality, ignoringDiscipleship2, 571:There is a symbol which flashes out from the heart of all who serve their fellowmen for which weDiscipleship2, 584:You are definitely penetrating closer to the heart of the Ashram and are now known there andDiscipleship2, 586:and with sixth ray tendencies, to the very heart of the Hierarchy? People are apt to regardDiscipleship2, 591:soul energy and concentrate it in the head and heart, holding it steadily there for use during theDiscipleship2, 605:the breathing and draw the energy from the heart center, holding these two withdrawn energiesDiscipleship2, 607:will be increasingly required. An understanding heart and a steady application to the work to beDiscipleship2, 608:- with firmness and judgment. Let not your heart always determine the issues at stake, but call inDiscipleship2, 611:opportunity for you, and in the place where your heart lies. When you have successfully and rightlyDiscipleship2, 613:is essentially work that is close to my heart. Each soul you touch in the carrying out of theseDiscipleship2, 636:major task of goodwill which is so close to my heart; it will necessitate sacrifice upon your partDiscipleship2, 649:Star and through them all the throbbing of the heart of love, streaming from out the Ashram of D.K.Discipleship2, 651:1944 MY BELOVED FRIEND AND TRUSTED DISCIPLE: My heart has gone out to you during the past year asDiscipleship2, 654:find yourself upon the other side, and near my heart." A garden full of flowers, of bees andDiscipleship2, 654:the forms of those who long to enter. Into my heart there come the words, spoken I know not when:Discipleship2, 655:and staunchness you have brought joy to my heart and strength to the Ashram. I would have you knowDiscipleship2, 657:dissatisfaction engenders also humility of heart - a quality you much need to cultivate. HumilityDiscipleship2, 658:largely theoretical and imposed; humility of heart is practical and inherently spontaneous. I wouldDiscipleship2, 658:that you cannot now give. As you know, it is the heart quality in you which needs intensifying andDiscipleship2, 658:energy of the soul must pour on its way to the heart center. It is, therefore, the second rayDiscipleship2, 660:is the increase of the flow of energy to the heart center, remembering always that the heart centerDiscipleship2, 660:to the heart center, remembering always that the heart center is a twelve-petalled lotus.Discipleship2, 660:ajna center and from there carry it down to the heart center and hold it there for later use. DoDiscipleship2, 660:nature is love. Then, bearing in mind that the heart center is the repository of twelve forces orDiscipleship2, 661:petals. Such energy then is in touch with the heart center. Wisdom, which is the fruit of love andDiscipleship2, 661:lotus. Sacrifice, which is the giving of the heart's blood or life for others. After a quietDiscipleship2, 661:qualities, which express themselves through the heart center, must be interpreted esoterically andDiscipleship2, 662:the world of meaning. To understand impels the heart detached. And with that understanding thereDiscipleship2, 667:in the other your love will be deepened and your heart become more understanding. [668] Discipleship2, 681:but there is much still to be done and this your heart of love can accomplish once you see clearlyDiscipleship2, 686:the astral body out of the solar plexus into the heart center, thus breaking down some of theDiscipleship2, 686:and the wavering, fluctuating light of the heart center. [687] Then, through the power of theDiscipleship2, 687:throw the light and energy of the soul into the heart center and believe - through the power of theDiscipleship2, 687:solar plexus is lifted up or drawn up into the heart center and is there transmuted into soul love.Discipleship2, 687:The solar plexus is dimmed. The radiance of the heart is substituted. The light of the soul remainsDiscipleship2, 688:upon the inward way whom you must carry in your heart and seek to reach. C.D.P. is one; the otherDiscipleship2, 689:you to discover in the secret place of your own heart. At any rate, my brother and my tried friend,Discipleship2, 698:she needs a guiding, loving understanding heart; one you will meet and needs must save; the otherDiscipleship2, 698:which has so long erased the vision from your heart. You have the vision but it is ever on ahead.Discipleship2, 698:When will it pierce the cloud and settle in your heart? Health, strength and opportunity confrontDiscipleship2, 705:the distribution of time. Study the value of the heart at leisure from itself and its problems.Discipleship2, 707:clear before you. Have you the inner grace of heart to admit error and weakness or to say that youDiscipleship2, 708:clear insight and executive ability and a loving heart when it is sparked into compassion. You have
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