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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEART

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Fire, 662:meaning of the essential unity which lies at the heart of Being, and to comprehend the oneness ofFire, 664:or atma in man. (S. D., II, 250, 251.) The heart of the sun, and its relation to the lower andFire, 664:remembered that the force which flows from the heart of the sun, works through a triangle formed byFire, 668:second order on the. monadic plane, and with the heart center of the particular Heavenly Man onFire, 678:substance of a plane; this emanates from the "Heart of the Sun" and is peculiarly potent. All theFire, 678:what is esoterically called the "path of the Heart," and are the bridge between the astral and theFire, 679:hand, and the devas who form the "Path of the Heart" upon the other, those who are the bridge ofFire, 684:largely by the condition and action of the heart. The heart circulates vitality to the myriads ofFire, 684:by the condition and action of the heart. The heart circulates vitality to the myriads of cellsFire, 684:seen in the fact that these fire devas are "the Heart of the Dhyan chohanic body," 23 for theirFire, 684:self-expression. It is as follows: Only as the heart center of a Heavenly Man (each in His cycleFire, 685:groups. It brings forth a manifestation of the heart impulses of the Heavenly Man, and thus swingsFire, 685:those Monads (energized by the life of the Heart) who form various centers. The old CommentaryFire, 685:centers. The old Commentary says: "When the Heart of the Body throbs with spiritual energy, whenFire, 685:month during the prenatal period, when the heart of the child thrills with life and individualFire, 685:cosmic incarnation becomes a possibility; the "Heart" occultly awakens, and the "Son of God," theFire, 686:planetary Logos, but for each and all the "Heart of the Body" has to thrill with awakening lifeFire, 686:and higher three are synthesized. The logoic heart is thrilling, and response comes already fromFire, 686:One logoic center is responding fully to the heart stimulation, and that is Venus, who is passingFire, 687:life energy as it flows through the systemic "Heart" can be seen in the activity of the astralFire, 698:the logoic head center which corresponds to the heart, and here is the clue to the mystery ofFire, 698:The kamic angels are vitalized from the "heart" center and the manasic angels from the logoic headFire, 698:the point within that center connected with the heart. These two dominating groups are the sumtotalFire, 699:in this solar system. They come from the heart center, and express that force. The third group,Fire, 702:with it those solar angels who "rested in the Heart of God until the hour was come." TheirFire, 702:to the volatile essences of the body, to the heart center particularly, and its relation to theseFire, 702:and its relation to these gaseous elements. The heart will be found to be not only the engine whichFire, 709:in the appearance of the lotus. At the very heart of the lotus, three more petals appear whichFire, 710:atom. The Spirit aspect lies concealed at the heart of the lotus, in due course of time to standFire, 710:that entity we call Man. 37 Mahadeva sits at the heart, Surya or Vishnu reveals Him in His essenceFire, 713:is accomplished the sixth principle at the Heart of the Lotus can stand revealed. After eachFire, 725:appearing in the schemes, has relation to the heart center of a planetary Logos, and appears on theFire, 725:the higher planes (never on the lower) when the heart activity is making itself felt, and when theFire, 742:Logos, and in the process of passing through his Heart center three things occur: They becomeFire, 750:qualification was the purification of the heart from all sensual passions and false preconceptions;Fire, 750:- The Theosophist, Vol. IX, p. 246. The pure heart and clean mind alone permit one to attainFire, 750:persons that do not commit sins in word, deed, heart and soul, are said to undergo asceticFire, 759:which have laid the emphasis so strongly on the heart or love aspect, may respond more rapidly toFire, 761:as follows: Concealed at the very center or heart of the lotus is a brilliant point of electricFire, 766:from the first aspect which is hidden at the heart of the egoic lotus, but this hidden IdentityFire, 767:taken form, as the point of electric fire at the heart has begun to make itself felt even thoughFire, 781:They are the Fire Dhyanis, and emanate from the Heart of the Sun." - S. D., II, 96. Read the wordsFire, 784:increased and is centralized at the core or heart of the sphere where it produces that pulsation atFire, 784:Heat" are now intelligently cooperating. The heart and brain of the substance of the slowlyFire, 784:systemic body, and the alliance between mind and heart which is hidden in the term "kama-manas."Fire, 785:now working synthetically, and the brain, the heart and the lower centers are coordinated. TheFire, 797:and upon the rhythmic beat of the "central heart" or the "central sun" of any organism (solarFire, 806:for it embodies (as does the solar system) the heart aspect, or embryonic love nature, which it isFire, 815:body, the mystic effects his entrance into the heart center of his little system, and his lifeFire, 816:over in bud shape upon the central point, or heart of the lotus - that spark of electric fire whichFire, 820:stated: "The Lord of Life Himself sits at the heart and watches. The Lords of solar fire pursueFire, 831:the solar Pitris of the highest order into the Heart of the Sun; they will be directed outwardFire, 832:wherein the energy of the Ego is centered at the heart of the circle, and not in the periphery,Fire, 832:again to seek its own true center "within the Heart," and on the higher levels results affectingFire, 834:system) they will not progress far towards the heart of the solar mystery. Until the force of theFire, 836:Devas (or radiant energy) return to the central Heart or to the source which breathed them out.Fire, 838:burned low. A dull red glow slumbered within the Heart of Mother. Its warmth was scarcely felt. TheFire, 839:sets of forms, and myriads in the three. The Heart of Mother contracts, and expands with theseFire, 843:upon the solar Angels, and consequently upon the Heart of the solar system from whence they areFire, 843:Floods of energy or streams of force from the heart of the sun (the subjective Sun) were arrestedFire, 846:moon chain. On His high level, pity awoke in the heart of the planetary Logos for certainFire, 849:misplaced desire, seeks for the object of his heart's attention within the murky halls of densestFire, 859:are, as we know, four in number: The head, The heart, The throat, The base of the spine. These areFire, 860:head center, The secondary head center, The heart center. If the student studies this condition,Fire, 860:etheric centers - the two head centers and the heart center - are fully active with their twelveFire, 863:aware of the spiritual center within the heart. At this stage the man is recognized as one who canFire, 863:man is recognized as one who can speak occultly "heart to heart." He becomes a stimulator of theFire, 863:as one who can speak occultly "heart to heart." He becomes a stimulator of the heart center in hisFire, 863:"heart to heart." He becomes a stimulator of the heart center in his brother, and one who arousesFire, 864:centers in the torso are three in number, the heart, the throat, and the center between theFire, 865:energy of the lower six centers: The throat, The heart, The solar plexus, The spleen, The organs ofFire, 865:of opposites, but the secret of his brother's heart becomes revealed to him. He becomes anFire, 872:secret of the second aspect. It is latent in the Heart of the Sun, i.e., in the subjective Sun. TheFire, 877:of which he must avail himself and focus in his heart center and thus apply. Sacrifice is theFire, 878:four lower groups of solar Pitris return to the heart of the subjective sun, or to that inmostFire, 879:The four groups who found their way to the Heart of the system will reappear as the four planetaryFire, 884:centers which corresponds to either the head, heart, or throat center in a human unit. This energyFire, 899:particular head center which is linked to the heart center. The heart center. The solar plexus. TheFire, 899:center which is linked to the heart center. The heart center. The solar plexus. The planet Neptune,Fire, 901:system, we find, in the three factors - the heart, the arteries, and the veins - the clue to theFire, 909:who have the present needs of civilization at heart. They can then cooperate with the Mahachohan inFire, 920:formed. They are the sumtotal of the head, the heart and the throat centers of the solar Logos, andFire, 921:of energy upon the astral plane forms the heart center of Brahma. The transmitter of the Word onFire, 922:of energy upon the monadic plane forms the heart center of Vishnu, the second aspect. TheFire, 928:bringing in of a body of devas from the logoic heart center to swell the efforts of those alreadyFire, 964:later the three major centers - the head, the heart, and the throat - begin to vibrate, graduallyFire, 964:the pineal gland begins to function. As the heart center becomes fully alive, the pituitary bodyFire, 975:of motive, the triangle of energy will have the heart for its lowest point instead of the solarFire, 986:the forms are built. He learns to work from the heart, and therefore to manipulate that energyFire, 986:manipulate that energy which streams from the "Heart of the Sun" until (when he becomes a Buddha)Fire, 986:from the "Spiritual Sun." Therefore, the heart center in the Brother of the right hand path is theFire, 986:The center in the head which corresponds, to the heart. The heart center itself. The throat center.Fire, 986:in the head which corresponds, to the heart. The heart center itself. The throat center. 94 Magic.Fire, 1004:creates, and steady contemplation. Thus are the heart, the throat, and the eye, allied for tripleFire, 1006:a stream of protective energy from one of the heart petals of the Egoic lotus. This circulatesFire, 1015:fire is drawn from the inmost point within the heart the waters suffice not to subdue it. Like aFire, 1047:(essential). The sun (subjective), called 'the heart of the sun.' The physical sun (objective). andFire, 1048:as it pulsates through the medium of the monadic heart on the spiritual plane; and equally theyFire, 1050:with an exoteric three. The throat center. The heart center - an esoteric three and exoteric seven.Fire, 1055:In the planetary correspondence to the heart center. The throat center is, of course, ever vibrant
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