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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEART

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Healing, 622:at the exact center of the lotus, or at the heart of the center. This is sometimes called "theHealing, 623:frequently applied to the monadic point at the heart of the egoic lotus on its own plane. WhenHealing, 623:gathered up by the soul and withdrawn from the heart into the head and from thence back into theHealing, 624:The throat center - The thyroid gland. The heart center - The thymus gland. [625] The solar plexusHealing, 628:and sealed point within the center (the very heart of the center). There the point of life is to beHealing, 642:Five The healer must seek to link his soul, his heart, his brain and his hands. Thus can he pourHealing, 643:must seek to link his soul, his brain, his heart and auric emanation. Thus can his presence feedHealing, 648:The healer must seek to link his soul, his heart, his brain and his hands. Thus can he pour theHealing, 648:he then draws the soul energy down into his heart center, from whence he transfers it to the brain,Healing, 649:as the healer can hold the triangle of soul, heart and brain clearly in consciousness. The use ofHealing, 651:stable for the entire period of healing. Soul-heart-brain must be linked in such a "lighted" mannerHealing, 651:the signs of it in the inflowing energy to the heart and from the heart to the brain. The work doneHealing, 651:the inflowing energy to the heart and from the heart to the brain. The work done is silent work.Healing, 654:must seek to link his soul, his brain, his heart and auric emanation." You will note two pointsHealing, 658:thread and the life thread, from the head and heart centers. This is a broad and general outline ofHealing, 667:over the past one hundred years, goodness of heart, kindness in action, consideration for othersHealing, 677:removed for "as a man thinketh in his heart so is he"; then, without obstruction or difficulty,Healing, 682:is then passed on by the man in the body to the heart (where the life thread is anchored), and thenHealing, 690:Chamber. In the first case, it will be the heart center which responds to the sound, and fromHealing, 690:Where the sound has been registered in the heart of the initiate, he has unfolded all possibleHealing, 697:vehicle. The etheric body, through either the heart or the solar plexus center. Within the ethericHealing, 698:the appropriate center in the etheric body; the heart or the solar plexus, always preferably theHealing, 708:and then supplies and thus the work is done. The heart revolves; two hearts revolve as one; theHealing, 708:the five, the seven that which is needed for the heart of life. He brings the energies together andHealing, 711:fulfiled its charted destiny. Straight to the heart the power is forced to penetrate, and intoHerculesthey stood upon the Way which leads back to the Heart of God. The Way sweeps in a circle throughHercules, 2:o'er his steps and, when he has an understanding heart, an eager mind and skillful hand, bring himHercules, 11:"The conception of a concealed Deity lies at the heart of all religions." This is the mysticHercules, 11:fact of God as a basic premise, and with their heart's love and devotion and worship proving theHercules, 15:Vulcan forged for Hercules, to guard his heart, the source of life and strength. This golden giftHercules, 19:to feel that the important thing is to have the heart nature developed. They regard the mind, withHercules, 52:for outer sin. A clean mind and a pure heart, a rightly organized and rightly used physical body,Hercules, 77:many voices, will arouse the obedience of his heart. Provide likewise a test of great simplicityHercules, 79:clasped the doe within his arms, close to his heart. And Artemis and fair Diana both looked on.Hercules, 79:mine likewise because I hold the doe close to my heart." "And are you not a son of God, although aHercules, 80:he bore the doe within his arms, close to his heart, and in the holy place the doe finds rest, andHercules, 80:Way. The doe is in the holy place, close to the heart of God [81] and likewise, in the hour ofHercules, 81:and likewise, in the hour of need, close to my heart also." "Go look again, O Hercules, my son,Hercules, 84:it over his shoulder, "held it close to his heart", and carried it to the sacred temple at Mykenae,Hercules, 95:time and time again, he placed the doe upon his heart and sought the temple of the Lord. ThusHercules, 95:eager eye, his ready hand. But deep within his heart was questioning. [96] "What do I here?" heHercules, 96:stalwart club, and with this club and my stout heart, I go upon my way to seek the lion. Send wordHercules, 110:consciousness is nurtured in the cave of the heart, but after the cave experiences the mountain ofHercules, 116:will of Deity and the unalterable energy at the heart of the manifested zodiac, they produce theHercules, 117:or was it to seek unity, in which there was no heart? Was it to seek new members for their man-lessHercules, 117:world? But God, we are told, looks at the heart. It will come as a shock to many of strict, legallyHercules, 128:with the Christ consciousness stirring in his heart and mind. Think how different will be theHercules, 128:of the miser, or the gold of the loving, giving heart. The balance of the pairs of oppositesHercules, 135:within the human mind, in the silence of a man's heart, when he turns towards the light that shinesHercules, 139:are clear and plain: they speak straight to the heart and without obscurity. To the average man,Hercules, 147:have the power to blanch the cheek and turn the heart to ice. A soldier, intent on defeating theHercules, 153:on the physical plane as sex. At the heart of Scorpio we find Antares, one of the four royal stars,Hercules, 153:He seizes it with both hands and treads on its heart, which is the red star of desire. As he doesHercules, 165:the guidance of a perfect sage, in your own heart. The gift of existence in Aries is the wonder ofHercules, 169:man lay prone upon a rock, and groaned as if his heart would break. His hands and legs wereHercules, 172:it is on his knees that the Capricornian offers heart and life to the soul and only then, whenHercules, 174:have to develop does not come by hardening the heart, nor by tremendous detachment, nor by climbingHercules, 175:that comes from a cosmic source, piercing the heart of the son of God, called the Christ, theHercules, 176:in the solar plexus, but are focused in the heart and are conscious of the group; your feelings andHercules, 176:and from the head you control your throat, your heart, your solar plexus and every part of yourHercules, 214:An earth sign (matter; Christ in the cave of the heart). Rulers: Exoteric, Jupiter; Esoteric,Hercules, 227:in Christianity the birth of the Christ in the heart. This is a physical plane happening as well asHercules, 229:with us. The source of help must have the same heart as ours so that there will be a current ofInitiation, 14:It reveals the hidden mystery that lies at the heart of the solar system. It leads from one stateInitiation, 26:shineth in darkness will have illuminated the heart and brain, and the seeker will awaken to theInitiation, 29:they embody the forces emanating from the head, heart, and throat centers, and they came in withInitiation, 30:Six, who, with the Lord of the World, form the heart of hierarchical effort. Initiation, 30:planetary head center works directly through the heart and throat centers, and thereby controls allInitiation, 44:the second aspect, reaching him direct from the heart center of the Planetary Logos via the heartInitiation, 44:the heart center of the Planetary Logos via the heart of Sanat Kumara. He works by means of aInitiation, 44:by means of a meditation centered within the heart. He is the World Teacher, the Master of theInitiation, 63:period of gestation, to the building in the heart of the babe in Christ. At the first initiationInitiation, 76:the same. [76] Stand ready and watch the heart. In the transferring of the fire from the solarInitiation, 76:of the fire from the solar plexus to the heart center comes much pain. It is not easy to love as doInitiation, 77:and where the motive and sole aspiration of the heart are towards the carrying out of the Master'sInitiation, 78:God within, that sounds in the silence of the heart; the feet firmly placed on the path that leadsInitiation, 78:but is having the secret of his brother's heart revealed to him. He becomes an acknowledged forceInitiation, 82:Path," with the feet bathed in the blood of the heart. Each step up is ever through the sacrificeInitiation, 82:up is ever through the sacrifice of all that the heart holds dear on one plane or another, andInitiation, 84:initiation, that of the birth of the Christ, the heart center is the one usually vivified, with theInitiation, 88:for with fuller knowledge comes added power. The heart is now sufficiently pure and loving, and theInitiation, 98:the causal body, and serves to stimulate the heart center. A third type of energy is applied to theInitiation, 99:body of the Logos. He, in his turn, forms the Heart center (for God is Love) of a still greaterInitiation, 115:which has been hid during the ages in the heart of the Self. That purpose, being now revealed, canInitiation, 116:withdrawal is found) emanates from the heart center of the solar Angel, linking thus heart andInitiation, 116:heart center of the solar Angel, linking thus heart and brain, - that great duality manifesting inInitiation, 116:electrical fire of pure Spirit, latent in the heart of the Lotus, is first contacted. In all theseInitiation, 130:The Rod of the Bodhisattva lies hidden in the "heart of the wisdom," that is, at Shamballa. The RodInitiation, 130:The Rod of the solar Logos is hidden in "the heart of the sun," that mysterious subjective sphereInitiation, 130:in our physical planet which corresponds to the heart of a human being. Many of the places on theInitiation, 131:Diamond" to the ethers; it is the national heart and the basis of the national character. UsuallyInitiation, 132:do it, and peace and joy unutterable fill his heart. This is an interlude of stillness before aInitiation, 132:himself, with all his forces centered in his heart, the attendant Lodge of Masters have beenInitiation, 133:descends upon the Rod, passing through the heart and the hand of the Initiator to the Three whoInitiation, 139:force is turned to the vivification of the heart and throat centers in their position ofInitiation, 139:is from the Monad, and though the throat and heart intensify vibration as a response, the mainInitiation, 141:accomplished, the seventh [141] principle at the Heart of the Lotus can stand revealed. After eachInitiation, 164:of the five centers in man, [164] The head, The heart, The throat, The solar plexus, The base ofInitiation, 168:secret of the second aspect. It is latent in the Heart of the Sun, or the subjective Sun. TheInitiation, 178:one of his centers, and of linking up his heart center with its connection in the head. As other of
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