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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEART

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Magic, 198:Raja Yoga, and the light of his own soul. As the heart center is awakened and the throat centerMagic, 198:through which the energy always animating the heart and throat centers normally passes. ThisMagic, 199:and the steadily heightening vibration of the heart and throat centers or lotuses. These two lowerMagic, 206:as automatic as the present functioning of the heart and the lungs in the physical body. TheMagic, 236:the activity and by the emanations from the heart, throat and [237] ajna centers of the whiteMagic, 246:to them "inspiration" from the depths of the heart of spiritual being. Again he asserts the fact ofMagic, 280:inner adjustments proceed in the silence of the heart. For the disciple, the work extends. For himMagic, 284:of the blood stream, makes its contact via the heart. In the heart is the center of physical planeMagic, 284:stream, makes its contact via the heart. In the heart is the center of physical plane existence.Magic, 284:following to consider: 1. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Thymus gland. 2. Sensory lifeMagic, 285:Solar plexus Pancreas. 7. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Heart. The eighth point, the vitalMagic, 285:Pancreas. 7. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Heart. The eighth point, the vital life,Magic, 288:be drawn to the Center, and enter thus into the Heart of Love Divine. Then from that point ofMagic, 289:Place of Power. Let the forces of the head and heart and all the nether aspects blend. Then let theMagic, 292:whole. The astral plane in the large sense. The "heart of the Sun." Mental Energy. Emanating from:Magic, 314:them here. 4. Faint emanations from the sacred "heart of the sun", unrecognized by the masses butMagic, 314:mystics must therefore inevitably grow, for the "heart of the solar Logos" beats now in closerMagic, 320:of harmlessness. Rule I. Enter thy brother's heart and see his woe. Then speak. Let the wordsMagic, 321:did not touch emanates, we are told, from the "Heart of the Sun". I cannot, however, touch upon itMagic, 321:of the human brain to understand it or the human heart to appropriate it until such time as theMagic, 321:heart to appropriate it until such time as the heart center is opened and functioning. This streamMagic, 321:House. It is that force which stirs in the heart of humanity and finds expression through theMagic, 341:and not the inner God within their own heart. Thirdly, bear in mind, also, that just as in theMagic, 348:profound depression, in an utter sinking of the heart as the future is faced. Face that future,Magic, 350:with racked nerves, with head tired and with heart sick, is allowed to pass unnoticed. We know andMagic, 351:realm of reality it will be bought with the heart's blood, for only "in the blood of the heart" canMagic, 351:the heart's blood, for only "in the blood of the heart" can power be safely gained and wiselyMagic, 355:overwhelmed by the surface evil and forget the heart of Love which beats behind all outer seeming?Magic, 356:power of the supreme Controller, seated at the heart of their being, they are very apt to placeMagic, 359:as a river, sweep the pilgrim to the Father's Heart. The fires destroy the veil hiding the Father'sMagic, 359:consciousness, man can penetrate into the very heart of God Himself and know past all controversyMagic, 360:bringing those types of forms into line with the heart center in Nature. This is a phrase conveyingMagic, 360:of nature; the animals, the expression of the heart; the vegetable world, the expression of theMagic, 362:Thus you will have the three centers - head, heart and throat - carrying the inner fire, with theMagic, 364:the store. To return to our theme: - The heart center in man opens the door into what is calledMagic, 364:in man opens the door into what is called "the heart of the Sun." The throat center opens the wayMagic, 382:nature, as a step towards the awakening of the heart center. To do this, the Teachers at that timeMagic, 382:focused (deliberately and of intent) in the heart center, and chose to work entirely through thatMagic, 383:upon past achievements in connection with the heart center. Up to the third initiation therefore,Magic, 386:yet visioning could not reach, is nearer to my heart. Old longings come again, yet die. Old chainsMagic, 409:guiding hand of the Hierarchy are aware that the heart of humanity is sound and that out of theMagic, 418:the many possible lines, but having at their heart or behind them - working silently andMagic, 433:this center is between the throat center and the heart center in the spinal column, but nearer theMagic, 433:center in the spinal column, but nearer the heart than the throat. Secondly, there are energiesMagic, 433:emanate from what is esoterically called "the heart of the sun"; these sweep through one or otherMagic, 438:of them focus through the throat center, the heart center, the ajna and head centers. Three areMagic, 452:connection with the dense physical, through the heart. As the activity of the atoms and cells ofMagic, 468:from out the world of form sounds now within the heart. The challenge comes: "Prove thine ownMagic, 469:sounds clear within the head and not within the heart. "Enter again the playground of the Lord andMagic, 486:themselves astral matter from the desire in the heart of the student to verify, corroborate, andMagic, 487:Law of Absorption will aid you here. Into your heart you absorb the thought-form you encounter andMagic, 495:or of integration, finds its way to the heart and is focused or "anchored" there. From these twoMagic, 496:of the other two. The soul, seated in the heart, is the life principle, the principle ofMagic, 496:therefore, is literally the withdrawal from the heart and from the head of these two streams ofMagic, 496:through the medium of the blood stream and the heart fails to function [497] just as the brainMagic, 497:and adhesion to an idea and of this the heart and the blood are the exoteric symbols. MovingMagic, 497:impulse or urge remains still anchored in the heart. There is life but no intelligent awareness;Magic, 498:the life stream still functioning through the heart but no intelligent awareness. The soul isMagic, 500:testimony, in the inner assurances of the human heart, in the fact of belief in eternal persistenceMagic, 502:now in temporary use; just below the apex of the heart another etheric web is found covering anMagic, 502:and initiates of the world. The exit in the heart, used by the kindly, well-meaning man or womanMagic, 504:every day affairs of life. [504] Learn to render heart service and not an emotional insistence onMagic, 506:plexus and green has a definite effect upon the heart and life streams. Certain types of music willMagic, 512:and His pulsating life emanates from the divine heart and manifests as the vital energy of allMagic, 526:comes from the second aspect of deity, from the heart of the sun, just as the first, technicallyMagic, 526:and the life energy which is seated in the heart. Pranic energy, or vitality. This is that vitalMagic, 533:drives the prodigal straight to the Father's heart; pain is the cross of utter loss, that rendersMagic, 543:have been taught, that a clean mind and a pure heart, love of truth, and a life of service andMagic, 568:body are: Prana, extending from the nose to the heart and having special relation to the mouth andMagic, 568:special relation to the mouth and speech, the heart and lungs. Samana extends from the heart to theMagic, 568:the heart and lungs. Samana extends from the heart to the solar plexus; it concerns food and theMagic, 570:ego itself, stimulating primarily the head and heart centers." (P. 220.) We read also that "mostMagic, 576:and via two etheric centers, the spleen and the heart. In the stimulation of any specific center.Magic, 576:three etheric centers, the solar plexus, the heart, and the center between the eyebrows. In groupMagic, 589:totality throughout the world, constitute the heart center and the "center between the eyebrows" ofMagic, 606:which will inaugurate the future. Let them take heart of grace as they recognize the fact that theMagic, 606:of men and women who stand at the very center or heart of the world group. Their work is threefoldMeditation, 44:of friends, and the renunciation of all that the heart clings to. I say perhaps; I say not, it isMeditation, 62:meditation shall be in the head or within the heart (I will later take up this point) let himMeditation, 63:and the contacting and setting in motion of the heart center. The driving out of coarse matter andMeditation, 71:of the spine. The solar plexus. The spleen. The heart. The throat. The pineal gland. The pituitaryMeditation, 73:The base of the spine. The solar plexus. The heart center. The three major centers for the manMeditation, 73:three worlds, are: The base of the spine. The heart. The throat. His solar plexus is left then toMeditation, 74:Path itself in its twofold divisions are: The heart. The throat. The head. The divine activity hasMeditation, 74:Period III - The divine fire now mounts to the heart center and the three rotate in orderedMeditation, 78:The color rosy, with an admixture of green. The heart center. Twelve petals. Color glowing golden.Meditation, 84:may lead to illumination. When meditating in the heart center, picture it as a golden lotus closed.Meditation, 85:the cross of the fourth human Hierarchy in the heart. When the Sacred Word is intoned by theMeditation, 85:in which a man meditates - the head or the heart) which causes reflex action in the spine and downMeditation, 86:rules. [86] When meditation is done in the heart and under occult laws, with the correct intoningMeditation, 86:up the two major centers, - the head and the heart, - into one synthetic instrument, and whoseMeditation, 91:a man wisely proceed with his work. Only as the heart enlarges its capacity to suffer with all thatMeditation, 91:when the intellect runs not too far ahead of the heart, and the mental vibration shuts not out theMeditation, 95:stable center - with the solar plexus and the heart quiet - a point within the head, one of theMeditation, 100:fires of the terrestrial globe, deep in the heart of our earth sphere, will merge with the sacredMeditation, 101:The mystery of life is concealed within the heart. When that lower point vibrates, when the SacredMeditation, 109:to future work. He may be over-developed on the heart side, too much of the devotee; he may haveMeditation, 112:orient is to the evolving race of men what the heart is to the human body; it is the source ofMeditation, 113:physical plane. He uses his head more than his heart center, and his throat center is apt to beMeditation, 113:is apt to be vitalized. The oriental uses his heart center more than the head and necessarily the
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