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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEARTS

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Invocation:the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth. From theAstrology, 46:the units of the fifth Hierarchy are called "The Hearts of Fiery Love"; They save through love, andAstrology, 445:of disciples, aspirants and workers to whose hearts and hands is committed the heavy task, incidentAstrology, 524:medium of the light of wisdom shed abroad in our hearts through the Ageless Wisdom, we shallAstrology, 588:the power of appeal upon their lips and in their hearts. To this appeal must be added the focusedAtom, 105:on in the world, and then probably because our hearts are touched, and we do not like beingAutobiography, XI:saving power of a worldwide gathering of loving hearts, which it is, and to see to it that we trulyAutobiography, 7:own." What is going on in people's minds and hearts and what is happening in the world of men isAutobiography, 291:men to seek the one Master in their own hearts. The workers in the Arcane School are there becauseBethlehem, 3:of today are steadily becoming more defined. The hearts of men have never been more open toBethlehem, 3:basic profundity and His understanding of the hearts of men. They recognize the intelligence of HisBethlehem, 20:say? But the light is slowly pouring into men's hearts and minds, and in this lighted radiance theyBethlehem, 53:heavenly Sign. The appeal which goes up from the hearts of all true aspirants to initiation isBethlehem, 53:that passeth understanding; it abides in the hearts of those who live in the Eternal. There is aBethlehem, 57:its repeated happening, God impresses upon the hearts of men certain great truths which are vitalBethlehem, 74:Let the meaning of it all penetrate into our hearts and minds, and let the reason of the pain driveBethlehem, 150:is unspeakable beauty known to high and holy hearts, the full vision of which is the highestBethlehem, 167:utter clearly what all feel in their innermost hearts to be true - for could he otherwise beBethlehem, 173:When the moon is new and thin, Into our hearts high yearnings Come welling and surging in: ComeBethlehem, 194:say his flesh... let us draw near... having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and ourBethlehem, 210:the place of crucifixion. The hardness of men's hearts, the weakness of their love, and theirBethlehem, 223:fall so lightly from the lips of those whose hearts have never known one real pang, nor whose livesBethlehem, 267:who have vision and the love of God in their hearts. It is obvious how little love there is used inBethlehem, 273:the fact of the mystical Christ in their hearts, and are preparing to tread the Way of Initiation.Bethlehem, 281:have always reached out their hands and their hearts to God. The sons of the Father have neverDestiny, 39:to set Their seal upon history and upon the hearts of men, largely through the potency of TheirDestiny, 99:medium of the light of wisdom shed abroad in our hearts through the Ageless Wisdom, we shallDiscipleship1, 94:moving in them and is present in their hearts. The initiation of "spiritual fixation upon theDiscipleship1, 156:integrity and be not influenced by those whose hearts are bitter or whose tongues are cruel. LifeDiscipleship1, 265:clear ahead. My plea goes forth to reach the hearts of men. I seek, I cry to serve your need. GiveDiscipleship1, 317:pausing to do a different work. Within their hearts is rest. They run not here and there, but formDiscipleship1, 359:which passeth understanding; it abides in the hearts of those who live in the Eternal. There is aDiscipleship1, 362:know. Thus new thoughts can be carried into the hearts of men. Thus new flowers of ideas bringDiscipleship1, 382:them just the same; we look for disciples whose hearts are awakened to group usefulness and to theDiscipleship1, 481:- Service. I tread the lighted Way into the hearts of men. I serve my brother and his need. ThoseDiscipleship1, 536:am I. My words must open up the way to other hearts and minds. 6th month - I have no barriers andDiscipleship1, 537:passeth understanding; it abides in the [537] hearts of those who live in the Eternal. There is aDiscipleship1, 690:impelled thereto by the fire of love in your hearts for your fellowmen. One factor that should beDiscipleship1, 721:the new era of peace and goodwill, soothe the hearts of the people and lead mankind into realms ofDiscipleship1, 729:goes on and disciples and initiates (whose hearts are aflame) continue to work unimpeded. ThisDiscipleship1, 742:to distant places, to many planes and into many hearts. This thread enables the disciple (if he hasDiscipleship1, 772:the stern conflict which is going on within the hearts and lives of all the world aspirants andDiscipleship2, 29:though temporarily in pralaya, warmly in your hearts. Hold them in love. Seek not to bring them aidDiscipleship2, 110:you to remember this, and with humility in your hearts, persistence in your efforts and love to allDiscipleship2, 118:the group members are thinking as one and the hearts of the group members are loving as one. YourDiscipleship2, 136:into the minds of men, and this because their hearts are safeguarded by the fire of love." PonderDiscipleship2, 149:the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth. From theDiscipleship2, 150:instincts and the separateness found in the hearts and minds of human beings. These they mustDiscipleship2, 157:the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth. From theDiscipleship2, 159:love. Love is an energy which must reach the hearts of men and which must fecundate humanity withDiscipleship2, 167:divine purpose will then, through the changed hearts and goals of humanity, be achieved. This isDiscipleship2, 168:also stream forth in fuller livingness into the hearts of men; thus they are transformed in theirDiscipleship2, 171:an upsurging of the Christ consciousness in the hearts of men everywhere; its first expression willDiscipleship2, 174:and light stream forth into the minds and hearts of men, these evil qualities and these directedDiscipleship2, 225:are more divinely inclusive than are the hearts of the average followers of any religious doctrine,Discipleship2, 227:and will do all I can to prepare men's minds and hearts for that event. I have no other lifeDiscipleship2, 227:and men of spiritual intention and of loving hearts are working for their fellowmen. Then visualizeDiscipleship2, 227:the Heart of God Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth."Discipleship2, 229:purposes the money in the world; touch the hearts of men everywhere so that they may give to theDiscipleship2, 243:plus the hold which war sufferers have on all hearts and sympathies. Most aspirants and disciplesDiscipleship2, 244:of the individual - only this time it is the hearts of all humanity. Preparatory to this firstDiscipleship2, 244:of the Christ spirit, actively present in the hearts of all disciples is the one thing which canDiscipleship2, 356:"Regard and recognize the changes in the hearts of men, and change the rules as men in time andDiscipleship2, 443:the flame of intelligent love for mankind in the hearts of your fellowmen could provide for you anDiscipleship2, 474:enable you to lay the finger of love upon the hearts and lives of others; as you do so, you relateExternalisation, 97:the Hierarchy predisposes and has prepared the hearts of men. Their opportunity and responsibilityExternalisation, 105:the outer clamor of war. I tell you that men's hearts everywhere are full of compassion both forExternalisation, 117:grasped, the true picture may emerge in your hearts and minds with greater clarity. In my effort toExternalisation, 141:or bias of the wrong kind and your minds and hearts will be kept clear of all undesirableExternalisation, 150:they recognize Him and then, with love in their hearts to Him and their fellowmen, seek toExternalisation, 151:the response to love and understanding in human hearts and minds as the result of the invocation ofExternalisation, 154:Lord of Life and Love, about the need; Touch our hearts anew with love, that we too may love andExternalisation, 174:pain and distress of the world will open both hearts and purses. The idea of a Christmas appeal andExternalisation, 220:against that which is wrong and evil - for the hearts of all men and the springs of the divine lifeExternalisation, 234:today. There is no peace in the questioning hearts of those who are not actively sharing in theExternalisation, 255:deep distress and questioning in those whose hearts are not yet so broken. As to Karma, what manExternalisation, 264:cry of the millions. Will this demand from the hearts of men induce the return of the Christ ofExternalisation, 270:there enough focused minds and intense attentive hearts to reach the two centers where wait ThoseExternalisation, 274:or from the secret place, reached by those whose hearts are rightly touched. The Lord ofExternalisation, 276:Paul: "Let the love of God be shed abroad in our hearts." Today the need is for the spread of theExternalisation, 350:years which will follow. As you prepare your own hearts, remember that the Full Moon of May is theExternalisation, 351:of the new group of world servers and upon the hearts of the men and women of goodwill in everyExternalisation, 359:drawing to Himself (by the potency of love) the hearts of all men, and stated this determination inExternalisation, 363:for knowers and for those whose minds and hearts are open; who are free from preconceived ideasExternalisation, 363:centuries for His message to penetrate into the hearts of humanity. The stress of the times alsoExternalisation, 364:of a material and spiritual future which the hearts of men have long demanded. Thus an attempt wasExternalisation, 366:interest and the sustaining power of those whose hearts are aflame with love can alone make theirExternalisation, 366:must be found in the uprising of goodwill in the hearts of men. This will provide the rightExternalisation, 366:but to those who have goodwill in their hearts to all men, and who, because of it, want to do theirExternalisation, 377:and are. This concept is already present in the hearts of countless thousands and carries with itExternalisation, 384:done by those who, in the silence of their own hearts, have walked with God and learnt His ways. 5.Externalisation, 386:by the men and women of goodwill and loving hearts. 9. Begin now to lay aside, no matter what theExternalisation, 387:possibilities which are latent in all human hearts and who know, past all controversy, thatExternalisation, 400:sincerity of your purpose and the love of your hearts can and will help make possible the GreatExternalisation, 403:His coming Assumption of spiritual rule in the hearts of men everywhere. I know that He has noExternalisation, 414:concepts of freedom which are so close to the hearts of men everywhere today and for which humanityExternalisation, 437:He must work through the stimulation of the hearts of the intelligent people and of theExternalisation, 442:is usually understood by those words) in the hearts of men. When this Triangle of Energies hasExternalisation, 454:force but one that is evoking response from the hearts of men everywhere. True religion will comeExternalisation, 459:release the potency of this Spirit into the hearts of men everywhere.
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