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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAT

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Fire, 896:fiery essences, being volatile and the result of heat. Etheric matter, or the lowest orders of theFire, 996:Brother of the Moon ignores the sun and solar heat; borrows his fire from all that triply is, andFire, 1047:friction. The first produces light, the second heat, and the third moisture or concretion. By theFire, 1049:air of heaven. Between the two vast periods the heat doth play its part. But when the heat growsFire, 1049:the heat doth play its part. But when the heat grows fierce, and the fires within the earth andFire, 1049:a change. They dissipate in steam. Thus doth the heat perform its part. Later again the fireFire, 1072:life is evolved, and through the combination of heat and water results are brought about whichFire, 1081:according to: Their rhythm, Their quality, Their heat, Their light, Their magnetic influence, TheirFire, 1106:and ceaseless interplay results in the "occult heat" of the body, and its increased radiation. ItFire, 1107:"the points of frictional activity" or the "heat producers" and these three - the absorbers, theFire, 1107:- the absorbers, the points of momentum, and the heat producers, pour their united forces throughFire, 1142:as to what is esoterically called "the heat content" of any unit, "the radiating light" of anyFire, 1142:gravity, constitution, radiation, magnetic pull, heat and light of any sun, solar system, orFire, 1144:of perfected activity, intensification of heat, and of radiant magnetic light as an expression ofFire, 1171:aspect and the water aspect) the moisture and heat necessary for its unfoldment, and to bring downFire, 1171:demonstrates as a triple law: The Law of Solar Heat - Knowledge petals. The Law of Solar Light -Fire, 1186:Molecular Substance. Lunar Force. The Mother's Heat. ATOMS: 1. Atom. Nucleus. Plane Deva. Positive.Fire, 1232:known to him already by its vibratory rate, its heat and its light. Needless it is, therefore, forFire, 1250:through a consideration of the purposes of heat, when divorced from moisture, and of the method ofFire, 1250:moisture, and of the method of employing such heat. The adepts use the "dry alchemical fires" toFire, 1251:cosmic method of approach is responsiveness to heat and a knowledge of rhythm. These words will, ofFire, 1251:ability to "see the dancing of the particles of heat and the waves of warm vibration" (as it isFire, 1251:sons of men who at this time search for the "heat of the love nature" of the human unit and who addFire, 1252:OF MAGNETIC WORK Attributes - Responsiveness to heat and knowledge of rhythm. Source - An unknownFire, 1270:holy, seeth the fiery WAY; He respondeth to its heat and seeks to warm Himself within its waves ofHealing, 230:Destruction by fire and the intensity of the heat engendered by applied military methods are alsoHealing, 251:retain their potency if submitted to the dry heat of the sun's rays. Moisture and darkness fosterHealing, 470:within the physical organism die down; their heat and light are absorbed into the twenty-one minorHercules, 68:Sirius has always been associated with great heat, hence we have the phrase of "the dog days" inHercules, 68:dog days" in the middle of the summer, when the heat is supposed to be greatest. From theHercules, 146:can be transformed into electricity, and that of heat into movement. To what extent, then, canInitiation, 134:and the activity of the resulting fire and its heat intensified. By the application of the Rod theInitiation, 211:of fire, the Agnichaitans of the scarlet heat. Where mounts the ladder's length? Where is itsMagic, 63:and is almost overpowered by the brilliance and heat of the solar rays, and wonders how long thisMagic, 81:whole. Mind repels through its own abundant heat, scorching and burning aught that approaches it.Magic, 81:Love soothes and heals by the similarity of its heat to the heat in that which it contacts, andMagic, 81:and heals by the similarity of its heat to the heat in that which it contacts, and blends itsMagic, 225:a certain selfish use of the forces of matter. Heat and cold, as we understand the term, in a mostMagic, 309:climate, the density, humidity or dryness, the heat or cold have a definite effect upon theMagic, 349:more than perhaps you who bear the burden and heat of physical plane existence know. We know yourMagic, 358:all that can be touched. The quivering fever heat of long repressed desire yields to the coolingMagic, 358:fiercely. Pain and the waters disappear. Cold, heat, the light of day, the radiance of the risingMagic, 358:appearance of a little fire. The fire grows, and heat is then active within the tiny sphere andMagic, 358:lost within a light illusory. "Fierce grows the heat; next comes the loss of power to suffer. WhenMagic, 389:Eliminate the products which are controlled by heat and you will bring our civilization to a stop;Magic, 612:methods and formulas through which to work. Heat and moisture are present in the production of allMeditation, 31:consciousness, - will carry with it - using heat as the symbol - an intensity of heat or quality ofMeditation, 31:it - using heat as the symbol - an intensity of heat or quality of color or vibration that beforeMeditation, 36:It is largely a matter of increased fire or heat, and consequent intensification of vibratoryMeditation, 104:fluid rushes with ever increasing speed and heat upwards, and literally burns away all or part ofMeditation, 105:to proper channels, to distribute the divine heat in equable arrangement, to build in tissue [106]Meditation, 112:body; it is the source of light, of life, of heat, and of vitality. The occident is to the raceMeditation, 180:currents of the universe, and of the latent heat stored in all forms is little understood as yet byMeditation, 181:and of disintegration through fire or heat. Should he gather involutionary lives around him theMeditation, 184:the heart is the focal point for the microcosmic heat; similarly, as the earth is vitalized by theMeditation, 184:similarly, as the earth is vitalized by the same heat and is, for our chain, the point of densestMeditation, 184:of densest matter, and of greatest physical heat, so the lower generative organs are the secondaryMeditation, 185:are vitalized by his life or capacity to heat, and last as long as he has the power so to animateMeditation, 185:Kundalini, the twofold blending of the internal heat and of the pranic current. The home of thisMeditation, 186:of the spine and the spleen as a feeder of that heat. When these three fires - that of theMeditation, 187:may come, and the inner fire glow with greater heat. Other mantrams connected with fire can beMeditation, 336:sun has is the vitalizing of the etheric. The heat of the sun is electrical force adapted to thePatanjali, 84:with them), then he becomes "free from passion." Heat, or desire for all objects, is overcome. HePatanjali, 342:Shape for the earth, viscidity for the water, heat for fire, velocity for air and omnipresence forPsychology1, 229:The resolving agencies are fire, intense heat and pressure. These three agencies have alreadyPsychology1, 230:fourth initiation. The correspondences of fire, heat and pressure in the evolution of the humanPsychology2, 21:to put out a little fire when it can pour its heat right into it. Psychology2, 169:division, stood with their flaming fires. The heat was great. The toil severe... Dim passages, inRays, 19:light shines forth and cold it is and yet the heat - evoked by the group love - permits the warmthRays, 27:light shines forth and cold it is and yet the heat - evoked by the group love - permits the warmthRays, 31:light shines forth and cold it is and yet the heat - evoked by the group love - permits the warmthRays, 32:is clear and cold, but produces the needed "heat," which is a symbolic word used in many of theRays, 33:and gradually the initiate grasps the uses of heat, warmth, light and energy; he arrives at anRays, 77:cannot be warmed into a glow by desire or by the heat of passion, but is now and at last onlyRays, 426:OF MAGNETIC WORK Attributes Responsiveness to heat and knowledge of rhythm Source An unknownRays, 538:of the lower light - a light of warmth and heat. It pierces to the heart and in that light allRays, 765:the cone from out the arid waste. Naught but its heat is felt, naught but its glare is seen. ItsRays, 765:the spreading fire. Like a mantle of fierce heat it shuts out the vision and obscures the beyond.Rays, 768:the light divine. This light, through radiating heat and innate divine vibration, constructs forSoul, 95:by its vibrations the radiations of light, heat, electricity, and perhaps action from a distance,Soul, 112:but as fire is in some sort polarized into heat and light, the subtle state is linked to the
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