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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAVENLY

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Astrology, 14:centers... This is hidden in the karma of the Heavenly Man. When true esoteric astrology comes intoAstrology, 21:primarily with the life expression of the Heavenly Man (as far as our planet is concerned) andAstrology, 22:to evoke the emergence of the will aspect of the Heavenly Man and of all monads, souls andAstrology, 39:of group consciousness, the quality of the seven Heavenly Men, but not being able to express [40]Astrology, 44:etheric matter, such as is the case with the Heavenly Men, the prototypes of the human jivas. InAstrology, 241:of the great World Server, identified with the Heavenly Man and bringing his contribution, wrestedAstrology, 432:the sea of Pisces, lifted the fishes into the heavenly sphere (Uranus) and thus a lesser tripleAstrology, 432:sun of suns, the watery light of Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus. This light descended on theAstrology, 436:activity of this center in the body of the Heavenly Man which we struggle to perceive andAstrology, 635:III, 325) Astrolatry or the adoration of the Heavenly Host is the natural result of onlyAstrology, 636:the mystic and intimate connection between the heavenly bodies and mankind and is one of the greatAstrology, 643:and the two hidden planets. A.A.B.) were the heavenly bodies in direct astral and psychicAstrology, 644:Throne of God" and therefore one of the seven Heavenly Men. He is on the evolutionary arc of theAstrology, 645:fourth ether and the planetary Logoi (the seven Heavenly Men) whose bodies the planets are,Astrology, 656:lies hid the mystery of cosmic evil...When the heavenly triangle is duly equilibrated and the forceAstrology, 657:accuracy of the alignment between any particular Heavenly Man and His Prototype." (C.F. 1052) Astrology, 658:with the evolution of mind in the seven Heavenly Men and Venus was responsible for the coming ofAstrology, 659:with the evolution of mind in the Seven Heavenly Men and Venus is responsible for the coming in ofAstrology, 670:"It is in the sun, more than in any other heavenly body (i.e. in our solar system) that the unknownAstrology, 673:with the evolution of mind in the seven Heavenly [674] Men and Venus is responsible for the comingAstrology, 679:with the evolution of manas in the seven Heavenly Men, and Venus was responsible for the coming inAstrology, 680:[680] "The Logos - Solar System. Sirius. Seven Heavenly Men - Planetary scheme. Pleiades. HeavenlyAstrology, 680:Seven Heavenly Men - Planetary scheme. Pleiades. Heavenly Man - earth chain. Venus." (C. F. 347) Astrology, 681:an acceleration of vibration, and enabled the Heavenly man of our scheme to take a minorAstrology, 682:The same procedure can be seen in relation to a Heavenly Man and His body of manifestation, aAstrology, 683:lesser fires. [683] As earlier pointed out, each Heavenly Man is linked with one of His BrothersAstrology, 685:through the medium of the perfected fifth. Our Heavenly Man, in the fifth round, will have attainedAstrology, 686:about through the positive polarity of the Heavenly Man of the Earth scheme." (C. F. 377-8) "TheAstrology, 687:consideration. In connection with one of the Heavenly Men (which one cannot at this juncture beAstrology, 689:of the occult Hierarchy. They exist, as does the Heavenly Man Himself, in etheric matter, and areAstrology, 689:and electric fire; They vitalize the body of the Heavenly Man and hold all together as an objectiveAstrology, 690:Heart, Throat; [690] so, in the case of a Heavenly Man, or of a solar Logos, a similar eventAstrology, 692:evolution between these two (God and man) is the Heavenly Man, whose body is made up of human andAtom, 44:of this sort in mind when he spoke about the Heavenly Man. By the "body of Christ" he surely meansAtom, 44:and to follow the model placed for it in the Heavenly Man. The involution [45] and the evolution ofAtom, 61:has been called in some of the Scriptures the "Heavenly Man." Thus we arrive finally at the conceptAtom, 80:atom, energized by a planetary Logos, or the Heavenly Man. Fourthly, the solar atom, indwelt by theAtom, 92:group consciousness, or the consciousness of the Heavenly Man, is the goal for the human being, soAtom, 93:call human, that of man, the thinker; next, the Heavenly Man, and then the great Life of the solarAtom, 114:and Who are a conscious part of the body of the Heavenly Man. With Their assistance, and throughBethlehem, 45:is the 'Second Birth,' and at that birth the heavenly ones rejoice, for he is born into 'theBethlehem, 53:race is hastening be likewise ushered in by a heavenly Sign. The appeal which goes up from theBethlehem, 65:the virgin Maya, in the tenth month after her heavenly conception, was on a journey to her father,Bethlehem, 178:dead, and became the pioneers of mankind to the Heavenly world. They founded Communions of SaintsBethlehem, 181:away, leaving only the picture of the living Heavenly Man, with His arms outspread in space. North,Bethlehem, 184:of the belief of several million people in their heavenly future Christ's incarnation, apart fromBethlehem, 185:veiled, and today refuses to recognize. The Heavenly Man is today pendant in the Heavens, as He hasBethlehem, 192:of God upon earth. It had always existed in the heavenly places. He caused it to materialize, thusBethlehem, 210:People are no longer interested in a possible heavenly state or a probable hell. They need to learnBethlehem, 237:'the heart of the earth,' and thereafter the heavenly mount, where he put on the perfected blissExternalisation, 514:when the Body of the Christ - one of the seven Heavenly Men on the second or monadic plane - isFire, 5:before the Throne. The seven Rays. The seven Heavenly Men. The Seven Logoi embody seven types ofFire, 53:by means of latent fire. Planetary, or the Heavenly Men: What is laid down anent the system, as aFire, 62:way, the seven planetary Entities, the seven Heavenly Men, are seven Logoi (likewise cosmic Beings)Fire, 66:the essence or centers in the body of one of the Heavenly Men, one of the planetary Logoi. TheseFire, 80:Microcosm, the manifesting Monad, or One. The Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos, or the manifestingFire, 81:I have already said, the Yogi of the heart has a heavenly dome above and earthly abyss below andFire, 87:emotional quality. The Logos, the grand Heavenly Man, and the cosmic astral plane. We might nowFire, 93:yet individual, history of that one of the Heavenly Men Whose body, the Moon or any other deadFire, 101:the immediate concern of Man, the Microcosm, The Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos, The Grand ManFire, 101:material expression of one or other of the seven Heavenly Men. [102] The Microcosm receives pranaFire, 103:by fire of an initiation of that one of the Heavenly Men Whose karma is bound up with our earth.Fire, 105:Who are on the divine evolutionary arc, the Heavenly Men Whose bodies are planets, the etheric webFire, 105:the Throne," and therefore one of the seven Heavenly Men. He is on the evolutionary arc of theFire, 120:the buddhic plane (the fourth cosmic ether) the Heavenly Men (or the grouped consciousness of theFire, 120:centered in the monadic vehicles, and the seven Heavenly Men have achieved Their goal. On theseFire, 121:of matter of this fourth ether, and the seven Heavenly Men, whose bodies they are, functionFire, 121:he has raised his consciousness to that of the Heavenly Man in whose body he is a cell. This isFire, 121:At the fifth Initiation he ascends with the Heavenly Man on to the fifth plane (from the humanFire, 122:the Monadic, Atmic and Buddhic vehicles of the Heavenly Man, the vehicles of spiritual life, theFire, 129:be true of the individual human being, of the Heavenly Man, and of the Logos Himself. b. By theFire, 129:are characteristic of the atom, Man, of the Heavenly Man [130] or group, and of the Logos or theFire, 130:the moving and the unmoving" (in God, the Heavenly Man, and the human being, as well as in the atomFire, 130:For man, it is the causal vehicle. For the Heavenly Man, it is the second plane of monadic life,Fire, 147:prototypes or the animating source of the seven Heavenly Men, the planetary Logoi, are consideredFire, 159:it stands for a planet or the body of a Heavenly Man viewed etherically; it stands for a humanFire, 161:they are logoic sheaths, the rays in which the Heavenly Men veil Themselves, the planes which formFire, 166:in the three worlds of human endeavor. The Heavenly Men, therefore, have centers on three solarFire, 166:forty-nine centers in the bodies of the seven Heavenly Men. On the fourth etheric physical plane,Fire, 166:the dense bodies in etheric matter of the Heavenly Men, are to be found. Here again we can traceFire, 180:from [180] the standpoint of the centers of the Heavenly Men and of the Grand Man of the Heavens,Fire, 180:the Grand Man of the Heavens, the Logos. a. The Heavenly Men. The Heavenly Men, in Themselves,Fire, 180:the Heavens, the Logos. a. The Heavenly Men. The Heavenly Men, in Themselves, embody centers justFire, 180:consideration. In connection with one of the Heavenly Men (which one cannot at this juncture beFire, 181:b. The Grand Man of the Heavens. The seven Heavenly Men are the seven centers in the body of theFire, 187:of the five senses. in the evolution of the Heavenly Man we have exactly the same thing: the fiveFire, 190:His group sound. The sound of that one of the Heavenly Men with whom he is connected. The sound ofFire, 205:as the coordination of the three fires. In the Heavenly Man and His body, a chain of globes 87Fire, 206:are the expression of a planetary Logos. The Heavenly Men are expressing Themselves through aFire, 206:as picturing the seven centers of one of the Heavenly Men. The idea of groups of Egos formingFire, 206:idea of groups of Egos forming centers in the Heavenly Men is nevertheless correct, but in thisFire, 207:point that must never be forgotten: these seven Heavenly Men might be considered as being inFire, 207:the seven Fires: Electric fire - The seven Heavenly Men. Solar fire - Evolution of the sevenFire, 207:They are the seven centers of the Logos. A Heavenly Man manifests through a chain. He is electricFire, 207:He is fire by friction - The seven globes. Each Heavenly Man has seven principles. A Man, theFire, 207:The sheaths. 87 The Planetary Chains: The seven Heavenly Men - Form, the sun and the seven sacredFire, 207:is within the orbit of Mercury. Each one of the Heavenly Men manifests through a chain of sevenFire, 212:of Power is used at the initiation of the seven Heavenly Men on cosmic levels. It is used also inFire, 212:to us. It is applied to the centers of the seven Heavenly Men in the same general way as the lesserFire, 216:planes, or the seven grades of matter. The seven Heavenly Men, the seven Divine Manasaputras, or
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