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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAVENLY

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Fire, 515:to respond to the vibration of some one of the Heavenly Men, as it is transmitted via the deva, orFire, 518:that its mystery lies hid in the nature of the Heavenly Men Themselves. The followingFire, 518:physical manifestation. In connection with the Heavenly Men we have a secondary manifestation, andFire, 518:viewing him as part of a center in the body of a Heavenly Man, we have a lesser descent within theFire, 519:On the second plane are found the seven Heavenly Men, Who are His principal centers of force. ThereFire, 521:triumph, and the goal of his endeavor, for the Heavenly Man it is the battleground, while for theFire, 522:system this is to be seen in connection with a Heavenly Man on the buddhic plane, where They blazeFire, 529:around a permanent atom. It is the force of the Heavenly Man as it animates the cells of His form,Fire, 529:consciousness; he can vibrate to the note of the Heavenly Man in Whose body he is a cell; he canFire, 532:atoms connected with human evolution, while a Heavenly Man has but five, and even then only one inFire, 532:are extra-systemic. The causal body of the Heavenly Men is upon the third subplane of the cosmicFire, 533:three major Rays, or Lords of Aspect. The seven Heavenly Men. The forty-nine Regents of theFire, 533:bodies are made up of animal souls just as the Heavenly Men embody for man the Buddhic principle,Fire, 534:themselves vibration and activity. The lesser Heavenly Men on the buddhic level, Who reflect TheirFire, 538:with the electric spark of his own particular Heavenly Man, they all blend and merge. The [539]Fire, 539:related more intimately to the evolution of the Heavenly Man, and are connected with the stimulusFire, 539:deals with the Kumaras (S. D., II, 257.) or the Heavenly Men, of Whom the microcosm is aFire, 539:the microcosm, and later extend the idea to the Heavenly Men. Let us picture the nine-petalledFire, 544:a condition to respond to the Will aspect of the Heavenly Man (the first aspect) and to do thisFire, 558:form can be equally well stated about that of a Heavenly Man, and a planetary scheme. As His cosmicFire, follow:Kingdom 1. Atma Logos Head (Brain) Grand Heavenly Man Seventh Unity 2-3. Buddhi Manas PlanetaryFire, follow:Buddhi Manas Planetary Logos Heart and Throat Heavenly Men Sixth & Fifth Duality 4. Mental ManFire, 571:found of all teaching given out about the Grand Heavenly Man. The whole conception of these laws isFire, 571:process of evolution, forms part of one of the Heavenly Men, Who Themselves form the [572] sevenFire, 572:form the [572] seven centers in that greater Heavenly Man, the Logos. Yet, though we are mergedFire, 572:the Sirian Logos forms one of the seven Grand Heavenly Men, who are the centers in the body of ONEFire, 590:marks the point of attainment of the divine Heavenly Man; it is the perfecting of the two majorFire, 604:of the cosmic etheric, as the vitality of the Heavenly Men and the activity of Their sheaths. 86Fire, 607:Egoism. Vitality. Magnetism. The seven Heavenly Men. The seven Rays. The seven types of Mind. TheFire, 610:the final liberation of a human being, of a Heavenly Man and of a solar Logos. We could divide theFire, 612:race itself, the fourth kingdom in nature, the Heavenly Men in physical manifestation. This is aFire, 613:of the scheme, the manifestation of one of the Heavenly Men. When the student brings his study ofFire, 613:form, the body of manifestation of the Son. A Heavenly Man holds an analogous position in relationFire, 613:mystery of the earthly man is the mystery of the Heavenly Man. The potentiality of every organFire, 615:- in order to bring about the purposes of the Heavenly Man Who is the sumtotal of planetaryFire, 617:scale and in connection with only one of the Heavenly Men) the moon is a dying and decadent world,Fire, 619:It will thus become apparent to students how the Heavenly Man, viewing Him as a solar Deity, aFire, 619:each atom eventually achieves its goal. The Heavenly Man works necessarily through egoic groups,Fire, 622:of ego-ism, which distinguishes a man (human or heavenly) from the rest of evolution. 2 The SolarFire, 625:the devas in connection with the plans of the Heavenly Man. In the realization of the three typesFire, 627:from whence all planetary avatars emanate. The Heavenly Men take the first Initiation on thisFire, 629:of Darkness." Sevenfold solar fire. The seven Heavenly Men, the sumtotal of Light, the seven RaysFire, 630:in the Lotus." The cosmic atmic plane. The seven Heavenly Men are in the line of force from: TheFire, 631:seven Fires form the forty-nine Fires. The seven Heavenly Men manifest through forty-nine lesserFire, 631:the forty-nine 5 solar Manus (each of the Heavenly Men is expressing Himself on the physical planeFire, 631:ourselves only with the seven Rays of Light, or Heavenly Men, and the seven Fires. Each of theFire, 631:Secret Doctrine (See S. D., 1, 567.). The seven Heavenly Men manifest each through seven lesserFire, 632:by the Builders, the Dhyan Chohans, the Heavenly Men through the force of Their Life, through TheirFire, 632:a tiny system of his own. Both man, and the Heavenly Men, work in deva substance; both cooperateFire, 632:Man works usually unconsciously. The Heavenly Men, on cosmic levels, work for the most partFire, 633:with the radiatory emanations of the particular Heavenly Man Who is expressing Himself through ourFire, 633:vitalization of the centers in the body of the Heavenly Man with Whom we are peculiarly connected.Fire, 634:centers, or the focal points of force of a Heavenly Man are on the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhicFire, 634:the buddhic, and as the etheric centers of our Heavenly Man, for instance, come into full activity,Fire, 642:vitalization and activity of the centers in the Heavenly Man of our planet, and in the individualFire, 642:force center, the heart, head, and throat of the Heavenly Man as these three centers function in aFire, 642:the development of that portion of the body of a Heavenly Man which is not included in the activeFire, 643:the unfoldment of the nine-petalled Lotus in the Heavenly Man, and in man (the former throughFire, 656:and the essential differences between the Heavenly Men seeking manifestation will be seen in TheirFire, 656:distinctive features is unique, so each of the Heavenly Men builds for Himself a body out of devaFire, 657:seven sisters has a close connection with our Heavenly Man, and therefore we have an interestingFire, 657:Bear. One of the seven Sisters, or a Pleiad. The Heavenly Man of our scheme. This interplay will beFire, 661:into manifestation in connection with one of the Heavenly Men, Who is the Lord of a major Ray. TheFire, 661:are other reasons hidden in the karma of our Heavenly Man, but the above reasons suffice. Fire, 662:exists between man and his prototype, a Heavenly Man. The astral plane plays a very real part inFire, 662:lives of the great majority of people. To the Heavenly Man, astral matter corresponds to the liquidFire, 663:producing the Divine Hermaphrodite, or the Heavenly Man - the self-conscious human units embodyingFire, 663:manifestation, the centers and substance of the Heavenly Man. Great is the mystery, and until manFire, 666:in a dual manner: From the point of view of the Heavenly Men, covering the evolutions of the fourFire, 666:evolution in the three worlds, just as the Heavenly Men are in the higher four. In the threeFire, 666:and the aspect of the synthetic evolution of the Heavenly Men is the one considered. It wouldFire, 667:- Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals In the Heavenly Man these two great aspects of divinityFire, 668:and with the heart center of the particular Heavenly Man on Whose Ray they may be found. They areFire, 675:the monadic plane, or the plane of the seven Heavenly Men. The cosmic astral plane, thus getting inFire, 675:- when triply blended - the desire nature of our Heavenly Man, and of any particular planetaryFire, 683:whereon are to be found the etheric centers of a Heavenly Man. From the buddhic plane (in aFire, 684:It is as follows: Only as the heart center of a Heavenly Man (each in His cycle and each differingFire, 685:a manifestation of the heart impulses of the Heavenly Man, and thus swings into objectivity thoseFire, 687:earlier gained. Our solar Logos, and the Heavenly Men, are polarized on the cosmic astral plane,Fire, 687:response. We are here speaking in terms of the Heavenly Men. In the Earth scheme, the analogy isFire, 687:pleroma" was reached, either universally where a Heavenly Man is concerned, or relatively inFire, 690:the cosmic gaseous, and the consciousness of the Heavenly Man and His life energy begins to makeFire, 691:produced by this conscious appropriation by the Heavenly Man, animates deva substance and the denseFire, 692:appropriation by the various Prajapatis, 30 or Heavenly Men of their physical bodies - again atFire, 697:and not life in matter as we understand it. A Heavenly Man functions in His pranic vehicle, andFire, 698:becoming conscious of the pranic force of the Heavenly Man. Fire, 704:unfoldment, and keeps secret the karma of the Heavenly Men, the five Kumaras. Fire, 721:therein. It is likewise the same for a Heavenly Man, and a part of the mystery of evil is to beFire, 726:a direct effect upon the centers of the Heavenly Man and therefore upon the units or human Monads,Fire, 731:This idea can be extended away from Man to a Heavenly Man, and again to the Logos in His cosmicFire, 732:indeed the energy and substance of the cosmic Heavenly Man. The word "incarnation" in its rootFire, 734:man appears. When the Will of the Logos, of the Heavenly Man, and of the human divine Ego is turnedFire, 739:and a vibrant point in a center in the body of a Heavenly Man, consciously alive and consciouslyFire, 788:of karma connected with the four Kumaras, or Heavenly Men, Who form the logoic Quaternary. In theFire, 788:Triad (or those of the three major Rays or Heavenly Men) dense physical incarnation is not theFire, 800:of the three centers in the body of the Heavenly Man which form any specific "force triangle," andFire, 802:also conscious subjection to the karma of the Heavenly Man. Man is no longer the slave of theFire, 802:impulse. The same can be predicated of a Heavenly Man, and of a solar Logos. We might, in closing,Fire, 803:of groups which form one petal in a center of a Heavenly Man, by force or purpose circulatingFire, 808:by the unit into the consciousness of the Heavenly Man. It will not be possible to do more than
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