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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAVENLY

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Meditation, Since:to the Buddhic Plane. (A. A. B.)] just as the Heavenly Men have Their originating source and theMeditation, 268:final liberation, and to the center within the Heavenly Man in Whose Body he finds a place. It isPatanjali, 38:sufficiently for the rain to fall from heavenly heights onto the physical plane or for thePatanjali, 82:of the Great Bear, the prototypes of the seven Heavenly Men, and the centers above enumeratedPatanjali, 82:enumerated relate to the energy of the seven Heavenly Men Themselves. It is not necessary toPatanjali, 83:the body of manifestation of one of the seven Heavenly Men. Every center has to be developedPatanjali, 130:is a part of a group or center in the body of a heavenly Man, a planetary Logos and that he mustPatanjali, 362:is a reflection of that which is found in the heavenly realms and much may be gained through aPatanjali, 365:in space is that part of the body of the Heavenly Man in which any atom or form has its locale.Patanjali, 365:in Space. Ray Character Place in body of Heavenly Man. Spirit Soul Body. Life aspect ConsciousnessPatanjali, 387:true of him is true of his great prototype, the Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos, and true againPsychology1, 59:regarded as constituting the brain of the divine Heavenly Man. They correspond to the ventricles ofPsychology1, 60:point for Them. These seven Rays, Breaths and Heavenly Men have the task of wrestling with matterPsychology1, 77:Chaff The Fifth great Judge The Rose of God The Heavenly One The Door into the Mind of God ThePsychology1, 81:They asked these questions in a spirit of heavenly joy and love, but with the intent to throw somePsychology1, 119:warfare going on between the carnal mind and the heavenly nature, and all aspirants who arePsychology1, 292:still and translating them into terms of the heavenly world. The Christ is being born today in manyPsychology1, 312:are closed, and he sees not the beauty of the heavenly vision, or they are open but fixed upon thePsychology1, 344:he attains: "The Holy Four descend from out the heavenly places and venture forth towards thePsychology2, 420:mystic to see his visions and to participate in heavenly happenings, and which enables the advancedPsychology2, 531:in the Heavens", the picture of Christ as the "heavenly bridegroom" and many such symbols andRays, 109:time and space - is the wheel of humanity. The Heavenly Man and the human being upon that Wheel areRays, 151:major types. The perfect type is the Christ, the Heavenly Man, Who expresses all the major typesRays, 162:is true of the individual is true too of the Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos. In the long periodRays, 687:to the Lodge of Divine Beings Who work from this heavenly Center. The first two initiations -Rays, 693:and figurative in its teaching. As far as the Heavenly Man is concerned, however, the applicationSoul, 95:such as the attraction exercised between heavenly bodies. It is said, however, that this Ether isTelepathy, 53:it surely can be. The sounds and sights of the heavenly world (as the mystics call it) are as
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