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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAVENS

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Astrology, 4:but the imaginary path of the sun through the heavens, and this as it appears from the standpointAstrology, 21:are also concerned with the great man of the heavens, the solar Logos. I refer in this lastAstrology, 62:well know, the imaginary path of the Sun in the heavens. It is therefore largely an illusion, fromAstrology, 63:and the sign, or the place of the Sun in the heavens, do not really coincide. When we state, forAstrology, 82:It is a stationary Cross, fixed in the Heavens, and guarded by the Angel. Behind the Cross, anotherAstrology, 90:his "approach" to the Cardinal Cross of the heavens. I would here remind you, e'en though it is aAstrology, 91:the constellations of the Cardinal Cross of the heavens. This is the cross of God, the Father, and,Astrology, 108:the right to mount the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens, the power to take a final planetaryAstrology, 110:is the physical Sun and its apparent path in the heavens. This "appearance" will not outwardlyAstrology, 122:more closely allied to the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens, for the mass consciousness, which is theAstrology, 178:[178] personality upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens, will reveal that every time the man findsAstrology, 184:the case upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens. You will note that my purpose in this section of ourAstrology, 193:signs which form part of the Fixed Cross of the heavens. We could express this truth in anotherAstrology, 193:Christ, crucified upon the Fixed Cross in the heavens. The activity of God [194] the Holy Spirit,Astrology, 202:important of the triplicities to be found in the heavens as far as we have astronomicallyAstrology, 221:one of the four arms of the Fixed Cross of the heavens, as you well know. Upon that Cross, theAstrology, 256:Virgo is regarded as occupying the place in the heavens where Libra is to be found. This is allAstrology, 257:with which he enters into incarnation. The heavens, the constellations, signs and planets mean oneAstrology, 299:knowledge) to whichever constellation in the heavens governs a particular month, as Sirius governsAstrology, 313:go to the forming of the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens. In the last analysis, it is only theAstrology, 334:the opposites create the three crosses of the heavens. I commend this to your consideration. TheAstrology, 345:occult procedure. In each of the Crosses of the Heavens there is one sign and influence which, inAstrology, 431:into the waters and cast the radiance of the Heavens into the depths. At this attractive call, theAstrology, 432:no darkness. There is always light. And then the heavens within the ring-pass-not responded to theAstrology, 444:on the long range vision, endorsed by the Heavens and corroborated by the activity of the stars,Astrology, 568:is of prime importance is the Fixed Cross of the Heavens. Aspirants to the Mysteries are steadilyAstrology, 639:(S.D. Vol. II, 561-562) (The Fixed Cross of the Heavens) 3. "The constellations of the Great BearAstrology, 639:antiquity through the signs of the sun and the heavens... are in each individual case, theAstrology, 644:a creator in his own realm as the Spirit of the heavens (i.e. the form life and the soul life ofAstrology, 671:seat occupied by our sun in the center of the heavens, that pure energy being the Logos of ourAstrology, 690:body had been coordinated, a triangle in the Heavens was formed under law which permitted a flow ofAtom, 46:probably revolving around a central point in the heavens. Thus the basic idea which I have soughtAtom, 155:in the stars that we can see in the distant heavens, and in the life that is evolving within them,Atom, 157:conjunction produce that blazing forth in the heavens which we call our solar system. TheAutobiography, 39:the rock stretched out Their arms towards the heavens. The [40] crowd froze into immobility. At theAutobiography, 73:sunflower because it followed the sun in the heavens. The next morning a soldier came to the doorAutobiography, 142:horizon was opening up. There was light in the heavens and I was no longer an isolated, deserted,Autobiography, 232:which is the imaginary path of the sun in the heavens, the sun appears to be going through theBethlehem, 38:sound forth from the center - the Center in the Heavens, and the center in every human heart. EachBethlehem, 45:modern days, but the 'pattern of things in the heavens.' (Hebrews, IX, 23.) When Jesus is speakingBethlehem, 53:the sign of the Son of Man will be seen in the Heavens. (St. Matt., XXIV, 30.) Just as the Birth atBethlehem, 60:with the actual career of the Sun through the heavens - so many indeed that they cannot well beBethlehem, 62:when the Sun comes forth from her in the Heavens. Weak, feeble as an infant is he, born when theBethlehem, 64:journey around the zodiac, this "Man of the Heavens" eventually arrives at Pisces; this sign isBethlehem, 64:and to be found in the same section of the Heavens, are three other constellations, and in theseBethlehem, 64:human incarnation. Truly the picture book of the heavens holds eternal truth for those who haveBethlehem, 64:men's eyes in the vault of heaven. Thus as "the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmamentBethlehem, 67:Associated with the story-book of the heavens there are three constellations (besides theBethlehem, 76:signs of the zodiac, that imaginary belt in the heavens through which the sun appears to pass onBethlehem, 96:up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto Him, and He saw the SpiritBethlehem, 181:upon what is called "the fixed cross of the heavens." Upon this cross God is eternally crucified.Bethlehem, 183:and realized that the story written in the heavens had a definite relation to humanity and to theBethlehem, 185:eternal sacrifice upon the fixed cross of the heavens, to which the stars bear testimony and whichBethlehem, 185:The Heavenly Man is today pendant in the Heavens, as He has been since the creation of the solarDiscipleship1, 32:members. This is the true "marriage in the Heavens" of which mystical Christianity speaks and theDiscipleship1, 390:of the planet, the solar system and the starry heavens, lies [391] revealed to you through thatDiscipleship1, 678:loss of rhythm and potency. "I stand between the Heavens and Earth! I vision God; I see the formsDiscipleship2, 189:is crucified upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens. This he is prepared always to accept, for heDiscipleship2, 217:must and will result in the creation of the new heavens and the new earth. This is one way ofDiscipleship2, 427:steps will then be taken to create the "new heavens and the new earth." You will need here toEducation, 16:From another angle, man reads his destiny in the heavens and writes out that destiny in his lifeEducation, 144:that "house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" to which the New Testament refers (II Cor.Externalisation, 91:Nevertheless, the goal of reaching towards the heavens was the same as in the second (a referenceExternalisation, 91:nine points of light appear, reflected in the heavens; they brought to seeding point that humanExternalisation, 118:there took place the original "war in the heavens," when the sons of God who responded to theExternalisation, 170:within the human being; the "marriage in the heavens" takes place and the task of the creativeExternalisation, 416:minded people. The realization that the starry heavens, the solar system and the planetary spheresExternalisation, 419:our solar system as it pursues its orbit in the Heavens (the twelve constellations of the zodiac).Externalisation, 471:of God, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" - are occupied with the symbols and not withExternalisation, 675:and directing the creative process. If the new heavens and the new earth are to be a fact inFire, 18:times the note was sounded, pealing across the heavens. At the third intoning came the answer toFire, 33:Through the band of violet that encircleth the Heavens passeth the globe of purple dark. It passethFire, 53:The solar Logos or The Grand Man of the Heavens. Latent or interior fire produces the internal heatFire, 80:or the manifesting group. The Grand Man of the Heavens, the Macrocosm, the solar Logos, theFire, 99:for cosmic prana. The mysterious band in the heavens, which we call the Milky Way, (S. D. II. 250)Fire, 101:Man, the planetary Logos, The Grand Man of the Heavens, the solar Logos. Second. In this fourthFire, 180:of the Heavenly Men and of the Grand Man of the Heavens, the Logos. a. The Heavenly Men. TheFire, 181:secret may be revealed. b. The Grand Man of the Heavens. The seven Heavenly Men are the sevenFire, 190:of the solar system, of the Grand Man of the Heavens. Therefore, we note that on the physical planeFire, 230:or heat, occultly expressed, will the Son in the Heavens "shine forth." From the cosmic point ofFire, 234:of a Heavenly Man, and of the Grand Man of the Heavens. The place and position of one and all toFire, 234:have we? The Son, the Grand Man of the Heavens. He manifests through the Sun and the seven sacredFire, 235:producing: The Son or the Grand Man of the Heavens, the conscious logoic Ego evolving through: TheFire, 237:they make up the Body of the Grand Man of the Heavens, the Logos. Other names for these Beings: TheFire, 255:Logos a. A solar Logos, the Grand Man of the Heavens, is equally spheroidal in shape. HisFire, 256:vibrating balls of fire. The Grand Man of the Heavens vibrates to a steadily increasing measure;Fire, 268:They are the Logos, the Grand Man of the Heavens. In the case of a Heavenly Man the developmentFire, 380:and of our path in the vast arc of the heavens. It bears on the relation of the various suns withFire, 412:Being to [412] embrace the entire vault of the Heavens. It is interesting to bear in mind in thisFire, 513:planetary Logoi. It is the Grand Man of the Heavens, with the seven Heavenly Men. It is the OneFire, 524:At that great cataclysm - as the Bible says "the Heavens will melt with fervent heat." (Bible. IIFire, 554:which emanate from that constellation in the Heavens which embodies His polar opposite. This is aFire, 672:and cycles expand into the [672] circle of the Heavens, then shall the essential Unity be cognizedFire, 699:body had been coordinated, a triangle in the Heavens was formed under law which permitted a flow ofFire, 701:had blended with it, and had risen up into the Heavens, as the occult books express it, [702] anFire, 723:with the intelligent coordination of the starry Heavens. They have achieved all that man canFire, 741:marks the beginning of the [741] time when the "Heavens will melt with fervent heat," and the SunFire, 748:all, are garnered by the One Who rideth the Heavens and entereth into the timeless Aeon." (From theFire, 838:thinks that if, at any point in a blank space of heavens - a space that appears blank even throughFire, 846:substance, who is an entity from a point in the Heavens which may not be mentioned: He embodies
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