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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEAVENS

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Fire, 865:the microcosm of those "mansions prepared in the Heavens" which receive the sevenfold energy of theFire, 916:of a Heavenly Man, and of the Grand Man of the Heavens. By a close scrutiny of these conditions inFire, 980:that are apparent when we scan the starry heavens, the quality of the Logos of our solar system isFire, 999:the work of the solar Logos as He created "the Heavens and the Earth." The [1000] Highest and theFire, 1042:to the effect [1042] those constellations in the heavens (which are antagonistic to the solarFire, 1044:"polar affinity," the "Marriage in the Heavens," the transference of the germs of life from theFire, 1045:yet spiraling in cyclic fashion through the heavens, and therefore, progressing through the effectFire, 1057:or inclination towards the systemic orbit in the heavens. Fire, 1057:is carried in a circular manner through the Heavens. The exact figures of the cycle which coversFire, 1058:likewise spirals in a cyclic fashion through the Heavens. This is a different activity to the driftFire, 1058:drift or progressive dynamic motion through the Heavens. It deals with the revolution of our SunFire, 1059:it might so be expressed) toward a point in the heavens unknown as yet to even the planetary Logoi.Fire, 1059:to even the planetary Logoi. The confines of the Heavens Themselves are illimitable and utterlyFire, 1060:to the illumined Seer, and the secret of the Heavens can be read and expressed in terms of forceFire, 1084:The orbital path of the solar system in the heavens around its cosmic center is now being sensed,Fire, 1176:and they swing through their cycles in the Heavens under the same laws as do the greater planets.Fire, 1233:Logos, Who is constructing a "Temple in the Heavens not made with hands." The Planetary Logoi, whoFire, 1256:the Gods" peals forth in the great choir of the Heavens, it produces a corresponding colorFire, 1270:fire lieth in the nethermost part of the western heavens. Its smoke riseth unto that high placeGlamour, 232:with our hands stretched out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner world of meaning and theGlamour, 238:with our hands stretched out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner world of meaning and theGlamour, 269:portrayed for us in the picture book of the heavens when, according to Catholic Festivals, theHealing, 154:subhuman kingdoms, and thus establishing the new heavens and the new earth. Then humanity will haveHercules, 8:labors, passing around the great zodiac of the heavens, we will approach it from two angles: thatHercules, 10:Christ, crucified upon the Fixed Cross of the heavens; this is the story of the historical Christ,Hercules, 10:the human being. Thus as we look at the starry heavens above, we have eternally pictured for usHercules, 12:a central Energy. In the unfolding drama of the heavens, in the conclusions of the scientificHercules, 23:his person he symbolized the Fixed Cross in the heavens, formed by the four constellations Taurus,Hercules, 30:mounts the cross: the fixed cross of the heavens, upon which he remains in spirit until the lastHercules, 36:Thus Hercules saw himself reflected in the heavens, and as he started upon the capture of theHercules, 43:at this time. It is the Fixed Cross in the heavens, [44] the Cross of the Disciple, and theHercules, 44:days it was called the leading star of the heavens, and Taurus has always been connected with lightHercules, 47:foretold by the three pictures in the heavens which they present to us. The ancient name of OrionHercules, 69:by the Hound of Heaven. As we look at the starry heavens at night and locate Sirius, the Dog Star,Hercules, 70:were there nothing left to us except the starry heavens, the story of the zodiac and theHercules, 78:Then into view Diana sprang, the huntress of the heavens, the daughter of the sun. Leaping onHercules, 83:of the moon; but Diana, the huntress of the heavens, the daughter of the sun, also claimed it andHercules, 87:express the story of the cardinal cross in the heavens. (The cross of the initiate.) The StarsHercules, 92:was also claimed by Diana, the huntress of the heavens, and by Apollo. the sun god. One of theHercules, 94:doe was the intuition, Diana, huntress of the heavens, who knew it was intellect, and Artemis, theHercules, 103:one of the four arms of the fixed cross in the heavens, the cross on which the Cosmic Christ andHercules, 104:which is one of the four royal stars of the heavens. It is called Regulus the Ruler, the Lawgiver,Hercules, 153:of desire and this is the reddest star in the heavens; it symbolizes that red of desire thatHercules, 162:[162] There are two birds to be seen in the heavens close to Sagittarius. One, Aquila, the eagleHercules, 162:States stands for. You have it right in the heavens. Sagittarius is the ninth sign. Think aboutHercules, 182:our pole star and another star (Vega) in the heavens will be in conjunction with each other [183]Hercules, 199:The sign Pisces marks a triangular place in the heavens, a symbol of reality. This sign rules theHercules, 205:human race were written by God on the Earth and Heavens. The reading of these Scriptures isHercules, 205:is ever open before mankind. - Albert Pike. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmamentHercules, 205:of a world disciple is illustrated in the heavens by the Labors of Hercules through the zodiacalHercules, 209:see him passing around the great pathway of the heavens and in each sign performing one of theHercules, 210:of creation upon the fixed cross of the heavens. This is the story of the historical Christ, givenHercules, 210:the story of every man. As we look at the starry heavens above us, we have this great drama,Hercules, 216:the Zodiac is an imaginary [216] belt in the heavens, sixteen or eighteen degrees broad, throughHercules, 216:Zodiac, properly speaking, is that belt of the heavens through which passes the apparent path ofHercules, 216:although they do not cover the same area of the heavens. The precession of the equinoxes, caused byHercules, 218:as "the imaginary path of the sun through the heavens", and in all books of reference upon theHercules, 220:this arrangement cyclically comes about in the heavens, the great historic Sons of God make theirHercules, 222:Christ passes at the end of the age when the heavens and the earth are dissolved and God's plansInitiation, 4:known the mystery of "the marriage song of the heavens." The reader is also asked to remember andInitiation, 130:Logos is secreted in that central spot in the heavens around which our solar system revolves, andIntellect, 156:of the Beloved," and "the marriage in the Heavens," the pouring out of the love nature at the feetIntellect, 167:the world, with all its cares, will obscure the heavens. We are told in Mysticism that ecstasy,Magic, 12:and which admits him to "the freedom of the heavens". The effect of the free [13] play of the soulMagic, 117:the life of renunciation and the wealth of the heavens pours in on him; he gives all and is full toMagic, 192:things which will bring about eventually the new heavens and the new earth. When the energies ofMagic, 287:Father'. It has relation to the marriage in the Heavens. To Dare. These words give the clue to theMagic, 307:are oft overlooked. The path of the sun in the heavens. The southern path tends to a loweredMagic, 365:ideas and to study the "pattern of things in the Heavens" as it is called in the Bible. He [366]Magic, 386:loss of rhythm and potency. "I stand between the Heavens and Earth! I vision God; I see the formsMagic, 393:center of one's tiny universe. "Around me the Heavens move and the stars in their courses revolve"Magic, 437:degrees [437] away in the great round of the heavens from where it is stated to be, as far as theMagic, 548:must recognize the cross which stands in the Heavens upon which the cosmic Christ is crucified andMagic, 610:will bring about the manifestation of the new heavens and the new earth, to which all theMagic, 611:period and can be seen going on in the starry heavens. It indicates the stage wherein the GreatMeditation, 144:egoic group. Other egoic groups. That Man of the Heavens of which the egoic groups form a center.Patanjali, 300:that body "not made by hands, eternal in the heavens" mentioned by St. Paul. In connection with thePatanjali, 303:not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. The other deals with the "lunar mansions" (as onePatanjali, 303:and agents. The path of our sun in the Heavens and the twelve signs of the Zodiac through which ourPatanjali, 339:meditation give him the freedom of the heavens and the right to pass through certain gateways intoPatanjali, 387:prototype of his prototype, the Grand Man of the Heavens, the solar Logos, God in manifestationPatanjali, 416:real [416] man, the Son of God, eternal in the Heavens, is known by many and varied names,Problems, 133:of God "not made with hands, eternal in the heavens". They serve that spiritual Hierarchy whichPsychology1, 72:and roll again. Cycle around the circle of the Heavens. Prove all is one. Quality - the harmony ofPsychology1, 132:which gives to our planet its light in [132] the heavens. The planetary light is the sum total ofPsychology1, 182:immanent; a God of such immensity that the Heavens proclaim Him, and so intimate that the humblestPsychology1, 234:the power to "conform" to the pattern set in the heavens, and to produce below that which is foundPsychology1, 332:of the apparent progress of the sun through the heavens, either once every twenty-five thousandPsychology1, 424:the power to "conform" to the pattern set in the heavens, and to produce below that which is foundPsychology2, 48:to express in terms of the "marriage in the heavens", and which has been wrongly twisted into thePsychology2, 56:of the true pattern, existing eternal in the Heavens. There is a physical form, but the inner,Psychology2, 91:to be crucified upon the cardinal Cross of the Heavens, and thereby pass through a cosmicPsychology2, 91:today crucified upon the fixed Cross in the Heavens, and through the medium of the mutable Cross isPsychology2, 196:unity which revolves within our universe of heavens as our planet revolves in the center of ourPsychology2, 221:illumination reflected by our planet in the heavens, as well as that which makes an individual manPsychology2, 275:into a body "not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" takes place. The little self repeats thePsychology2, 292:selves. This eventuates in the "marriage in the Heavens." The power to create forms, or thePsychology2, 531:as the "bride of Christ", the "marriage in the Heavens", the picture of Christ as the "heavenlyRays, 279:temple "not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens," is no longer required; it has served itsRays, 553:new creative activity which will bring "the new heavens and the new earth" into being. Three points
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