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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEBREW

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Autobiography, 52:have is an old translation from the Aramaic or Hebrew into ancient Greek, and from the Greek intoBethlehem, 64:the Centaur, and Bo÷tes, whose name in the Hebrew language means the "Coming One." First, the childDiscipleship1, 155:at all in spite of the fact that you are of the Hebrew race. This is a true feeling, and the onlyFire, 894:conveyed in the Christian Bible, in the Hebrew and Christian recognition of the all-seeing eye ofGlamour, 137:future holds. I do not refer here to the Hebrew prophets, so familiar to the West, but to all whoGlamour, 137:Isaiah and Ezekiel are the only two of the Hebrew prophets who had true prophetic and cosmicHealing, 263:prove this Law, but I choose to refer to the Hebrew peoples because their history is so well knownHealing, 263:yet Christ was a Jew and it was the Hebrew race which produced Him. Let this never be forgotten.Healing, 267:the pronounced manipulative tendencies of the Hebrew people are exchanged for more selfless andHercules, 65:the negative, matter aspect. The Coptic and the Hebrew names signify "united", and this is theHercules, 69:and it is interesting to note that the Hebrew names of some of the stars found in thisHercules, 87:It is interesting to note that there is no Hebrew word for "crab". It was regarded as unclean andHercules, 90:or "the flock of sheep," and an analysis of the Hebrew and Arabic names [91] for the stars found inHercules, 175:by the arrow Sagitta, the cosmic arrow. The Hebrew name for this arrow means "the desolate one",Hercules, 217:live', but from a primitive root, through the Hebrew 'sodi', which in Sanskrit means 'a way. ItsPsychology1, 386:her borders, to the exclusion, however, of the Hebrew race. With the problem of the Jew I will dealPsychology1, 401:intermarriage. Of this latter factor, only the Hebrew today has preserved any measure of racial
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