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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEIGHTENING

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Discipleship1, 268:at an intensification of your understanding and heightening of your vibration. In the daily roundDiscipleship2, 57:with a constant realization of retreat inward, a heightening of his vibration, and raising of hisExternalisation, 86:is gauged by the light in the centers and the heightening and the obscuration of their vibration.Externalisation, 508:to see etherically, and this they will do by heightening human vibration by interaction with theirExternalisation, 515:are on the Probationary Path and need but the heightening of their vibration (made possible by HisFire, 1117:point as it contacts other points in the general heightening of the vibration through the interplayIntellect, 170:from them, and has apparently gone toward heightening the clearness of consciousness. As a rule,Magic, 199:of the thousand-petalled lotus, and the steadily heightening vibration of the heart and throatMagic, 264:cycle he changes the key, often in one life heightening his vibration several times. See thereforeMagic, 348:endeavor and high aspiration. The effect of the heightening of the vibration on you, the aspirant,Meditation, 290:is only conscious of a feeling of momentary heightening, which takes the form of a ripple orPsychology1, 124:They will teach men to see etherically, by heightening human vibration by action of their own. TheyPsychology2, 432:the medium of all these centers. Through the heightening of vibration, through the swinging intoPsychology2, 524:A period wherein there takes place a definite heightening and intensifying of force. The light of
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