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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELP

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Discipleship1, 13:co-disciples, sending them love, soul force, and help. [14] Discipleship1, 43:would be evoked and their intelligent help forthcoming. What were the requirements for which weDiscipleship1, 48:by any of you and, therefore (because I seek to help you) I formulate them for you and face youDiscipleship1, 53:- of the Masters who are specifically pledged to help humanity. Thus a vast powerhouse and stationDiscipleship1, 65:of this, with proper observation, will greatly help all of you. Next comes a refusal to thinkDiscipleship1, 74:The steadiness of those who know God's plan will help humanity and aid the efforts of theDiscipleship1, 75:you have seen happen. As individuals I seek to help you but only with a view to your groupDiscipleship1, 77:status on the Path at this time, I shall seek to help you as in the past. I shall speak the truthDiscipleship1, 77:as a virtue. I was then a young man, anxious to help my Master and humanity but, in the lastDiscipleship1, 99:in the past a very great deal of instruction, help and encouragement. That you still have and itDiscipleship1, 119:to touch the pleading hands, held forth for help. It swings in heaven high, held by the soul -Discipleship1, 129:to stand aside from them in your endeavor to help them and to work with and for them. You are aptDiscipleship1, 131:integration... You are in a position to aid and help many people. See to it, my brother, that youDiscipleship1, 133:order to hasten the intended accomplishment? To help you do this, I shall not assign you a greatDiscipleship1, 135:today is earnestly needed. Humanity is demanding help and the Hierarchy is asking for cooperation. Discipleship1, 138:thus aid the group whilst helping yourself? To help you in this connection I am giving you a veryDiscipleship1, 139:This B. S. W. has already achieved and could help you if you, with frankness, cared to correspondDiscipleship1, 139:fellow-disciples may not interfere. The greatest help that I can give you at this time is to makeDiscipleship1, 144:them is your immediate task. I would not help you and would only limit you within the boundaries ofDiscipleship1, 144:or, there is the man I foretold would help your endeavor. You are in training as wielder of men andDiscipleship1, 148:knowledge [148] of this and its remembrance may help you to endure. Much help can also come to youDiscipleship1, 148:and its remembrance may help you to endure. Much help can also come to you if you will rememberDiscipleship1, 151:[151] need and of hierarchical request for help in world work should galvanize you into a renewedDiscipleship1, 153:to speak with decision to those you seek to help - physically and psychologically-for that you canDiscipleship1, 154:look for those mature souls who do not need your help but who seek your collaboration as you seekDiscipleship1, 154:sought for your collaborators among those you help, but there you will not find them. It was thisDiscipleship1, 154:Go through the lists of those you have sought to help and relinquish them to their own souls. MindDiscipleship1, 162:and subject, therefore, to criticism and outer help. Then the task of preserving the originalDiscipleship1, 165:goodwill, then give freely of your time and help. Hold out the hand of fellowship. Where there isDiscipleship1, 167:may aid you in handling your problem and help your progress as a worker: The sense ofDiscipleship1, 170:men. They heal and cleanse the physical body and help you do your work with little effort, a properDiscipleship1, 180:regime of the power aspect of love would greatly help you. The understanding, identifying aspectsDiscipleship1, 186:upheaval. This you realize. It may be of some help and comfort to you if you realize also that thisDiscipleship1, 186:will indicate to you how slowly we, who seek to help and guide our chelas, work. But it is byDiscipleship1, 187:offering them the opportunity to serve and help in the work you are endeavoring to do, no matterDiscipleship1, 189:are to work together for a while and I seek to help. Your first objective is to set up anDiscipleship1, 199:seek personal illumination? or Because I want to help in enlightening those around me? If thisDiscipleship1, 200:In what manner can I use the light in order to help my fellowmen? In what way can I most trulyDiscipleship1, 219:ago. At that time, as you know, I endeavored to help you. That condition is now definitelyDiscipleship1, 221:power or effect upon all you meet and seek to help. Fortunately for you, and also owing to theDiscipleship1, 222:applied at times; this damages those you seek to help. This particular life has been a crucial andDiscipleship1, 236:(in the consciousness of those who seek to help upon the inner side) is an over-emphaticDiscipleship1, 242:A study of the sixth ray characteristics will help you here, particularly if you remember thatDiscipleship1, 244:of your soul. In your efforts, for instance, to help people, your sixth ray devotion is apt toDiscipleship1, 250:no intention to coerce you. I only desire to help, to aid you in a liberating process and to seeDiscipleship1, 251:by group needs, by world need and by my need of help in the work I plan. Learn to do this byDiscipleship1, 254:the many little selves will come to you for help. Discipleship1, 254:on the fourth ray and this can definitely be a help to you if the energy involved is rightly used,Discipleship1, 260:you who are working in my group of disciples can help set the way, aid in determining the pace andDiscipleship1, 261:good and faithful service and helped many. Take help yourself without unduly emphasizing in yourDiscipleship1, 262:and I tell you this for your comforting and help. To carry forward this new service to which youDiscipleship1, 264:own group, those whom they can specifically help. This work, they are taught by being put into aDiscipleship1, 264:whom you know and feel require training and help. They have to be taught to work inclusively and toDiscipleship1, 265:draw people to me personally so that I can help them or does it set up a soul interplay betweenDiscipleship1, 273:disseminated among all whom you know who could help. I would ask you to ponder much on these ideasDiscipleship1, 275:with whom your daily lot is cast. They need help. Give them of that help freely and fully. TheDiscipleship1, 275:lot is cast. They need help. Give them of that help freely and fully. The third Ray of ActivityDiscipleship1, 277:I repeat again for your consideration and help during the coming months the third phrase which IDiscipleship1, 282:your wisdom and your strength , and you can help him through a period of apparent loneliness fromDiscipleship1, 282:time" and I have, secondly, noted the intuitive. help you have sought [283] to render to yourDiscipleship1, 283:place and are of value if rightly handled. Your help, for instance, with I. B. S. can be increasedDiscipleship1, 286:her. Aid her with your wisdom and your love, and help her break through into greater usefulness. InDiscipleship1, 290:of progress in order to stay with and help the sons of men. The point of development of everybodyDiscipleship1, 293:sense of my keen personal interest. I would not help that way. But I do seek to word theseDiscipleship1, 294:tests and new opportunities to aid and help. This expansion should continue and should evidence aDiscipleship1, 295:your effect as a worker upon those you seek to help. This is a very valuable exercise for allDiscipleship1, 301:subjective potency of what you have to give will help - if I may so express it - to bring the wholeDiscipleship1, 304:with them on the matter. By so doing you will help in establishing a group interplay and integrityDiscipleship1, 307:upon the Path and to work for those whom he can help, but whose evolutionary status is not on anDiscipleship1, 312:through identification with the one you seek to help, through the magnetic power of your mind,Discipleship1, 312:contained and embodied in the form of written help. I am seeking your help in training aspirants toDiscipleship1, 312:in the form of written help. I am seeking your help in training aspirants to become consciousDiscipleship1, 313:give you a brief exercise to perform which may help in the externalizing of your magnetic power...Discipleship1, 317:with which they predominantly work in order to help them subordinate the lower man to the spiritualDiscipleship1, 327:concern and distress of mind. Your desire to help has been urgent and your [328] capacity toDiscipleship1, 329:and who aid untiringly. Give this kind of help, for well you can. In silence and in confidence andDiscipleship1, 330:It should be interesting to both of you to help each other and see in what the differences consistDiscipleship1, 330:much progress in overcoming hindrances that my help is warranted. Forget not, my brother, thatDiscipleship1, 342:constant reaction against receiving any outer help may at times militate against your progress.Discipleship1, 343:mind will be of value to the group and you can help me with your teaching capacity, for you areDiscipleship1, 346:This is your immediate problem and, in order to help you, I suggest the meditation outlined below.Discipleship1, 353:his reactions to the situation and to the needed help, will be automatic, intuitive and,Discipleship1, 362:by [362] others and can reach those who need help... Expressed symbolically, what I have to say toDiscipleship1, 363:Ponder on this suggestion. Give more definite help in the work... You can give that which isDiscipleship1, 363:for you have not yet availed yourself of the help I there sought to give to you. But be of goodDiscipleship1, 366:work and place of D. A. O. in my group and so help preserve the integrity of the groupDiscipleship1, 367:and what still remains to be done. This will help you to renew your efforts to master the physicalDiscipleship1, 371:with a sense of blinding failure. How can I help you, therefore, when you know the causes ofDiscipleship1, 395:plus an equally constant urge to serve and to help, constitute no simple problem. This problem, sheDiscipleship1, 401:aid you in the relinquishing process and help you to readjust your life to time and circumstance ifDiscipleship1, 406:need to be more occupied with those whom you can help, than with your own reactions - both good andDiscipleship1, 407:familiar to you, are many [407] whom you could help and release. They fear you, however, and fearDiscipleship1, 409:with fatigue as a result. Perhaps I can help you most by saying that, owing to your rayDiscipleship1, 417:and so know and ascertain the best way to help him and stimulate him to renewed self-effort. HeDiscipleship1, 419:are coming closer to your Master; the greatest help that I can give you at this time is to tell youDiscipleship1, 426:speak today for I think that I may thereby be of help and save you much future difficulty. That is,Discipleship1, 431:usefulness in service? In what way? How does it help my progress on the path? If it is true thatDiscipleship1, 434:send to you. Watch for them; recognize them and help them. This I can trust you to do. I have givenDiscipleship1, 435:regard yourself only as a channel through which help may come. My blessing rests upon you. [436]Discipleship1, 439:are flowing through them to the world. Therefore help each other. I want, my brother, to give you a
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