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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELP

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Discipleship1, 439:to give you a visualization exercise which may help you somewhat. Breathing exercises are notDiscipleship1, 443:at the center, lifts thereto all I seek to help. At the end of six months' application to theseDiscipleship1, 445:most truly serve them? And how will observation help me to do this? Discipleship1, 451:to those who are consciously endeavoring to help humanity and to liberate it, as a whole and not asDiscipleship1, 459:on a recognition of this fact and which will help you to gain a more perfect alignment and theDiscipleship1, 465:done by you. My brother, you have the power to help individuals, and you have an unusual capacityDiscipleship1, 468:group is dedicated. For long you have tried to help L. T. S-K. to free himself from the rhythm ofDiscipleship1, 468:you continue still a little while the effort to help him, writing to him in frankness and standingDiscipleship1, 478:talk your problem out with him. He can and will help you from his own experiences and you can alsoDiscipleship1, 478:during the next few months, need my thought and help, you have my permission to approach me as youDiscipleship1, 478:MY BROTHER: I sometimes wonder what I can do to help you or what words I can say which will enableDiscipleship1, 484:the request - spoken or implied - for spiritual help and then the power to work with the person andDiscipleship1, 484:power to work with the person and give him right help in the right way. This, in its turn, involvesDiscipleship1, 485:of it depends the success of the attempt to help. This process of inner, brooding reflection is oftDiscipleship1, 485:been accomplished and the server stands ready to help, then he can depend upon the needy one andDiscipleship1, 487:is left except (with the aid of some outside help) to hold the ground gained and to hope, somewhatDiscipleship1, 487:This aptly describes you. My problem is how to help you back to happy, significant living, myDiscipleship1, 488:weeks ago, several of them tried to reach and help you, under my instructions. Now I would ask youDiscipleship1, 488:to reach them, not because you are desiring help for yourself, but because you need strength atDiscipleship1, 488:of the mind. In closing, I would add for your help the following information: The energy of yourDiscipleship1, 493:soul, I would not take the time or trouble to help you see and wrestle with your problem. I, yourDiscipleship1, 496:(because you were new in his group) asked me to help you - a brother on the same ray. For years youDiscipleship1, 507:drawing closer to you of those who care and can help. Will you understand me when I say thatDiscipleship1, 509:of your spiritual problem (and of my effort to help you solve it) that will be constructivelyDiscipleship1, 511:from the astral plane. Perhaps the best way to help you, my brother, and any of your co-disciplesDiscipleship1, 515:or non-progress of any individual disciple help or hinder the group of disciples? Because of theDiscipleship1, 516:next question that arises is: Which do I do - help or hinder? Let me answer this last question inDiscipleship1, 516:know. I ask you to remember this. But you could help more definitely and consciously if you couldDiscipleship1, 521:you the word, "substitution," may prove of real help, enabling you to substitute a fresh and vitalDiscipleship1, 536:the efforts of the Great Ones. So let it be and help us to do our part. And close with theDiscipleship1, 537:in greater or less degree, they need not that help from you. They need the intuitive understandingDiscipleship1, 551:your room. I might add, that he is seeking to help you physically and to strengthen you with lifeDiscipleship1, 554:understanding. In this particular work you can help materially my brother and my friend of oldenDiscipleship1, 561:with earnest aspiration; I look above; I help below: I dream not, nor I rest; I toil; I serve; IDiscipleship1, 563:knows the meaning of those lost hours and can help you there. Remember, also, brother of old, thatDiscipleship1, 574:true aspirants in all esoteric schools. Their help is needed by us. I give you no exercises toDiscipleship1, 575:times during the past four months definitely to help you. I wonder if you were aware of myDiscipleship1, 576:is the right handling of force. Perhaps I shall help you the most if I beg you not to handle forceDiscipleship1, 576:in any way the methods in which you seek to help my work. It will, however, affect the quality andDiscipleship1, 578:year, I definitely intervened and interposed my help, though you, of course, knew it not. Can I, atDiscipleship1, 579:during the unconscious stage we do occasionally help. This I did. I would ask you to regard theDiscipleship1, 585:or that second ray groups exist in order to help people like you. They do not. But the work of theDiscipleship1, 587:the cooperation of the outsider who comes in to help, but the cooperation of one who is so closelyDiscipleship1, 590:which is now being attempted and give all the help of which you are capable or you can gatherDiscipleship1, 595:earnest desire to progress can hinder as well as help. The intuition is a growth, primarily, inDiscipleship1, 603:But blinded and, seemingly, helpless. No one can help you, my brother. You yourself must let allDiscipleship1, 603:to serve. Perhaps the way in which I can best help you is to give you a meditation which willDiscipleship1, 607:certain suggestions. Perhaps the way I can best help you at this time is to list them for youDiscipleship1, 609:choice and decision, my problem now is how to help you to make good in the future which is openingDiscipleship1, 610:are fellow pilgrims or people you can love and help. Yourself as a server and the work (as ourDiscipleship1, 611:new start was offered to you. You were asked to help in some work which I initiated in 1919 (when IDiscipleship1, 611:not guidance from those who have sought to help you serve, and who opened the door of opportunityDiscipleship1, 613:brother, during the past years I have sought to help you. The indication that what I say is true,Discipleship1, 614:years ago, you recognized me and offered to help. You recognized some of my co-workers and offeredDiscipleship1, 615:in deep distress, wondering what they can do to help you and aid in your release. The door stillDiscipleship1, 615:love and of my deep and lasting desire to help you and to serve you. I shall not attempt further toDiscipleship1, 617:power (gained in meditation) and understanding help. All else must be ruled out for this life;Discipleship1, 618:of action of the work. I look to you to aid and help. If you will always act in full cooperationDiscipleship1, 622:Go with your brothers into the valley and do not help them only from the peaks of wisdom. You haveDiscipleship1, 638:you know for yourself what it is, then I will help you to express your aspiration. One hint,Discipleship1, 641:healing service. It was necessary for me to help all of you to achieve a fuller expression of soulDiscipleship1, 648:expansions of consciousness. I seek to have your help and this you know. Clarity of definitionDiscipleship1, 651:ground in the matter. Then your power to help will be greatly increased. I and your group brothersDiscipleship1, 651:brothers on the inner side are looking for your help in world service. May I say, for yourDiscipleship1, 659:is on your side and not mine, I only seek to help you and to release you to fuller and more [660]Discipleship1, 662:make the needed impact upon those who need your help. They get the impact of your cares and fearsDiscipleship1, 664:group do most certainly constitute a powerful help and bring a sense of life and love whichDiscipleship1, 665:within your environment who look to you for help - physical, emotional and mental - but always withDiscipleship1, 686:to deal with these right at the beginning of any help which I may be able to give you. What is thisDiscipleship1, 690:out of these plans under the inspiration and help of the world disciples is in the hands of allDiscipleship1, 690:task in which all of you have the opportunity to help. Your ability to become world disciplesDiscipleship1, 691:(with full or with qualified dedication) to help bring it about. He then stimulates them as aDiscipleship1, 693:This can then be employed by the Hierarchy to help humanity everywhere, particularly in this timeDiscipleship1, 693:is the task to be done? Who are the people I can help? Which aspects of the Master's work should IDiscipleship1, 693:Master's work should I endeavor to give the most help at this time? These questions must all meetDiscipleship1, 697:it will enable the Ashram to meet the need and help every aspirant to pass off the ProbationaryDiscipleship1, 698:of the web. Academic explanations do not help the student to understand this. When the mind (theDiscipleship1, 705:the need of those the disciple is seeking to help and strengthen. The projected thought-form willDiscipleship1, 706:usually more preoccupied with their desire to help than with the scientific techniques of helping.Discipleship1, 715:will lead him gradually onward and give him the help he needs. The reason for this is that theDiscipleship1, 729:he knows too that at present they cannot help but see in him and even in their Master the veryDiscipleship1, 736:for understanding, compassion, interest and help. The usual loneliness of all disciples isDiscipleship1, 738:opportunity to serve. His work is primarily to help them detach themselves from the form aspect ofDiscipleship1, 739:Do I realize exactly where I stand? Whom I can help? And to whom I must look for example, aid andDiscipleship1, 742:sensitivity. Disciples must train themselves to help. The shift of the consciousness of ordinaryDiscipleship1, 744:to the group good until after due effort to help that individual understand and demonstrate rightDiscipleship1, 751:permitted to attract the Master's attention when help is needed for the group, and thus becomes aDiscipleship1, 752:with gathering around them those whom they can help, thus striking a particular note and learningDiscipleship1, 769:yet care enough to do what they can to help. Unconsciously, they can be used by the Hierarchy to doDiscipleship1, 782:service wherein they can express any spiritual help they may have gained through their work in theDiscipleship1, 783:and have interiorly pledged themselves to help their fellowmen. This great group constitutes theDiscipleship1, 784:in the school were given the opportunity to help in the movement. They were left entirely free toDiscipleship1, 789:their own immediate progress in order to help humanity. That is a Master. The second point I wouldDiscipleship1, 789:the far corners of the earth and convey aid and help; the goodwill work which I suggested, andDiscipleship2, XII:school for initiation and the goal is not to help the student to get into an ashram or to contact aDiscipleship2, XII:of the Arcane School is, and always has been, to help the student to move forward more quickly onDiscipleship2, 7:seek to give each of you a measure of Individual Help and Instruction. As time goes on, I willDiscipleship2, 13:and its affiliated groups are seeking active help and cooperation in the work of salvage. AllDiscipleship2, 13:of reconstruction. I ask for your consecrated help. I ask you to discipline yourselves anew, toDiscipleship2, 21:give to each of you a measure of individual help, personal instruction and individual meditation.
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