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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELP

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Discipleship2, 24:and with their own capacity or non-capacity to help; but at the same time they are inadequatelyDiscipleship2, 26:right foundation for further work and which will help to shift the focus of the attention from theDiscipleship2, 37:the silence of intensity, record these words? To help you in your task, I am giving a list fromDiscipleship2, 43:found and appropriated; postponement of all-out help today, plus complete dedication to human need,Discipleship2, 47:problem (in which I may not and therefore cannot help you) is to overcome and destroy the holdDiscipleship2, 48:in this instruction. I desire to give you the help you need for the coming year which faces you.Discipleship2, 77:are individually asked to do, a great deal of help in dealing with personality limitations, andDiscipleship2, 79:the assistance of A.A.B.) been endeavoring to help and aid many disciples who belong to otherDiscipleship2, 90:may result. My present objective is now to help A.A.B. conclude the important teaching which I haveDiscipleship2, 92:not how serious they were; when I attempted to help them along these lines, resentment only wasDiscipleship2, 94:nothing and who came into my Ashram without the help of A.A.B. You are not the group of majorDiscipleship2, 101:do this that she undertook, alone and without my help, to found and organize the Arcane School; itDiscipleship2, 109:antagonize those they otherwise could help. They like to show their unique familiarity withDiscipleship2, 109:those principles, they hinder more than they can help; at the same time, through self-discovery,Discipleship2, 113:spiritual will to the solar plexus center - will help to produce that telepathic interplay which isDiscipleship2, 146:to others, to your friends, to those you seek to help and to humanity - when opportunity offers.Discipleship2, 147:all have been using the same theme-words, much help can be accorded to the entire group by each ofDiscipleship2, 152:awareness of the dedicated disciple. I sought to help you set up a facility of transference whichDiscipleship2, 172:as used by the Hierarchy (note this) will help to bring about the evocation of the spiritual willDiscipleship2, 192:planned energy going out to all those who need help. The long limb of the triple cross symbolizesDiscipleship2, 200:understood, or to those invocative appeals for help and aid which are so closely associated in theDiscipleship2, 212:who are emotionally implicated in the desire to help humanity change its living conditions for theDiscipleship2, 222:a reference to the chart (page 214) should help make this clear. But all these processes and theDiscipleship2, 231:work which you will do will hinder and not help. The task of the group of World Servers is not theDiscipleship2, 234:appeal is through the application of economic help; the task of these lesser disciples is to proveDiscipleship2, 244:is present and right orientation) the help which those can give who have already undergone theDiscipleship2, 245:upon what you have had earlier when I sought to help you to integrate with your brothers. I gaveDiscipleship2, 246:of the older chelas can be of inestimable help if they will thus to serve the group and me. Much ofDiscipleship2, 248:a process which I have already done my best to help you to achieve through my instructions re theDiscipleship2, 307:which I have put before the public with the help of A.A.B. and of F.B. and of all of you who haveDiscipleship2, 313:thought those living forms which bring light and help and truth to others; thus he serves; heDiscipleship2, 314:your latent possibilities, you will be able to help others to do the same. This is indeed a worthyDiscipleship2, 329:Triangle work, to spread the Invocation and to help in the Goodwill work, but it is a very tinyDiscipleship2, 432:the Master of his Ashram is permitted to help. The stage of precipitation falls into three parts:Discipleship2, 450:rests ever upon you, and my cooperation and my help when need arises. On that you may count. MeetDiscipleship2, 454:opportunity. As a beginning, and in order to help you to find the length of your cycles ofDiscipleship2, 458:task... and his future work will not be easy. Help him; he is one of our agents who is worthy ofDiscipleship2, 459:imaginative disciples - a great deal of help. It is conditions more than circumstances which willDiscipleship2, 461:process, the group meditation should materially help and I advise you to follow it with real care.Discipleship2, 465:You will meet with rebuff from those you seek to help and... find very little understanding; youDiscipleship2, 475:observation, of a determined going out to help wherever that help may be needed. You have, in manyDiscipleship2, 475:of a determined going out to help wherever that help may be needed. You have, in many ways, what IDiscipleship2, 479:the personalities of those you are seeking to help, with the pure rose color (most carefullyDiscipleship2, 479:the light of the soul direct all whom I seek to help. Thus will humanity be saved by me and allDiscipleship2, 481:The group has therefore to proceed without the help which the disciple is otherwise competent toDiscipleship2, 484:of magnetically attracting (in order to help and serve) at least three people - either known to youDiscipleship2, 487:move is for each and all of you - without aid or help - to step over the mental barrier which keepsDiscipleship2, 488:right so to do. There are some you have yet to help and one or two threads as yet to gather up.Discipleship2, 499:undertaking. Your link with the Master R. should help you much in taking adequate action inDiscipleship2, 512:with the soul of those you seek to help - inevitably aids suffering personalities. I think youDiscipleship2, 519:You will look in vain for cooperation and help among those you seek to aid and among the orthodoxDiscipleship2, 524:go and what they will state. Take proper medical help, brother of mine. Take time to get theDiscipleship2, 527:second initiation. What I am seeking to do is to help, to indicate the nature of the tests andDiscipleship2, 527:to probationary disciples, and they need such help; it will not help disciples, for it deals withDiscipleship2, 527:disciples, and they need such help; it will not help disciples, for it deals with that which theyDiscipleship2, 536:practical application of occult truths; you can help much by clear thinking upon this theme andDiscipleship2, 539:I may call them so, and (for your own aiding and help) analyze them, define accurately to yourselfDiscipleship2, 540:is definitely radioactive. He can no more help creating in some form or another than he can helpDiscipleship2, 540:creating in some form or another than he can help living. After all, my brother - returning to theDiscipleship2, 540:desires. For years, my brother, I have sought to help you. You are in my Ashram, though you are notDiscipleship2, 541:the group instructions will give you all the help you will need. But you must act upon theseDiscipleship2, 549:given him by those to whom he seeks to give help, speaks increasingly of "my work, my group, myDiscipleship2, 551:increase of voiced teaching of those you seek to help, but its quality will be different. TheDiscipleship2, 551:different. The teaching of the ones you seek to help will blot out the picture of yourself, theDiscipleship2, 559:recognized. There is much that you can do to help her, for her confidence in you is great and sheDiscipleship2, 559:in you is great and she needs the kind of help which you can give. Her work grows heavier, herDiscipleship2, 560:his task of gathering to him those whom he can help and who recognize him as their chosen helperDiscipleship2, 568:for many decades; you are giving real help to A.A.B. and she is, I know, going to ask for aDiscipleship2, 568:to ask for a deepening of the nature of that help though not necessarily for an increase in itsDiscipleship2, 571:I refer to definitely constructive interest and help upon the physical plane and I would ask you:Discipleship2, 572:service in meditation that which can practically help in this appalling world emergency. TheDiscipleship2, 580:by the attitude of those who have sought to help but who have regarded it as a seriously difficultDiscipleship2, 595:and for having something as yet to learn, and help them learn their lessons - by loving them andDiscipleship2, 596:and teacher - ask and need your still continued help. Discipleship2, 597:of Goodwill. I refer also to the counsel and help which you will give to the younger key people, asDiscipleship2, 598:this that she undertook - alone and without my help - to found and organize the Arcane School; itDiscipleship2, 601:clear to you is possible. Here I cannot help you. The issue lies in your own hands. Do you realize,Discipleship2, 606:work in my Ashram calls for your cooperation and help, particularly as A.A.B. is now working at herDiscipleship2, 607:which you are and will be affiliated, needs your help and service. That is another phase of karmaDiscipleship2, 607:for your personality to use as it seeks to help and train other personalities to become soulDiscipleship2, 608:is not always the wise thing or that which will help him the most. The remarks which I have madeDiscipleship2, 611:year (and this I have carefully done in order to help you more effectively in the process ofDiscipleship2, 614:love more? I have stated the above in order to help you to see and think clearly. Right down theDiscipleship2, 615:can I put it to you in such a way that I can help?) - just be sorry, truly sorry, for the troubleDiscipleship2, 620:interpretation - can mislead as much as they can help. I might however put it this way. Your secondDiscipleship2, 627:a definite rapport and pour out love and help. Forget yourself in so doing and drive out of yourDiscipleship2, 627:if you care to do so, and try to get them to help you. Let them draw from you the very essence ofDiscipleship2, 633:be self-initiated and self-implemented. The only help which the disciple gets at this stage comesDiscipleship2, 635:contact the Master for his own satisfaction or help has left him. One thing only sends him on theDiscipleship2, 638:through. You have in the past done much to help the work I planned. You are today among thoseDiscipleship2, 656:of it, and those around you, serving with you, help you not. Walk in the light, my brother. Let theDiscipleship2, 659:working, or those whom they are endeavoring to help. Remember this, my brother, and aim atDiscipleship2, 662:to begin the task of finding those whom you can help - not only in this life but primarily in theDiscipleship2, 665:people, and write that which will inspire and help. Let love speed your fingers and light travelDiscipleship2, 665:the three who await your guidance and your help? Continue, as ever, to stand by A.A.B. The reasonDiscipleship2, 677:three major activities... You have done much to help with this work and the door of opportunityDiscipleship2, 677:may be - to the problems of humanity, and thus help create the thought-form of solution. This F.B.Discipleship2, 679:Ashrams. All the senior workers called in to help may not see eye to eye with the MasterDiscipleship2, 681:brief interlude which is left to her. Will you help? F.B. is going to need you and many like you asDiscipleship2, 684:in soul behavior. It is to this end that I help you. Disciples would do well to appreciate somewhat
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