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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELP

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Externalisation, 650:fast; desperation is hastening their response to help from on high, and in due time their numbersFire, vi:the physical plane conditions which might best help to make the telepathic process more successful.Fire, 20:of day. Great, then, must be the shattering. No help is found within the cave, nor any hiddenFire, 325:in considering this abstruse matter it may [325] help to clarify the point of view if it isFire, 342:The Process of Individualization Perhaps it may help somewhat if we here consider the question ofFire, 368:consequently further advanced than ours, and can help us, and that this help came in Lemurian days.Fire, 368:than ours, and can help us, and that this help came in Lemurian days. This is an instance of aFire, 400:A hint here in connection with the microcosm may help: When the microcosm has transcended the threeFire, 865:to serve. Men turn to him for assistance and help along his recognized line, and he begins to soundFire, 868:uncorrelated, are menaces to knowledge and no help. That every aspect of truth, progressivelyFire, 1011:eye by means of directed energy currents He can help and stimulate His disciples or groups of menFire, 1113:escape is possible. Some escaped and came to the help of the incarnating Sons of Mind who had leftFire, 1185:incarnation in this kalpa for purposes of mutual help and mutual correction. They are reallyFire, 1194:thought for, this earth. Thus to be enabled to help humanity, an Adept who has won the right toGlamour, 2:intelligent psychology, and a loving desire to help. That emanates from the interplay of aGlamour, 16:(if you can achieve this, my brothers) you can help in time to do two things: Clarify the groupGlamour, 16:group, but to the world consciousness. Help shatter the great illusion which has held, and stillGlamour, 18:applied at this time, and here these groups can help profoundly. One of the things which willGlamour, 23:comprehend the nature of illusion you will help in The destruction of the dweller on the threshold,Glamour, 24:Then your more general contribution will help in the wider human issues. The acuteness of theGlamour, 29:divinely directed, compromises which profoundly help humanity; to find the time or place for theGlamour, 68:personality. The time has now come for me to help you deal more drastically with this problem ofGlamour, 92:each to fight. To aid you in this, I am going to help you in one very definite way. It will be ofGlamour, 213:and are, therefore, in a position to render help even if they could not - alone and unaided -Glamour, 213:They can hasten the process by their combined help. The power of united effort upon the physicalGlamour, 227:and they do provide a setting which serves to help beginners to keep the theme of their work andGlamour, 234:sounds the OM alone, saying: "So let it be, and help me in my own life to end all glamor andGlamour, 242:between the microcosm and the macrocosm may help somewhat. The soul creates a threefold expressionGlamour, 248:prove to him of deep spiritual and significant help. This period of observation is, however,Healingthrough the ages, have sought to heal and to help. The why and the wherefore of disease have beenHealing, 7:through individual meditation. Those whom he can help; this involves a decentralized attitude.Healing, 53:or to that of any one whom he may be seeking to help. [54] Healing, 57:of thought or of desire of the one who seeks his help. He can thereby know the source from whichHealing, 57:can any statements anent the situation possibly help humanity. [58] One generalization I can,Healing, 67:of rhythmic living. All this is good and of help, but it does not constitute a basic cure, as itsHealing, 69:the emotional condition of the patient do either help or hinder. Many are already admitting that.Healing, 98:of thought or of desire of the one who seeks his help. He can thereby know the source from whichHealing, 108:to the physical. The following suggestions may help: By the development of goodwill, which is theHealing, 125:out in consciousness towards those he seeks to help, but it is sometimes as a soul (and then heHealing, 134:of thought or of desire of the one who seeks his help. He [135] can thereby know the source fromHealing, 135:and know the point exact through which the help must come. Rule four The healer and the healingHealing, 257:turn to the tried and proved methods of help and will usually call in a physician rather than beHealing, 284:an orthodox kind accompany the subtler modes of help. It is in the wise combination of the twoHealing, 289:to do. Your impatience and your eagerness to help may handicap you; your ignorance may cause you toHealing, 306:somewhat foreign to me. Your questions would help me to understand your background and yourHealing, 318:extent that the patient intelligently tries to help himself, and is protected also by theHealing, 319:suffering and absolutely no hope of real help or of recovery, and where the patient is willing (orHealing, 343:Master M. and the Master K. H. be of practical help and inspiration to us? You will see from theHealing, 353:is in them, to work with people, in order to help them, to heal them, and to aid them in makingHealing, 357:the personalities of those they might seek to help. How, then, should they proceed? I would pointHealing, 361:which the attendant Hierarchy is pledged is to help Him in the "healing of the nations" as it isHealing, 363:what he can do? Should he continue his effort to help the newly freed soul to go forward into theHealing, 363:but suffices not to reveal to him what help he can give. There is little I can say as we wait, atHealing, 365:who have passed into the light, whom you want to help, follow them with your love, remembering thatHealing, 366:by wisely placing the people who come to you for help in one or other of these three categoriesHealing, 366:into another and higher one) you will be able to help them more intelligently. A large measure ofHealing, 431:three points, hypothetical today, [431] will help to clarify your minds concerning this entireHealing, 479:science provides are adding to man's capacity to help, to cure at times, to ameliorate [480]Healing, 509:are working emotionally because they like to help, they like to be liked, they like to relieveHealing, 533:of thought or of desire of the one who seeks his help. He can thereby know the source from whenceHealing, 550:of thought or of desire of the one who seeks his help. He can thereby know the source from whenceHealing, 552:temperament of those they may be called upon to help; they will also educate them in certainHealing, 554:the activity of the head center will be a great help, provided he accepts instruction in the art ofHealing, 572:this phrase simply says that the healer must help the patient to look away from himself, that heHealing, 574:responding to suggestions) towards the soul, and help him, with simplicity, to hold hisHealing, 632:knows well how to handle. The healer can help and can hasten the healing process, but the orthodoxHealing, 654:the unconsciousness of the patient can be a help, for too earnest, emphatic and impatient help canHealing, 654:a help, for too earnest, emphatic and impatient help can offset the work - quiet, silent andHealing, 666:realm. This the Hierarchy has done, with small help from humanity; this situation is now changedHealing, 677:and the pain. His wilful determination to be of help acts like a boomerang and he suffers, whilstHealing, 688:some teacher (not a Master) who is attempting to help them. The call referred to here, however,Healing, 700:and - if they are ailing or ill - seek to help them in the same way as you attempted to aid anHealing, 701:for this: The fact that he seeks to heal and help indicates a fair measure of advancement upon theHealing, 701:patient, if advanced, is liable not to seek his help, but will handle his own problem, through theHercules, 38:failure, and mourns for Abderis, and seeks for help within himself." "It is well. The gifts ofHercules, 55:for Hercules was blind. He did not recognize the help so subtly proffered. Returned at length withHercules, 58:with rapid steps, sped to [58] his brother's help. He found Prometheus chained upon a rock,Hercules, 58:his eyes were closed with agony; he asked no help; he saw not Hercules but stood bowed down withHercules, 63:hundred-headed serpent, with the enthusiastic help of the three beautiful maidens, and brings theHercules, 67:and many teachers will arise everywhere to help lead the race into a new state of spiritualHercules, 75:Atlas. Having, given up his search in order to help the world, Atlas went for him to the garden andHercules, 114:and knowing not the path he trod. Unto her help he promptly rushed, but rushed too late. SheHercules, 133:of giving is both unwise and frustrating. The help given to a person must find expression withinHercules, 133:to sink in a sea of despair. In other words, the help given must be carefully suited to the needsHercules, 133:needs of the individual involved. In many cases, help would only be an encumbrance; therefore, itHercules, 169:uplifted his manacled hands and cried out for help; but his words echoed vainly in the desolation,Hercules, 172:He can use these if he chooses; and he does, to help all humanity, but that is not where hisHercules, 177:he has set himself to do if there is need to help. That is the story of the initiate always,Hercules, 180:for whom the light is but a transient point, and help them make it grow. Direct your steps toHercules, 181:though, I'd welcome any fool who sought to help. But a bargain must be struck, lest I be chided asHercules, 185:to assimilate the troubles of our fellowmen and help them. It is no effort for the true AquarianHercules, 229:into those which reveal the soul. "The help has to come from a source other than this limitedHercules, 229:in any way sympathetic with us. The source of help must have the same heart as ours so that thereInitiation, vii:the hope that it may prove an inspiration and a help. There are those again who consider that theInitiation, viii:then become givers, and not the recipients of help. Alice A. Bailey - New York 1922. Initiation, 6:that may come for the good of those we seek to help, and recognizing that in the wise use ofInitiation, 78:to serve. Men turn to him for assistance and help along his recognized line, and he begins to soundInitiation, 83:will lead them (whilst taking firm action) to help the mistaken brother to see his error, to workInitiation, 90:times. This refers only to those who stay to help humanity on this globe; we will deal later withInitiation, 121:of knowledge, resulting in a further capacity to help. At the third initiation there is revealed to
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