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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELP

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Psychology2, 426:and difficulty, yet needs the understanding help of a trained psychologist or of his own soulPsychology2, 436:the man becomes in need of sound psychological help. Correct information along the lines here laidPsychology2, 436:with people who should be able and willing to help themselves. When the man has effected thePsychology2, 459:incurable, will not-permit of psychological help. All that can be done is the amelioration of thePsychology2, 463:can eventuate. Only two things can really help: First, the steady, loving presentation of a widerPsychology2, 488:person is, usually unconsciously, looking for help. This is largely a brain relationship,Psychology2, 490:by the Guides of the race at times in order to help and guide humanity. They can also be used byPsychology2, 490:from very good to very bad. They can include the help proffered by real initiates and adeptsPsychology2, 497:of the one who is seeking to treat and help him. He, therefore, produces something which isPsychology2, 532:this particular period of development. If right help can be given at this time by educators,Psychology2, 542:much human contact? These two illustrations may help to clarify in your minds the sense in which IPsychology2, 603:that can be done; sometimes no attempts to help prove availing. The mystic has, for this one life,Psychology2, 649:the efforts of the Great Ones So let it be, and help us to do our part the channel is widened andPsychology2, 660:Those whose function it is to cooperate and help will appear, but our spiritual perception must bePsychology2, 676:that the New Group of World Servers seeks to help in the restoration of world balance and peacePsychology2, 685:interested Spiritual Beings Who are seeking to help the planet, more adequate channels of service.Psychology2, 692:The New Group of World Servers In your effort to help the world at this time there are three thingsPsychology2, 694:the Buddha and the Christ. Let all who seek to help consider with care what they can do and what isPsychology2, 695:to all nations and religions. The call for the help of the world disciples and aspirants, whoPsychology2, 712:newer teaching. You can - if you so desire - help construct the thought form of the New AgePsychology2, 734:including the final words: "So let it be and help us to do our part". There are those who havePsychology2, 737:They stand ready to do what is possible to help restore world equilibrium and so bringPsychology2, 746:part of the Servers. Where that exists it is a help, but it is dependent upon receptivity toPsychology2, 750:work possible. I make no further appeal for your help. I have been endeavoring to educate you inRays, 11:that will be - to the Master - the medium of help among many little ones. I commend the aboveRays, 39:and the sense of being alone and bereft of all help. This led (in the case of the Christ, forRays, 53:it conveys an idea of an eternal fact. It may help you to gain an understanding [54] of this phaseRays, 67:is invoked by the group or groups needing his help. His response is an occult evocation given inRays, 73:and upon a detachment which makes true help possible. Thus the door and the past are left behind.Rays, 90:bringing about of a complete alignment, the help of the Buddha must be invoked and accepted. TheRays, 148:rules have been occupied, and I have tried to help you to see their significance somewhat, from theRays, 156:framework by the initiate; I will endeavor to help you to understand somewhat more clearly what theRays, 242:will note, they really define nothing. Nor can I help you to recognize this third aspect and theRays, 274:the simplicities which distort. Perhaps I may help to clarify somewhat the minds responsible forRays, 423:to our solar system and its contents, seek to help our solar system and bring the non-sacredRays, 437:may call Him - and by their effort to serve and help their fellowmen; they are still, however,Rays, 560:to appear in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire will help you to understand this. They will prove helpful,Rays, 575:express consciously and increasingly a desire to help his fellowmen, and thereby establishRays, 594:investigation of human psychology will greatly help toward this end. Rays, 636:created the situation, with relatively little help or endorsement from the Jews of other nations.Rays, 655:to implement and aid the work of the Christ and help towards the externalization of the Hierarchy,Rays, 667:passed through the "birth" experience and should help them toward a greater maturity. They shouldRays, 667:for which search must be made, and giving the help and guidance which will weld into oneRays, 703:and freedom from the three worlds, is to aid and help humanity. This dedication to service is theRays, 708:in their homes or by those they seek to help. None of this will matter to them. Their way is clearRays, 713:must now be employed if He and those He seeks to help are to profit by the revelation. [714] ThisRays, 734:mystery even to the planetary Logoi - to Whose help They go when the invocative appeal of anyRays, 750:than the fact that the attempts to heal, to help and to establish right human relations areRays, 758:prayed for themselves; they have invoked divine help for those they love; they have given aReappearance, 7:men and the need of humanity for divine contact, help and understanding. Subject to thoseReappearance, 11:man's need and man's demand for preservation and help. Humanity needs love, understanding and rightReappearance, 67:that is in Christ" and as they do so, they will help make clear the way for "the coming of HisReappearance, 67:not only the opportunity which Christ has to help us (which is the usual presentation), but let usReappearance, 69:inevitably so, because Their participation and help were imperative. They also necessarily had toReappearance, 77:importance. His relationship and planned help date from the time of the pronouncing of the greatReappearance, 103:condition, necessitating a certain type of help. They have also to determine how that help can bestReappearance, 103:of help. They have also to determine how that help can best be presented, so that its results willReappearance, 115:on Earth, and they are the things which He will help humanity to accept with enthusiasm andReappearance, 124:only the appearance of the Christ can teach and help us bring about. As an ancient Scripture says:Reappearance, 143:men have agonized, starved, suffered, demanded help and instruction and, unsatisfied, have lostReappearance, 143:They are demanding teaching and spiritual help along with the necessary requests for food, clothesReappearance, 143:whole. The cry of the Christian for spiritual help, the cry of the Buddhist for spiritualReappearance, 147:not the giving out of the teaching and spiritual help which human need demanded. Never did theReappearance, 151:which they feel can and should come to their help in their moment of extremity. This great andReappearance, 152:[152] and prayer to lay their demands for help before God. This group, added to the mass of men,Reappearance, 159:all faiths do not offer spiritual guidance and help, humanity will find another way. Nothing canReappearance, 160:and the need for definite and explicit spiritual help is so demanding that - whether we like it orReappearance, 161:a sense of complete frustration; he longs to help but knows not what to do; his grasp of theReappearance, 167:He realizes that what he contributed of help to these desirable objectives is little indeed. HeReappearance, 176:the men of goodwill and of spiritual vision help? Is there anything they can do to change theReappearance, 177:thinkers in all lands who can add their powerful help, and who will, if correctly approached. ThereReappearance, 187:responding, and asking for the opportunity to help, and for guidance as to what they may do. Today,Soul, 30:branch of inquiry. It may also be of substantial help even to the trained exponent, not merelySoul, 33:that if it is to be realized, we ourselves must help to bring about that realization. Hence theTelepathy, 37 To:a love which will ever seek to strengthen and to help, and a power to supplement or complement eachTelepathy, 37 To:strength will indicate where you can look for help in any hour of your own need. State frankly whatTelepathy, 40:will preserve the integrity of those you seek to help and will be enabled to suggest, to strengthenTelepathy, 93:will invoke the attention of those he seeks to help; this is called the stage of resultantTelepathy, 103:human need and to understand thereby where help is possible and their fellowmen can be served. By
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